For the four of you that still want covenants locked

No it simply stood as an argument to show that you dont NEED to be NF to clear content. Only 3 boomkins that are necro still managed to clear it, meaning, you dont need to be NF. It it harder? Yes. Are the numbers lower? Yes. Did bringing a necro boomy offer a different kind of utility? Also yes.

I wish people would stop saying the are cov locked because if it were actually true, there wouldnt be a single off meta cov in any content. Unless of course what they are saying is “im not good enough at my class/spec that i need to give myself the largest advantage to clear content, even if i dont enjoy it”.

Enjoyment of game > what the meta says, especially when you dont enjoy doing what the meta says.

You do understand that an extremely large portion of the player base enjoys playing the good builds, getting the good items, and playing the good specs right? It isn’t some grueling thing to play things that are good. It’s largely more enjoyable because it opens up more of the game.

Your enjoyment is just different. It isn’t greater than.

TO be honest that is what I’ve been saying . Open up the abilities mainly the class ones and let people be able to use any of the covenant abilities for their class so it fits either the spec or content they are doing and just have a conduit that will make them work with any soul bind from a person’s chosen covenant .

For those that just like the rp , they don’t have to change .

For those that think rp and game play are equally important it would give them a win/win

WHat if people find maxing their dps to be fun ?

I was watching the Preach interview and came to that conclusion.

Which is… REALLY weird. Like… his argument is and always has been ‘we at Blizzard see metrics you don’t and are 100% certain this is the right way to develop the game’.

Fair but… I can’t think of another game dev who approaches things like this. Most devs WANT to make their players happy. Games aren’t the army or some legally binding set of laws. They’re there to be enjoyed by the audience. If the audience isn’t happy, most sane developers would adjust their product.

It’s kind of like food - if a restaurant produced unappetizing food and started getting bad reviews/declines in customers coming in… they’d fire the chefs and revise the menu. Yet Blizzard seem to double down on going ‘we’re right, you’re wrong’.

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There is a whole thread on it that has been going since before SL launched .

There are way more then 4 people and I see more and more asking for it since SL launched.

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Welcome to their new game and expansion

World of Metricscraft : Lets Make the Investors Happy Screw the Players

personally i dont care this way or that, outside my warlock/moonkin no other alt i have has really felt like i was forced into one or the other and it was a choice i had to make, i dont mind having to make permanent or even semi-permanent decisions like this if they’re within the realm of reason, which covenants feel to be most of the time.

98% of warlocks night fae tho lmfaoooooooooo what a joke

So the game should be designed to cater to you?

I am calm, you’re the one complaining.

All systems are imperfect. There’s a lot of daylight from there to the ripcord.

The game should be made to entertain as many people as possible. Obviously, unless you are being willfully ignorant, there is a massive audience that wants more flexible covenant builds. You would be silly to ignore the feedback from all of these players, and for you specifically to attempt to belittle them just means you’re probably in this for more spiteful reasons than gameplay reasons.

Your use of the term “cater to” makes it seem like feedback is an unreasonable thing. Blizzard literally asks you to come to these forums to provide feedback. You could then turn any feedback thread into you whinging about people expecting to be “catered to.” But it’s just feedback.

And my feedback would result in absolutely nothing different for your gameplay. You would still be a one trick if you chose to be. You wouldn’t need to swap builds. Ideally, you have many friends who think similarly to you that would embrace the whole no swapping thing.

Pretty interesting choice to be a Night Fae Boomkin though. I’m sure that was all an RP decision, just like everybody else who criticizes those who want to swap all mysteriously landing on their BIS covenant.

I understand your opinion, I just don’t share it. But I won’t sit here and push a narrative that your opinion is a lie or does not actually exist simply because I don’t agree with it.

You’re right. It feels better and more rewarding to do something without being completely forced. And no, this wouldnt negatively impact rp.


If “forced” is a feeling you have about how you spend your gaming time I’d think that we don’t share much perspective, but at least we agree that the concepts are fundamentally different. :smile:

Keep in mind this is the fourth iteration of the thread.

Other 3 got deleted.

True but the only one that stood the test of time

Giving everyone a full 226 as soon as they log in would be “entertaining.” There’s more to game design than just giving people everything they want.

I’m Kyrian main actually, which is what I used to get KSM and AotC. I’m NF now to level renown on my off covs during the 9.0 lull. But go off, snoop.

What is with you people and making totally outrageous strawmen?

A kyrian tank,

Unheard of, purely for RP reasons i’m sure?

Probably the same as you people spying armory to foolishly try and score points.

I play all 4 specs actually.

That’s literally not related at all. You’re arguing about the cOnsEqUeNceS but you chose the BIS covenant for your character, so you wouldn’t be swapping anyway given the limited content you do. There is no consequence for you either way. What you play matters because it offers insight into your perspective.

Somehow tying in “everyone asking for full 226” is just ridiculous.

It would be like me arguing with you pretending as if you want nobody to ever be able to even swap specs all because you want covenants locked, or that you should only be able to enter the zone of the covenant you chose because you’ve spoken about “meaningful choice.”