Fishing Broken

ive gotten this bug numerous times - wish they would fix it


Still broken for me almost 24 hours later. Blizzard is the worst.


also getting this all the sudden, swapping off auto loot didn’t work. No one will layer me for fear of bans now… great.

Tried fishing off the coast of Tanaris and Revantusk. Empty loot window.

Tried fishing in Undercity and Booty Bay. Successfully caught fish.

This issue has been around for at least 10 years. It’s unrelated to auto loot, addons, layering, etc.


  • Regions: Tanaris, Hinterlands, Undercity, Booty Bay
  • Level 35 Mage with Artisan Fishing 230+
  • Level 20-something Mage with Expert Fishing 225 (filed an in-game ticket at the time)
  • Reloaded UI
  • Enabled and disabled addons, reloading UI between toggles
  • Toggled auto loot on and off
  • Used Aquadynamic Fish Attractor, Bright Baubles, and no baubles
  • Used Fishing Pole and Big Iron Fishing Pole
  • Changed positions along shorelines
  • Changed locations between attempts

Perhaps related: I opened a series of Mythril Bounded Trunks in my inventory and received the items from each one, but only the first trunk yielded currency. The other trunks remained in my inventory and after I opened those again, one by one, they yielded their currency loot.

All in all, this really feels like a server-side issue that, for some reason, affects fishing more severely than other components of the game.


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Fishing was fine this morning when I leveled up from 150 to 225 in Arathi Highlands. Then I did the Nat Pagle fishing quest to open up fishing to 300 skill cap, and suddenly either “your fish got away” or no fish in Revantusk.

This seems to be the same “empty loot window” bug which has been affecting 1/2-3/4 of beast mobs.

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Same thing here. Tanaris and Azshara open water empty loot window…

I love getting 1 fish every 30 mins and every other time being NO FISH HOOKED

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I am having this same issue in Moonglade. Pools elsewhere seem to be working fine. Been happening for about 6 days now

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I can confirm this is still happening as of 1AM EST 09/18. Fix fishing!

Sure would be nice for blizz to even acknowledge us!

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Getting the same bugs as everyone here - hoping for a fix.

Bump for importance!

I’m getting the same issue here as everyone else. Just finished the artisan promotion quest, went to fish at the Port in Tanaris at 20:45 and only get empty loot windows. Hope this gets fixed soon so I can actually get the fish I need for buff food.

Bump for response.

I’ve been grinding to hit 300 fishing, this really needs to be fixed.

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Same, I really hope they fix this soon I think it’s something with the fish being calculated wrong since they tend to drop via time of day.

FIX THIS NOW. :sob: :sob: :sob:

Yep. This weird no loot window.

I get the same thing on the Westfall Dust Devils. 50% drop rate for Magic Dust and nothing. I’ve killed dozzens of them I think, no Magic Dust.

Getting unknown items in the fishing traps in Desolace while looking for the big iron fishing pole, the same that come up for stonescale eel areas. We need a response, this has been going on for far too long.

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Raw Summer Bass if I remember correctly is going to be unavailable in just over a week, and some of the best places to fish it are totally broken right now, come on Blizz at least tell us if you’re working on it.


Fiz this !@#$