Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

Finally got to character screen for Kurinnaxx server but it says World Server is Down, anyone else?

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if the expectation is people will stop playing a few months later but we have layers, could we raise the max number of layers to let more people in? like 2K-3K more players. per realm should get the que moving a little faster. :thinking:

I was logged on at 5:28, logged off real quick to grab a drink (awful idea in retrospect), came back at 5:30 and the queue was 4000+

if this was a mobile game, they would’ve added 8 new servers by now.

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thats easy merges later on rather than people ragining now and cant even play.

Need to open about 20 more PvP servers…

what happens if i choose one of the “medium” servers? Do i get a free xfer after week one and everyone leaves for “balanced” pvp servers?

Can we get an EST PvP-RP server?

they are full we need more

“Why are you guys complaining about wait times, Dont you have cell phones?” - blizzard staff right now

i was in at launch but logged off it was so annoying. more layers without letting more people in is what they need, no joke there were 5-10 people at every single zombie, bat, wolf spawn spamming abilities.

What about Oceanic ? One PVP realm which is completely swamped !!!


2? is that a joke? better add a 0 on there

How in the name of Uther does a brand new realm with Medium population get 10k Q?

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Fk me dead woke up early to this 2hour wait and still 314 mins for oce servers.

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So already a 6K que on the newer “low pop” servers. What else you got blizzard cause that aint working…

Mine went from 140 mins to 470 lol.

When blizz takes no changes too far. Ahh the complete classic experience <3


Yeah Man I understand you for sure when i was trying to get on Skeram i was at 9k+ que than i made it down to 2.5 and blizz slapped extended ques on. So i switched to Krommkrush and im still at a Que.


Just saw some huge movement in the queue. Jumped way down after sitting for a long time going up and down. Wondering if there are other factors affecting server queue times.