Feedback - Stress Test

Server 15 - hundreds of people in the starter area. I hung around for about 20 minutes, unable to get any tags at all for the quest.


Classic PvP Realm 15
So I played in the human starting zone for a few hours. Waaaayyy too many people in the starting zone. It took the whole 4 hours to get to level 5 and Goldshire.
Other than that, the experience was fun! It was good to see the original story again, before the vineyard was burned down.


It’s very overcrowded and the biggest issue is the mob spawn rate is beyond bad, beyond horrid, it makes the game virtually unplayable. You could double the amount of players for all I care but there was NOTHING to kill on realm 15, everyone standing still waiting for something, ANYTHING to spawn.

I jumped over to 2 when I heard 2 servers opened, and at first it seemed okay but suddenly, once again, every one waiting for ANYTHING to spawn. Just horrid.


Starting zone was way too crowded - once out however, it was smooth as silk.

Was way too crowded in the human zone, Tauren zone felt less populated and I was actually able to finish my quests even if it took 10-15 mins on hunting out one mob on my own.

Classic Realm 15 (PVP)

Way to crowded in anvilmar (gnome/dwarf) starting area.
too crowded in second zone (kharanos) as well. (not as bad as starting)

In 2 hours i made it to level 3. that’s with just trying to tag any mob that i could find.

Completely useless Way to many people

So, I played on realm 15.
In the beginning, the crowd was quite good for a day one. Then, I got into Goldshire and bigger Elwynn, and that’s where problems started. It was extremely hard to find, tag and kill a mob that drops Gold Dust or Large Candle - in either of the gold mines. I spent over an hour on that quests alone.
I was done around 5:30 PM server time, and the next quests were not crowded at all.

U know there is a follop up q to go to jangerlode mine after the exploration Q and u get get those items there too. people seem to think that Q are at one point only.

it was a nightmare there too.

well yeah that Q is a nightmare.

Gnomepunter the Noble Tauren Druid has been reborn on server 3.

Although it is listed as High pop, I only see about 25-30 other people around. Should be smooth sailing, far as I can tell.

I was on realm 15 the high pop PVP server and honestly I was there when the original servers opened up and this was way more enjoyable. The people complaining about the mob respawn rates are just used to how easy leveling up is in the current expansion. I say if they want faster respawn times then they should play BFA. People fought too hard to get Vanilla back just to have it changed because it’s too hard or slow for everyone. People think they want to play Vanilla but they really just don’t know.

Can’t even get a boar in Durotar in Realm 12 or 15. There is a player every 5 square feet. Waaaaay too crowded.


Only reason we were talking about the respawn rate was because of how long you had to wait to get a mob due to the over population.

I agree, was playing on realm 3 and it was a lot of standing around, but it felt like that’s because people were not playing it right, no one wanted to group for quests, it just felt like most people were treating it like live and mad because its a slower game play style. do I think it was crowded, not really, it felt fine to me, but people just weren’t playing together.

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After trying a couple toons I decided to make a human female priest just like me in retail.

the start zones are crowded on high pop but seem to not have any lag.

Things play slower, much slower, but once I have shadow word pain instant cast I can tag things better.

Coming to the conclusion that waiting a couple weeks for the initial rush to get ahead of me may be a good plan, but I know I"ll just deal with it because it’s fun as is.

One thing is everyone will let a priest into a group, and since I can mix and match abilities from my spell book at low levels I just adapt what I have to work with small groups

Main thing I"m thankful for is I can set groups to to use raid frames and that once I set it up makes healing pretty easy

PW fortitude is welcome to all I cast it on and I get TYVM a lot

Over all I’m thinking that investing in some wine and accepting a much slower pace and just doing what I can as I can is the way to do it while enjoying the folk I’m meeting.

Real walk down memory lane.

9:43PM EST
Server 15

  • Was it too crowded, even for a launch day experience?
    It is crowded, but I believe it should be this way for a launch day experience. Easily 10 people fighting per mob in Coldridge Valley.

  • Did it feel too empty or too crowded after you moved to the second zone?
    Launch day should feel crowded because I believe it is an endurance test. The strongest willed and most patient move ahead. I loved it!!

Thank you!

Everything seemed pretty well except people disappearing right before my eyes over and over again. That is sharding, not layering. I started on realm 15 and it was horrible and overpopulated, as I expected it to be because of streamers. I managed to get the first 2 quests done in one hour… Yes. Two quests, one hour. I switched to realm 3 after it was impossible to play on 15 and had a much better experience. Did 1-6 in about 45 minutes… wasn’t nearly as bad.

Another thing that seemed off was looting. Some mobs I was able to loot lightning fast speed and other mobs it felt delayed. I’m assuming that’s batching. I’m not sure why it’s applied to looting, but it was pretty annoying. Will give more feedback later.

Overcrowded , not able to complete almost any quests even in a group. Mobs have slow respawn rate for the amount of people present. During character creation, the server will not recognize my second character.