Fishing Broken

The winter fish are the only ones that are crucial in recipes anyway.



Seasonal fish are working on Arugal, or at least they were when I leveled up my fishing about a week ago.

EDIT: Ahh this is a new bug since the last reset. Interesting.

I thought for shore I’d be having fun casting away, but the tides have turned. My empty line has made this my own personal shell, as I filet here feeling kelpless.

There is the problem! If we are suppose to net the Summer bass… Nets aren’t craftable til The Burning Crusade by tailors.

oh good. so we’re gonna lose time getting agi fish.

i guess puns will have to be a substitute for all the agi dps who are about to start raiding.


Easiest solution (from a layman’s standpoint, I’ve no idea how easy/difficult it’d be on the technical end) to people complaining that they couldn’t catch Summer Bass due to the bug would be to implement a weekend/week long event where “the waters are unseasonably warm” and Summer Bass are available to be fished up.

does that also mean we CAN NOT fish up Winter Squid in a few days?

Good news! I’m all done with fishing puns!

Better news! With this morning’s restarts, and subsequent restarts in each region, we believe this issue (and a bunch of other stuff) will be fixed!

Enjoy, and let us know if you see it again.


have these resets happened? bug is happening to me right now.

Be happy that you were lured in with puns instead of the usual rage.


I for one was reelly happy with the fishing puns and would be delighted for them to be recast.

Thank you SO much for your very entertaining, good-natured response and the fix. :blowfish::fishing_pole_and_fish::tropical_fish:

Is there going to be anything in place to extend fishing season or anything? Us Aussies need some more time for squid!!

anyone getting winter squid yet cause im not

Have y’all been getting squid this whole time??

I got a few squid yesterday.