<Feral Tendencies> W/Th 8:30-10:30PM PST 8/9N 1/9H

Feral Tendencies could be purrfect for you

We are a late night AoTC raiding guild on Proudmoore. We also have many social members and just love to run keys most non raid nights.

We storm the castles 8:30-10:30pm PST on Wed /Thur.

What we do

  • Raid with our friends.
  • Keys - lots of keys, these guys might be obsessed.
  • Shenanigans! Sarcasm and jokes are our love language.
  • Help with logs, builds, gearing, learning raids and dungeons.
  • Share pics of our furry overlords.

We are welcoming to all.

  • New players wanting to learn.
  • Returning players catching up on what they missed in the last expansions.
  • Tag along family members who just want to hang and be social.
  • Likeminded people who enjoy the game and want to have fun doing it.

We are adults with lives, jobs, and/or kids so we respect your time and that things might come up from time to time.

What we need:

  • Looking for ALL key pushers!

How to reach us:

Reply here or find me on:
Discord: Mystivell
Battlenet: Prettykitty#1597

would love to have a mage, i NEED my int buff :smiley:

Where the mages at?

Warlock Interested. Can I apply?

Yeah, for sure. Send me a ping on Discord: Nytrous#8759

Sent a request: TheBest#2734

Just woke up (work overnights), going to take care of some errands but my eyes will be on Discord.

Replied to discord messages and updated post. We just recruited our final healer. Still want more exceptional dps. Thanks.

Bump for heals!

Hi There!

I’m a returning player from vanilla/BC and quickly leveling up some chars (warlock main right now, though adaptable to raiding needs). Looking for a guild to socialize, learn the ropes, and to hopefully contribute in raids when I get the chance. I sent a request on Discord (.tiddles).

Happy to talk further to see if I would be a good fit :slight_smile:


^^^Whoops, sorry. You can reach me in-game with this character.


Heya!! Are you still looking for heals? The times are great!! the guild sounds perfect!

Yes, we are. Please reach out to me on Discord or Battlenet.

Discord: Nytrous#8759
Battlenet: Chevmaro#1655

bump for DPS

Bump for mages

bumpity bump, looking for mages and warlocks, we always seem to need them :smiley:

Bump for mages and warlocks

have a mage on proudmoore lookin to raid next tier

hihi mage here lookin to gear and raid

Bump for heals

Hello there, played my Priest and Pally last season… So playing Druid this season. Can flex between Resto and Balance. Let me know if you guys are LFM.