Feign Death + Trap Bug

Are they srsly not gonna fix thix :frowning:

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Bumping this back to the top, I hope you blue poster are having a wonderful morning ignoring us.

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Blizz. Please fix. I already wreck people like I use during vanilla. If you can make my class whole, I will be unstoppable.

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Death ~20 that could have been avoided if Feign death worked… and no it wasn’t resisted I know when that happens because it tells you! I just keep getting hit through FD like it never happened.

I was led to believe during the Reddit AMA that all hunter issues were fixed relative to the reference client. Maybe there wasn’t a direct lie from the devs, but there was definitely misrepresentation. It was never mentioned on such a serious issue, completely unprofessional

Just tell us you’re not gonna fix it so i can quit, thanks.


I’m impressed how long they have waited to reply. Keep bumping this hunter bro’s.


Okay someone need to make YouTube vdo out of this.

We need more voice… come on blizzard :frowning:

If we got rogue or warrior atk and FD+Trap doesn’t work. We pretty much dead

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Ok, someone here has to live pretty close to Bizzard HQ right? I mean, like less than an hour away right?

Here is how you tackle this. Put on your very best Hunter Cosplay, head to their building with a nice picket sign saying “Fix Feign Death!” or something.

Then, repeatedly collapse to the ground near the front entrance feigning death any time someone walks into or out of the building.

We get… say 20+ people doing this, I’ll bet there will be a response within 24 hours.


Corporate campus in Irvine, California
Address: 1 Blizzard Way, Irvine, CA 92618


Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM
Thursday 9AM–5PM
Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday Closed

Excellent idea. I would love to see this.

It is seriously amazing that they’re just going to ignore us. Maybe if we filed a bunch of complaints with their HR department concerning their forum mod staff some people would start getting in trouble.

this and the instance layering thread both need to stay at the top so heres a post i guess

Still no comment blizzard… /sigh. I mean really a comment either way would be helpful, if you aren’t going to fix it we would know we can move on to another class, if you are going to fix it there is some hope and we can keep leveling our hunters. No response leaves us in the dark and pretty much kills any desire i have to play classic until we get an answer because either way I might be wasting my time with a class i’m not going to be happy with.


Can we please get a response… jesus, this is ridiculous.

Even if you don’t have a fix, just let us know you’re aware of the problem.

We are NOT useful at all in PvP right now.

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Gonna bump this up for you guys. Probably the most hosed class in the game ATM. Don’t play one, don’t like fighting one, but I doubly don’t like fighting one that has issues because that isn’t how we’re supposed to kill each other.

A lot of Hunter issues. Gotta get fixed, fam.


Just yet another bump for yet another ‘bug’ that is clearly not intended… and shouldnt be. A literal CORE mechanic of a class to be used only working “sometimes” or “70%” of the time is not how it should be.

Either it works or it doesnt… a fix or any acknowledgment would be amazing…


Another bump. I parked a hunter in favor of a mage. I’d rather play hunter but if this is working as intended then I’m out.

Just please blizz give us some kind of response…ANYTHING. This is embarrassing for the company and your employees.


Blizzard plz


bump fix this dr rubbish and fd bug

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Im new to Hunter and spent the weekend trying to figure out why I couldnt get the trap to work most of the time, and why it felt so unresponsive. Turns out Im not alone. I am sad.