Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

I’m gonna call customer service!


We’re going to be stuck in queues regardless, so pick your server and stick to it for now. We won’t be getting any new servers anytime soon I imagine. They can’t even keep world servers up on most of them.

We need more PVE servers!

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Rekt that brainless halfwit


haha, jokes on us - they closed their call center down a few years ago!

the long Ques are part of recreating that classic experience.

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They needed to just open a lot of servers from the beginning and then offered free moves for people who know what they are doing.

And Blizzard said no one would want to play Classic


After 30 mins of world server down, finally get in… nothing is loading, don’t worry you are not missing anything on Krom.

“just not the launch experience” - J Allen Brack


Just how I remembered the Vanilla launch. not

Yeah thanks for doing this 6hrs too damn late.

Just so everybody knows once you’re in it’s total glitchy chaos. There’s maybe 50 people on 1 quest giver and everything is super delayed.

oh wait i get it now is wasnt vanilla wow we get its vanilla chat we get

and there full.

not full yet but darn close, already 15min que’s on the new servers and they are medium already.

Can we can an update on transfers please?

Super glad these servers were added after we found communities and made guilds. But hey just abandon all that and join these servers we had as back up. We honestly thought 5 servers would be enough.

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Sorry guys/gals, Blizzard is too busy counting their money from all the new subscriptions rolling in to bother with server issues.


Need more servers