Follower dungeons

That’s a Details! issue not a game issue.

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Just did one was the best time I have had in a long time. I got to look around, and not be ridiculed by other players. I hope this catches on to more dungeon & raids.


Ah, so should I disable details in follower dunegons? It’s rather annoying lol

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You can. I had the same issue on the PTR.

I just completed Halls of Infusion on a level 62 DK with max rested. I earned about 2 bars of XP maybe and 2 pieces of gear.

With a hotfix that went out to all realms at 2:35 p.m. PST (about 10 minutes ago), we’ve greatly increased the amount of XP you’ll get alongside followers.

Throughout the PTR, your XP was reduced by 20% per follower, so if you ran a dungeon with two friends and two followers with you, XP was reduced by 40%. If you went in solo with four followers, XP was reduced by 80%.

Now in the live game, each follower causes a 5% XP reduction. Your party of three players and two followers should see a total of 10% reduced XP, and solo players with four followers receive a 20% reduction.


everyone liked that


Don’t forget normal mode only, so they aren’t even very good for learning


Can you please do no XP reduction? The xp bonus from queueing random with players is already good enough. Adding on, teams of players usually pull many more dungeon mobs at once than bots and can kill them more quickly. As a result, the xp reduction of follower dungeons to increase the attractiveness of human groups does not seem necessary.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I MADE SO MANY ahem I made so many plans and leveled so many alts (to 60) for this moment! This is all we want! Yes, LFD is “faster” but faster isn’t always better! THANK YOU!


Still disappointing and still capped at 10 per day I suppose. I was really hoping for a leveling alternative that did not have spastic a DH pulling the whole instance on zone in.


I think they are feeling out the server load after it calms down in a little bit, since they don’t have infinite server capacity.


Obviously, as an M+ player, I am happy with speedrun (human) groups where the tank pulls a lot and we can finish the dungeon quickly. I would say there will be even more of these groups in human runs because people who prefer a relaxed/slower pace will go in these new follower dungeons (and the remaining population of human leveling dungeon runners will have a higher proportion of people who prefer a speedrun). As a result, human runs will be even faster comparatively and I don’t think the follower dungeons need an XP reduction.


What is the point of any reduction?


Great news :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Here’s to hoping the 10 a day limit gets lifted in the near future once the server hamsters get used to all the new dungeon instances that they have to carry now.


Presumably to encourage people play group content for more exp.


I can’t wait to see if the followers act like real players.
Those players who pay no attention to mechanics and just hope for the best and of course those who stand in anything that pops up.
Healers who sigh with aggravation because of antics of players.
Tanks who just run along gathering up mobs 5 miles ahead of the group who are still 4 rooms back fighting a few odd mobs that just won’t give up. Then get grouched at because we can’t keep up.

That makes for a really fun experience and more realistic.

Seriously though, I do hope they are close to normal as possible, especially if they are supposed to teach the dungeon to people.

So it’s no use, it won’t be of any use, unfortunately it won’t be very useful, not to mention a waste of time, everyone was excited, that is until now GG


It’ll be useful for those who don’t wanna group with others for one reason or another.

Because of lack of faster/easier leveling? That was never the purpose of the mode.


In terms of xp/hour, though, especially if you’re healing, human dungeons are already twice as good (or more) than solo bot dungeons. You also get the random bonus. An xp reduction on the bot dungeons is overkill.