Fix or Remove Spell Batching. Period

lmao this is funny.

Yeah, funny cause it’s true.

Someone linked me a clip from one of Joana’s early leveling videos from vanilla. This answers a question elsewhere I had about vender/ui lag so I guess at least this one part of the sluggish world is correct. you can see how delayed the selling and purchasing of arrows is here. sigh :sleepy:

How about this one:

Look how long it takes before they’re snared by Blizzard.

Spell Batching is awful and a few people tried to tell everyone this when they were pressing Blizzard to implement it in this thread here:

Here’s people praising Blizzard for deciding to bring us back to the stone ages:

You’ll probably recognize a few familiar faces of people who are now vehemently against Spell Batching. Instead of admitting they were wrong, they’ve decided to claim that Blizzard failed at properly introducing Spell Batching despite mountains of video evidence that shows how terrible it used to be and how accurate it is to what we have now.

Getting hit by mobs that were cheap shotted or gouged wasn’t a thing

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