Confused about Conflict and Strife acquisition

Don’t you think we should have got rank 2?

Yeah seems like it wasn’t malicious I expect a hot fix

Oh I doubt this is working as intended because that would just be silly. I imagine a hot fix will be coming out soon.

I suspect its because Rank 1 is a prerequisite for Rank 2. Can the chest’s drop two at the same time? I can’t say how it worked for Mythic+ as I did a 4, before doing a 7 to avoid that situation.

I did a seven key and instantly got rank two of the eonar healing trait

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Correct. We had a bug, and we’ve now hotfixed it.

We’re working to address the issue for players who already opened it.

Thank you!


Dang, I opened it…

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Feelsgoodman to be at work. Made it to 1800 rating yesterday since I want rank 4 asap :kissing_heart:

hopefully u give us the 2nd rank before tonight

The hotfix for this is now live.


Does that mean open tickets for people who opened pre-fix?

Since original post was lengthier about fixing after for people who did open before it was announced.


I opened already, what do i do?


I already opened it as well and only received the first rank and I am above 1600 rated. :slightly_frowning_face:


The hotfix didn’t work, I still have rank 1 on my bags… are you serious? It’s raiding night

I opened it too does that mean i need to wait 1 more week then everyone else that opens it later?

Ty for the quick fix, but I need my rank 2 right now for raid. Is that coming soon?


just opened still have rank 1

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Bruh the hot may be live but not the fix.

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what about people who opened it?

SoL seems like