Fishing Broken

Same in Feralas.

I’m having this issue in game right now. It is the second time in the last few days I have randomly had this issue. The first time I had it I thought my fishing skill must just be low for the zone I was in at the time. But that is not the case.

I fished this exact spot in Feralas yesterday and caught something on every cast, but right now I’ve been casting for the full duration of a lure and haven’t caught anything whatsoever. Haven’t even gotten a single “Your fish got away” message, every single cast it simply shows an empty loot window. I’m even still getting skillups occasionally from this bugged fishing.

I was fishing near another player and he whispered me asking if I was having the same bug as him. Same issue for the guy next to me.

still broken, has feralas been broke the whole time or does it end up fixing itself? this is also after recent restart

hinterlands coast was broken for me this morning, then when i logged in right after the downtime I was able to catch fish.

I can only say that everyone fishing there scared all the fish away. LOL. Honestly though, I’ve had similar issue in other areas such as off the coast in Barrens.

First fishing quest in Darkshore, 100% chance to say “Fish got away”

“Fish got away” means your skill is too low. Use a bauble.

This thread is for the empty loot frame issue.

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I did use a Bauble, thanks for confirming a bug.

Same issue just now fishing in Un’goro in the river north of Fire Plume Ridge. Happened about 10 times before I gave up and moved to a new location.

The absence of a single blue post acknowledging this bug is poor customer service. Just acknowledge it.

Bump for acknowledgment. This has been going on for days and I have not seen a single Blizzards employee comment.

Bay of Storms, Coastal areas, and pretty much any area worth fishing is broken, and in a week Raw Summer Bass is no longer obtainable for 6 months, so yeah… it’s be great if someone would actually speak up and at least acknowledge the issue.

Yep like all the above. Just can’t fish in those Coastal areas. Surely Blizz must know and can at least acknowledge it?

Yesterday I fished for hours in Tanaris and did not experience this.

I didn’t check the Hinterlands though.

Did somebody say Fishing? I love fishing. I know some of you think I’m crazy, but I’m hooked on it, and one of the things that’s really cool about fishing in WoW Classic is the seasonal fish.

We realize that Summer is coming to an end soon, and there’s currently a bug preventing you from netting seasonal fish from the oceans of Azeroth. We realize this is a time sensitive issue, and people want to be able to catch Summer Bass before the Summer ends, so we made it a reel top priority, but this issue turned out to be a can of worms, and as a result, probably will not be fixed before the end of summer.

Sorry we didn’t catch it sooner, but we think we’ve got a line on it, and we’ll let you know if we’re able to land it.


Reading between the puns, I’m guessing this means we’re supposed to be catching seasonal fish when we receive no loot on catches?


We’re pretty sure that’s the source of the issue, yes.


The clever puns have made this news somewhat tolerable.


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i guess we can delay the pitchforks and fire…for now! I have my eye on you blues

Sounds fishy but we’ll let you off the hook.