Feedback - Stress Test

weird, I was in a really crowded area but I saw not a bit of phasing. no one fading in and out, neither mobs nor players.

So far same. There was a bit of lag during one period, and a reset, but did not notice anything fading in and out unexpectedly.

I was able to log on to Realm #16 at 5:00 p.m. EST, no issues at all.
When you went down to two servers, I was able to log on to realm #15 without any issues.

  • Was it too crowded, even for a launch day experience? Yes, I could play for about an hour (JST) this morning and could only kill 2 zombies. I was able to grind outside of the zombie area (undead starting) and hey some levels. But the zombies need faster respawn or need more. I thought respawn times were adjusted based on local population in vanilla, but I could be mistaken.

  • Did it feel too empty or too crowded after you moved to the second zone? No, the game opens up enough at that point, even after the initial couple quests in Desthknell it becomes a bit less crowded.

Will the other servers be coming back online?

Classic Realm 15.

6PM to 9PM EST, fairly busy with a fair amount of people complaining about spawns/amount of people but I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary. Hit level 7 in about two and a half hours which I don’t see as bad either; fairly accurate iirc.

Truthfully, I did not think it was crowded for a “launch day” at all. Once I left Shadowglen, it was pretty well balanced. Edit: To elaborate on “pretty well balanced”: You still see people regularly, but you’re not surrounded, nor racing constantly with your head on a swivel(that’s kind of fun though, for me.) You were hunting mobs, still fighting for tags, but you definitely had a much better shot without grouping up. All in all, im looking forward to Classic; still.

Server was stable(couple of resets, but no real issue,) I may have noticed the phasing once, but that was it.

Second edit: 53ms throughout my time online.

Classic PvP Realm 15
I just finished the human starting zone of Northshire and the only main thing that frustrated me was the respawn rate of the mobs, they just would not respawn fast enough so you would camp a spot for a little while. Other than that I think it was a great experience and you have to team up with a group or else you won’t complete your quests. BTW when you would reset the server it would reset your interface options to the original settings.

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I was moving smooth as silk on server 12, until suddenly most of the servers went down, including 12.

With only 2 servers left the experience was pretty garbage on both… my ping was great, but the realm itself was lagged up with click delays on looting and quest completion.

Whatever was going on in server 12 was working well.

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Casting Smite at Fargodeep Kobold right in front of me but it’s telling me too far away. ** (edit: I think it’s because I right clicked and it was saying that due to auto attacks between casts)

The number of people around seems pretty steady.

DC’d about 4 hours and 6 minutes in (on PvP 3).

On Realm 2. There’s not that many people but respawn times do need to be a bit faster. It’s not terrible though. Also, have a bit of loot lag.

Server 12 was wonderful for the 25 mins or so you let us play. Fast respawns, could do all quests despite a very decent amount of players. Then you forced us on the PVP realms. I chose #3. Impossible to do most quests, had to run a lot just to find anything to kill. Not fun at all, but managed to level 5 and get to Brill where I logged off. We’ll see tomorrow if you let us play on #12 again.


Same experience, 12 was actually quite nice.

looks like all the other servers are gone for good…

I have to reroll now that I’m home from work and everything is gone. So what’s the best server to reroll on?

Classic Realm 12
It was running very smooth in the Nelf starting zone, only issue was fighting over mobs then got the message that there wasn’t enough stress and was cut down to only two servers, both PvP, which I hate btw, but I tried it and was able to get past the starting area and logged out in Goldshire. Took me several hours to get out of the starting area due to the high pop that was on that server (Classic Realm 15)


I’ve updated my client, and the play button is still greyed out. Am I doing something wrong, or have I missed something?

make sure you are using the WoW Classic under the “Live” section and not the “Beta” realm if you have it available.

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Server 14 was great starting at 2pm PST unt it was taken offline in 15 min. Listed as low pop but I saw about 10 people competing for mobs and a few groups. Felt good.

Hopped to 15 and tried human and dwarf and it was too many to do any questing. Hundreds of people.

However, I’d rather have overpopulated starting zones than layering. Those areas will smooth out in a day and late at night.

Thank you, feeling silly now :smiley:

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no trouble, especially for a fellow undead!


There are too many people in the starting area to get any quests done. There seem to be five people for every mob. (Realm 15)

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