Fly Hacking + LUA Unlockers = Vast amount of bots. Why doesn't Blizzard not fix this?

The vast amount of bot farmers use LUA Unlockers and Teleport/Fly hacking.

This accounts for herb/ore farming under ground, instance farming from rogue pickpockets that teleport under the floor of mobs to piclpocket, to AQ raid farming via killing bosses/mobs while floating in air, unattackable. This is also how leveling bots work.


  1. Remove the API that LUA Unlockers use. This is easily done by modifying client/server available API.

  2. Fix teleport/fly hacks server-side. This is easily done by tracking character XYZ coordinate changes that cannot occur naturally. PS did this cheaply, easily, and highly effectively.

Blizzard, this is the problem. Not instance resets, not multiboxing, not AH posting. These single 2 things account for all functionality for the majority of all WoW bot software commercially available (simple Google search confirms).



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Oh thanks for letting Blizzard know they can press the “stop bots and hacks from existing” button.


Your apathy to the issue is one reason why Blizzard believes it can continue to ignore this.


They’re a multibillion dollar company. Figure it out. Allowing teleport hacks is pathetic.


How do you know they are ignoring it? Not being vocal about it doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to find a solution.

Also, your proposed “fix” could be detrimental towards addon creation and uses.

I think at this point, people are stuck with the stuff we have in terms of engine. Maybe they fix it going into the whatever engine we get from TBC classic assuming they go that route.

This response clearly shows that your simple mindedness can’t understand the issue. Pinar, Blizzard is not an individual like you and I, they are an organization that makes plenty of income from this specific service (Classic WoW). This is a problem they could easily solve. Even if it is accomplished most simply by actually responding to reports… If you’re old enough, maybe look into starting a business yourself and you might grow a bit more as a person and be able to think beyond just yourself.


Tickets on the issue have been deleted vs responded to.

Blizzard has been made aware of these exact issues since Classic launches. No fixes.

Blizzard has been asked for a response on this issue. No response.

Forum posts in response to Blizzard employees about these issues are deleted.

Blizzard is absolutely ignoring this to the fraudulent expense of their customers.


Agree 100%.

I would say Blizzard has a legal responsibility to provide the service people are paying for, and this service includes gameplay that is genuine and absent of hacking. Blizzard is failing to provide this service that they are being paid to provide.


Yup, I report every bot or hacker I see. All I’ve ever gotten was a generic “thanks for your report, we took action!” Response.

The action = the canned response they sent me and nothing else I’m betting.

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Actually their ToS absolves them of any legal implications with regards to any gameplay experiences you encounter.

Your lack of understanding towards the issue and how easily it could be solved is part of the problem, but that’s great that you’re here so we can debate and learn.

Startuptimpa’s proposed fix could definitely help if it can be done in a way that preserves the legit addons. Even if it doesn’t, it’s better than the bots… However, if this is too much of a challenge for them, then my suggestion of returning to hands on customer service preserves the infrastructure and doesn’t require any expensive software engineering. They clearly are not doing any of this because none of my reports have been responded to properly over several weeks. The bots still exist, and no word from any in game moderation. It will take a bit more muscle to get the problem under control, but once it is kept up, it doesn’t take nearly as much to maintain this and this goes a long way with the real player base to actually show they are fighting it in game… These propaganda-like ban wave posts only work on simpleminded people, so those people will be all that’s left playing with the bots until they realize they’re not having fun anymore… Perhaps that’s enough for Blizzard.

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Saw a speed hacker in ironforge today. Did I bother to report him so he gets banned? No, that’s activisions job.


lol, yeah I’m done doing my part with the reporting unless they change their approach and hold up their end of the job… the reporting could make it significantly easier for them to identify botters, but they’re careless. Very soon, the game will only exist for the botters and the naive still playing with them, perhaps even paying them. Not my idea of an mmo experience.


Yup are correct, it is Blizzard’s job to ensure the service you are paying for meets an acceptable standard of quality. Especially so since the solution to the majority of available hacks can be resolved via the 2 fixes in the OP.

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Why would it be Activision’s job to take care of cheaters in a game they have nothing to do with?

There is no Blizzard. Activision calls the shots around here.


Can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

Just mute Delimicus. He’s a Blizzard employee paid to gas-light us on the forums all day.


Wait, I thought you believed it was Activision here?