Fix or Remove Spell Batching. Period

Currently and by Blizzard’s own admittance it is not the same Vanilla formula and doesn’t function the same

-many abilities that should be OFF the batching call -per Vanilla- feel like they are ON the batch

-abilities feel sluggish

-pets are unreliable, delayed and at times unresponsive

-abilities like Vanish or Feign Death do not drop combat instantly

-instant cast abilities like Counterspell Spell Lock, Lay on Hands, etc do not pop off instantly making timing difficult

-general interactions feel sluggish and unresponsive

-enemies can sometimes attack SECONDS after being CC’d while still CC’d in a stun/poly/fear - even at range if the enemy is a caster

-abilities execute and are put on CD but do not execute properly or at all sometimes

The list can go on but you get the idea.

You can still have a priority so 2 mages can sheep each other but the entire system bogs the game down and is causing more headaches than it is worth - often times resulting in being unable to pull of an ability when it SHOULD be off the batch.

Vanilla had it and classic should have it but since it’s not Vanilla’s system and, instead, deaigned to “feel” like batching - it is not accurate and definitely not reliable.

It needs to be fixed or removed. At no point from Vanilla through touring expansions has the game felt like I’m fighting against some artificial latency to play the game.

If it can’t work like it did in Vanilla then remove it, full stop. Right now it doesn’t and would probably cure a number of ailments from just a cursory glance at the bug forum. I believe many can be traced to this manufactured latency and batching system.


Almost every single thing you mentioned is literally how spell batching is suppose to work.


Absolutely not.

Executing abilities is not on the batch - the affect/damage applied is. This is why 2 mages can begin sheeping at different times but both sheep each other. The start of the cast may be different but the result is equalized if they land in the same batch.

Plenty of abilities were off the batch and executed instantly like a silence ability. Right now they are delayed.

Enemies attacking literal seconds, well after the batch timing. I’ve had feared enemies cast on me at the same time my 3s shadowbolt finished casting, while they were still feared. Something is wrong here.

Pets also used to be responsive until an overhaul to the system in Legion broke them and they’ve never been correct since.

Try again.


That’s not how spell batching works. Spell batching wasn’t a feature that they created on purpose to only fit a couple of spells my dude lol. It’s not like back in vanilla they were like “ok guys this spell batching with the server ticks… which abilities should we have that feel wonky and which ones shouldn’t we?”.

Not how that works at all


Batching works at a specified tickrate server-side. It is not tied between the player and the mob. It was specifically created to manage server load.

Try again.


And explain to me exactly how this would effect only a couple of spells and not the others.


In a way I agree.
Every spell i cast has a delay because of this system, makes healing pretty annoying sometimes when you finish a cast but the heal has a delay.


You know what’s annoying? Your party member dying after they’ve been Bop’ed because the BoP was batched.


You basically just said what I said.

And that’s how it’s suppose to work. I believe blizzard even pointed out this exact scenario where you cast LoH or another heal and it goes off or on CD but the tank dies anyway because the final hit was also in the batch.

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I wasn’t countering your point, I was on the same bandwagon.

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and you are defending this as a good thing or simply as working as intended?

Seems like a working as intended thing.
Dont know why anyone would defend a system like this.
I could have swore that it wasn’t like this back when I played originally either.


Working as intended. OP made the post the it wasn’t working because for some reason he thinks only spells like polymorph are suppose to be batched and some other random spells are apparently not suppose to be spell batched, which is quite hilarious to think that this is how someone thinks it should work.

I honestly don’t care if it was in or not, but it is working as it should.


Not defending it by any means, but I do 100% remember it working like this. Of course memories are shaky but I do remember almost never using my LoH on my paladin because I hated having it nulled by an incoming heal from someone else I didn’t see… and I would use it and they would die while it was on CD. Happened all the time.

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It was, that’s why cancel-casting in PvE was such a big deal. Reactive healing wasn’t really feasible. You had to pre-cast and cancel if the target’s health was full. Can’t tell you how many times tanks died to getting chunked and batched heals not going off in time.

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OP is wrong, and remembering things with a sepia tone and a silvered frame.

The system is working how it’s supposed to. Not a great system, but this is the “vanilla” system, the best they could come up with at the time, and how the servers back then could handle 60-man raids.

I just agreed with a dwarf. Suppose I should go get my punishment from Sylvanas now. (◠‿◕)

#NoChanges :joy::rofl:

Not what I said at all. Most abilities are batched but others aren’t. Blizz talked about this.

Blizz also talked about how the system isn’t the same one used in Vanilla and they are trying to make it work like Vanilla.

Try again.

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