Fistweaving needs to go

i dont get why this style of play is being pushed on monks

its brainless!! its the easiest healer in the game to play. seems like extremely lazy design, just like dampening.

its way too casual friendly you dont heal you just spam a pve rotation

it is negative fun qing up and seeing a fistweaver opposite knowing full well my pug dps arent going to punish monk for playing so recklessly

i just play caster on my monk its just too smooth brain and unenjoyable. seems like built for casuals who need a crutch


blizzard’s crude attempt to get DPS to heal

it isn’t fun for the people being healed by it nor the people being attacked by it

it forces a playstyle that involves focusing entirely on what the mistweaver is doing throughout the entirety of the match while the mistweaver only has to think of his port’s position and a basic windwalker rotation

crane is so disgustingly overtuned but because it’s so hit or miss based on what it queues into, it won’t get much flak


no thanks


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They’re getting buffs though

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theyre turning so many healing specs into offensive playstyles (which if people wanted to play that, they would just dps) i absolutely hate it

fistweaving is the most absurd thing ive seen in my 17 years of WoW and i can’t even play my hpal anymore since like BFA because melee wings is the only viable playstyle

game sucks i guess idk only option seems to be play r druid and stand 45 yards away and not be able to cc


Playing an offense-oriented healer and a DPS are not the same thing. I’ve been healing for most of the season and recently picked up my warrior again, and I feel really out of my element.

The things you have to watch for and play around as a healer are always going to be somewhat different from DPS, whether it’s more responsibility or mana management or whatever.

I understand that it sucks when blizzard doesn’t properly balance the pure-healing builds to be more viable, and I think you should get to play what you want too, but I don’t understand folks’ insistence on gatekeeping what plenty of people find to be very enjoyable. Especially under the pretense of “people roll healers to heal and only heal,” what prompts you to think everyone, or even a majority of healers collectively want that?

Edit: since there is a nonzero chance someone will try to use this to counter what I’m saying: no, of course I don’t have statistics either. But I can speak for myself and say that, if I want to shoulder the responsibility of keeping my team alive while still being able to damage the enemy team in a non-negligible capacity (looking at you rdruid), then no, I would not play a DPS to fulfill that want.


Your Insignia was Yummy !

DPS is easy mode. If you wanna challenge yourself you heal.


When ur fighting players that don’t have their cc on their bars yeah


I think Fist Weaving and Melee Wings are 2 or the coolest healer playstyles when compared to Resto Druid or MW Monk who just max range PVE the whole brawl.

Any playstyle that just involves max ranging is boring AF.

This is also true for casters.

Interaction with kicks and CC during CD’s is what makes the game captivating.


yeah… fighting a fist weaver is worse than fighting disc priest, I haven’t even bothered to que in the last few weeks after seeing 3 fistweaver games back to back. Immune to roots, rolling around micro ccing while drooling all over your dps/pets healing infinitely… doing the same healing as me pressing 8 different healing buttons playing like im in some AWC M+ 37 MDI cutting edge worlds first raid meanwhile this clown class gets to just do insane damage not even pressing a single healing spell. I just wish blizzard PVP team would actually play their own game… also as a side note why are tank classes still allowed to que into arena? clowns.


They are super strong for sure.

Maybe there is a way to tune it / design it with more depth?
Less rng and less bonkers throughout

When I face a fw nothing else matters the only way to win is to prioritize never being in faeline. All cc goes, positioning considerations, cd trading etc goes out the window you just play the game of can you keep monk off the faeline for long enough to oom them (in 2s, anyway).

If every healer I faced was a fw id just stop q’ing for sure, or even every third healer

This needs to be pinned at the top of the forums.

I for one have found it much more fun playing a healer that operates entirely differently than any other healer. Especially when every other healer feels like the same playstyle with only minor variations.

I wouldn’t bother trying to get people with dps brain to understand this concept.


The changes to ancient teaching in 10.1 could work for this. Instead of healing a random target it splits the healing between all damaged party members.

Will make it much easier to tune. Since i agree that the healing output, especially in the opener is just a little bit nuts.

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every monk i’ve qued into is never in stomp and it still doesn’t even matter, they just essence font cancel and keep on kicking and still have more mana than me bc rdruid mana is terrible without drinkin and its nearly impossible to keep drinking vs basically double DPS steamrolling your dps in 2s… queing at 2.3k mmr in 2s. Damage is too high and damp ramps up too fast… so damage just wins.

Oh for sure. I’m stuck between 1.7 and 1.8 as evoker/ww. High mmr as resto I can see how it’s just impossible. In 2s mana due to essence font is the only win condition and if it’s not then gg

I think it’s fun to play and really unfun to play against. I can see where double melee dps hate it and double caster probably not quite as annoyed with it. Either way it’s nice to have different styles available within a spec. I do think it probably needs some sort of tuning but at least it offers more variety which would be great if all classes and specs had multiple viable builds.


Before fistweaving was something you could do in PvP, people complained that the mistweaver playstyle was too passive and also really completely different and dumbed down from how it’s normally played in PvE


I don’t think the demo lock is too happy about the fistweaver doing 200k hps from cleaving pets with blackout kick. The hps from cleaving pets is probably the most op thing about fistweaver. Fistweaving into pets is absolutely disgusting

Fistweaving isn’t that good tho if your fighting a team that can chain cc you off dr without breaking it like mage teams boomy teams and disc hunter teams


Is fistweaving really that easy/good?

In the lower brackets, I saw a fistweaver and they went 0-6. They had a rough time maintaining any sort of decent healing. Rounds ended quickly. A few roots or CCs and someone on their team would be dead.