Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

If it has not been seen, a second RPPVP server would be top shelf.

Will buy you a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon if you get it done Kaivax. Only the best.


OCE PvP needs some love too please, can’t seriously expect one server to service the whole of SEA, Australia, NZ and Pacific Islands?


They are obviously expecting a huge drop off in the coming weeks so they probably don’t want to add too many…I wish they’d just allow free transfers after that happens… but that seems unlikely.


Same, jumped from high 700’s to low 300’s, but now 317 exceptionally stubborn people refuse to leave the queue (me included). Its like an old western standoff.


brilliant as always Blizz, over promise under think and UNDER DELIVER


We were two to try to log in from the same house, to the same new server, at the same time and while I could get in, he got “World Service is Down” and could never get in. More likely just…buggy, no specific reason from what I’m seeing.

pass up a chance to soak their clients? not a chance.

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10 More servers PLEASE for the love of god … its not like you cant merge servers later


Of course I can’t jump onto a new server because I would need to delete my character off of the server I can’t get on.

LOL…Now that I read that it doesn’t make sense. See what happens to my brain when I am in a queue for 2 hours…Brain Freeze

been 30 minutes waiting at 5 minutes before i get in…
im also suspecting a troll from players from bfa and other mmos to overload server capacities

This is pisspoor service at best. You had plenty of time to not let this happen.


Disconnects affect the que…i think after a certain length of time you get dc’d

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More servers should of been added from the start so guilds could coordinate. You cant expect half a guild to reroll on another server cause other half is stuck in queue.


umadbruh?needahugbruh? it was expected and trust me it was even worst when TBC came out

Saw it coming weeks ago. One PvP realm for an entire region is just lazy and poor planning.


Updated the OP above. We’ve added Ashkandi, Kirtonos, and Rattlegore.


Significantly more servers SHOULD have been added prior to launch, and even more servers need to be added now.

We were assured during that Reddit AMA earlier this week that literally EXACTLY THIS wouldn’t occur.

There is literally not a single US-E PVP realm that I’m going to be able to play tonight. It’s 8:15PM and I’m still in spot 3208 for the “brand new” pvp server.

Haven’t been so disappointed in blizz since I hit 120…

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Please, just one more PvP server for OCE… Just one


are any of these OCE servers?? i’ve got friends backed up to 10k in queue!! ive been waiting 2 n a half hours and still at 2700


I want to try and join one of these new servers, but I’ve been in queue for an hour and feel like I should see this thing through :frowning: