Feign Death + Trap Bug

I’m going to open a new in-game ticket EVERY time feign death fails until we hear anything from them.

I hope they like spam.


Multiple reports since beta and still not a peep.

Bumping till blue post

They did respond to that actually. Unfortunately they say it’s “not a bug”.

I understand they said that but in patch 1.12 there wasn’t a dr on scatter and freezing. That didn’t get addressed till mop. Them putting a dr on two different schools is them changing the spells from vanillla.

I happen to work as a software engineer so 1. I wrote much more fancy macro but didn’t solve the problem. 2. I tried to understand what really happens behind the scene:

I’ve read through all the replies. The random 1s-3s dealy is corresponding to your internet speed. This also explains why stopping your pet prior to FD helps, if you pet is stopped at the same time by executing FD macro, obviously the server will receive that ‘my pet has stopped’ message much later. Transferring most action to server side is a fundamental design (issue), now server tells if you’re out of combat, not client anymore. That’s why Blizzard-nowadays doesn’t want to reply, if they don’t reply, you’ll play with hope, otherwise they’ll only make you lose hope.

Relying everything on server side could be for good causes like preventing cheating, and the fact that they said their server is much better than 2004s is the last kick that they eventually made this decision.

But server is server, there’s still light years of gap between getting data from network and getting from local. For whatever reason, cheating, telementry, whatever, gaming experience should always be the last thing to sacrifice. It’s not like 1s delay will bring small disadvantage with huge advantage, you can easily get this conclusion from those business person who never play games. Blizzard-nowadays Co. doesn’t understand what is gaming experience.

In short, you don’t get blue post because this is NEVER fixable. This will never happen in 2005, not just because Blizzard knew gaming experience, but also because our network and the server were much slower that this approach would completely ruin the game. This will fix if we get 5G or 6G network with 0.01ms delay. This will fix if they completely redesign the communication architecture of classic wow. This will be partially fixed if some fancy prediction algorithm is written. This will be lightly fixed if their servers or your internet run faster, or they get more servers, or they open new servers next to your home. This will just not fix in the real world.

Hate to say this but macro to FD delay is like medicine to a dead person. Guess classic wow to Blizzard-nowadays works the same way.


bump for the blues


They don’t want any part of this coding nightmare


This is the first thing i do every morning. bump for the blues

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The first thing the blues don’t do every morning is try to fix hunters.


I really don’t think it is based on internet speed tbh. I have a gigabit connection and 8ms latency because I literally live in the city where the servers are hosted. I still get a 2-3 second delay with feign death. Also, multiple people say this same problem started happening in retail when Legion came out and classic was ported over to the Legion engine.


Yup. 100% not on internet connection. When everything else you do that is instant works as it should, but only the pet or another action is delayed REPEATEDLY, there’s a problem.

Hope hunters get this fixed even though I always hate fighting you guys - this needs to get fixed.


Yep there’re numerous steps that are sensitive to delay in the client-server round trip. Especially on their side.
I wasn’t cautious, I filtered out the hopeless factors that can only make us feel even worse since internet speed is the only part we can control, which does make tiny little difference.

On the verge of quitting at this rate, i’m convinced the devs just hate the hunter class ever since legion started, not even gonna give us a “we’re looking into it” ?
this bug is game breaking, hunters NEED to be able to trap in melee to get away from warriors/rogues etc, and this makes us much worse in pve too not being able to drink/swaptrinkets etc easily


face it, hunters gimped as f@#k. pvp is a joke. with 40 ms grinding mobs have prolly 50-75% chance of trap popping. so far in pvp 0%. hunters are free kill.

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Well guys there is one other extreme work around, which blizzard will never do, but could.

Just make hunters able to do everything in combat that feign death allowed. Give them the ability to lay traps in combat, and swap trinkets in combat (just make it a passive ability that goes in the survival spellbook page and call it resourcefulness or something). Now I’m aware that this would be a flat out buff to hunters, and not just a workaround, but it might be palatable to most people.


Seems like they aren’t responding because they are trying to figure out how to fix it and are waiting to see if they can do it. Once they figure it out either way they will let us know. Honestly tho, considering this is the number one post in the bug forums, is class breaking, and they haven’t even said a word is ridiculous.


Nothing works reliably with feign death.

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How many times must I feign death and have mobs continue to attack me? It’s gotten to the point that I remove my hands from the KB+M and carefully hit my FD button for maximum chance of working.

Also this is the reason I was frustrated with hunters in Legion and did actually quit. Why can Pservers get the behavior right but the modern client can’t?


Come on Blizzard, just make a comment on this.

If you can’t fix it, say so and I’ll re-roll.

If we don’t at least hear something soon, I may not even re-sub next month. This is pretty ridiculous.