FIVE minute potion CD in shadowlands? Wut?

Sit and drink a tick after every pull.

Yes you waste a lot of water this way but it helps.

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In legion heroics I’d just plop down in the floor and eat when they were misbehaving too bad.
Sit there till I had a ful mana bar. :laughing:
They never did kick me. Probably fully knew that the were acting like clowns and causing the manna shorts.
I dont mind fast.
I do mind chaos and stupidity that wastes more time than it might have saved.

I find I’m not able to get a full mana bar. The trick is to get a tick of mana after every pull, even if you don’t need it yet. This keeps you ahead of OOM longer.

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yeah…I definitely try to stay ahead of the game knowing that they can overpull and if Im down to half mana its my fault if I didnt top it off before the next pull IF I was able to.

My bigger issue is when they keep pulling after being told “OOM”, meaning I cant eat, and they keep chain pulling so I have no other choice but to potion up…now thanks to this idiotic CD increase that’ll be even harder.

It makes pre-potting obsolete, which is a good thing since it was an unintuitive mess in the first place and the subject of much drama if someone accidentally autoattacked or autoran into the boss, or just got impatient.

It still results in 2 potion uses over the course of an average raid encounter. Some fights will have room for 3. Some fights on farm and when overgeared will only have room for 1, but at that point it doesn’t matter.

Assuming they’re treating Mana Potions the same as DPS/Stat Potions, yes, it will have the 5 minute cooldown. You won’t have to wait for combat to end for the cooldown to start ticking, but it will be 5 minutes.

That is not a problem. If the group is charging onward while the healer has no mana, that’s them screwing up and an issue to be fixed. The “fix” isn’t letting you guzzle mana potions constantly. But also, it’s pretty much the norm for Healers in M+ to drink when they need to when a pull ends and just catch up to the group a few seconds later. It’s okay if they start combat a bit early as long as it’s not a really rough pull, it doesn’t break your drinking.

Additionally, this change means it won’t cost me 10k in potions every time I try to push a high key in Mythic+. I say that’s a good thing.

They are.

In this next build of the Shadowlands alpha, combat potions, such as primary stat potions and mana potions, now have a 5 minute cooldown.
Changes to Combat Potions

well, one sure fired end result…I’ll probably end up quitting healing entirely if it causes too much of a problem. Im already on the ragged edge with PUGs in the first place. Making healing any more irritating in a bad group aint going to push my love button, thats for certain.

That may be…but the ‘fix’ that should be…players playing better…aint going to happen in PUGs and we all know that much just as a matter of reality.
yeah, maybe this works out for those who play with players they know are competent…but competent and PUG are very often as opposing concepts as it gets.
Ive literally watched a healer screaming “OOM” half a dozen times and the tank and DPS still kept pulling, lol.
Take that, add in a few more minutes of no mana potion and yeah…bye bye PUG healers…

Does anyone even still use potions outside of bleeding edge raiding?

Does everything have to be exciting?

I use potions less often :slight_smile:

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This thread makes my brain hurt

The CD on pots is already 5 minutes.

… no it’s not?

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uh…yeah…i was scratching my head on that one lol

I wonder if mana use by healers will be similar to now? The big change here is the CD starting even while in combat and being reset after a wipe/win in a raid. That is a nice change. Would like to see the CD to less than 5 minutes as that feels like an eternity sometimes while some huge beastie is breathing on you :wink:

It’s a great change. Removes having to pre-pot every raid fight and having to chug them if you really want to push M+.

wen I pop an invisibily pot, my battle potion is down for 5 minutes tho.

They said it was for combat potions like int/agi/str pots

It sucks for M+ because if you use any type of potion its now on a 5 minute CD which is huge for M+. Say for instance you need to stealth to the last pack but you dont have a rogue. Ok use the invis pot. But the timer is low and you need that extra damage to potentially time the key, what do we do just wait 5 minutes for the potions or just attempt to try it and hope we have enough damage. So many keys ive had where we didn’t kill boss because we didn’t pre pot. I don’t know the effect on raid I assume it will be somewhat negative early but better late since you can pop two potions during a fight but I don’t know fights that last 5+ minutes maybe high tyrannical keys and mythic raids but most fights in fortified weeks or in heroifc usually last 3-4ish minutes.

seems like some of the changes end up being better for some, worse for others.
I dont play high end content.
I run with the riffraff in randoms who a lot of times arent behaving in the first place and dont seem to know what “OUT OF MANA” actually means LOL.
Not a good place to be when theyre chain pulling and now Im being told, sorry…you gotta wait MUCH longer to pop a cork on a mana vial, lol