FIXED - Strife R2 postponed

So we gotta wait another week? :roll_eyes:

Edit: If you opened your chest before the hotfix, log out and back in. You should receive ETCHED BONE TROPHY of the VANQUISHED.


I would also like to know about this. I’m sitting here looking at this C&S rank 1 where I was sure i’d have rank 2 from my box

Lol youve got to be kidding me.

What kind of Mickey Mouse bullsh!t is going on over at Blizzard?


Doesn’t Rank 2 have a requirement for Rank 1? I figured Rank 2 was going to be on the second chest because of that…

I put in a ticket already. Doubt we’re gonna get a blue reply for a while.

You’re going to get told it’s working as intended and then next week blizzard will release a statement saying they fixed it


We went straight to R2 on the mythic + one if we did at least a 7 key.

Was hoping for some consistency. Stupid me.


If you RP on your tickets you get better results.

Unless you are albert.


I didnt even get rank 1 on my main who was 2k rating.
I did get rank 1 on my alt who was 1341 rating.

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Lol why would you expect to be able to improve your character from pvp at a similar pace as pve? Ion didn’t spend all those years crunching numbers for elitist jerks to have your bis drop from something as easy and trivial as killing other players. Especially not in one week

Just think, what if a raider complains about not being able to down their mythic boss as quickly as guilds with players capable of getting arena ratings? Think about what’s really important, the mythic race

Blizzard stated that if you meet the requirements to get a certain Rank above what you have you are still flagged to be able to get them. Meaning in the chest if you did 500 conquest cap + 1000 rating or higher you should of gotten both essences but had to learn them in order 1 -> 2 at the heart forge.

The same should be true for Rank 4 essence at 2400. Even if you are still Rank 2, the Rank 4 essence should still drop it just won’t be learnable until you finish learning Rank 3

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Thanks for clarifying that for me. Would love to see a Blizzard response in regards to this issue.

I just created a post in the bug report forum. Please go post/comment on it if you didn’t get the proper reward to bring awareness.

I remember they tweeted something kinda similar to this but maybe the tweet wasn’t very clear

They’re going to somehow turn this into “R2 is not one of those that you can get with R1. Sorry for the confusion!!!”

It’s literally “sorry for the typo we didn’t mean trophy” all over again.


Rank 4 requires you to get Elite Rating so can anyone confirm if you can get it with the rating? im on EU btw so can’t tell myself

was 2.4 only got the rank 1 bug.

I’m dumb for opening my boxes and getting 2 non upgrades. Wrong stat legs when i have crafted ones and azerite chest that i could have just pushed 2.1 instead of 2.4 for that ha completely wrong traits.

unrelated, but:


Confirmed bug.

wow this seems like a bad decision would have been too fun having a small advantage being actually high rated in pvp by doing pvp. well gotta farm those m+ again