Feedback: Colossus Warrior in The War Within

Not to derail the topic but since it is exceedingly rare for a blue post to address these matters directly: is this major talent tree shakeup something that is being considered for other classes as well? Because almost all of them need it, some quite desperately. Essentially all class trees and most spec trees were, quite frankly, a mess at the start of DF and not very many of them have noticeably improved over the course of the expansion so it’s a big area of concern across the board.

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I’m going to voice my agreement in the ability being a channel, rooted or not. Eye beam is fine, the Shalamayne trinket from time rifts is fine. It’s not the end of the world and I think it’s flavorful and makes the spell feel impactful, and also differentiates it from rampage. Thumb up for me. But please, remove the requirement of lining up overpowers and such before mortal strikes in the base tree, otherwise having to line up MS to cast this just makes the ability lineup process tedious.


Looking forward to Demolish. The root will be tolerable if the damage is more than significant. The same way Bladestorm locks out most of our abilities, the benifits outway the drawbacks.

Do you guys have the same consideration for Prot / Arms Colossus Warriors? Do you expect big beefy Shield Slams and powerful burst under the new Demolish Skill? More than what is expected out of most tanks?

The only complaint I have, is that I would like to have more talents / effects like the 5% size increase. Colossus Warriors should immediately stand out. Mountain Thane is like a flying thunder warrior, the visual during combat atleast sounds spectacular.

Want some more identity for Colossus Warrior

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Excuse me, but you can cancel fist of fury or eye beam(by using fel rush iirc) or similar at the expense of a dps loss. Introducing an ability thats going to kill people and blame it all on the player for taking the risk when such ability is mandatory for maximizing dps is awful design. The ability should be cancel-able if the player has to suddenly move due to a spontaneous mechanic.

Next time, make sure you actually verify your own examples provided before you make a post like this. Eye Beam and Fist of Fury can both be cancelled, meaning this post is a laughstock because it makes you look like a fool since you didn’t even bother to play your own game. And it took me a grand total of 3 mins to log on my DH and Monk alts to check and verify that yes, you can cancel eye beam and fist of fury early if you need to move at the expense of dps.

But that means the ability will end up as a must-have if you want to maximize your dps, leading to the above issues i mentioned.

While also leading to situations where a volcanic spawning near you or a wave of spiteful mobs spawning and clapping you in 1-2 melees. Or last boss of Atal’dazar being designed in such a way that abilities that roots are suicidal, or the totem boss spawning a puddle under you less than a second after you starting the demolish casts. The risks are too many and its not fun, its frustrating.

The way this ability plays is more like the Fyrakk axe legendary, which is widely maligned for the very same reasons. It’s not just the fact its a unimpressive legendary in terms of what it does, but what it does is dangerous in a game where spontaneous mechanics exists and quick reaction to them is required. You should reconsider this unless you want warriors to stick to tanking for next expansion.

The Fyrakk axe doing the same thing and being widely considered one of the worst non-legion legendaries to be created only proves that just because you can do something, it doesnt means you should.


no no no no no no no no no

Keep this cast a melee ability and not be able to move out of the class. Demon Hunters Eye Beam on top of being worth the cost due to the short CD and massive AE also gives them one of the most powerful transformative abilities in the game.

And Monk’s one of the least popular classes in the game, I’m really not trying to have anything in common with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember that you can fel rush or vengeful retreat mid-eye beam and it cancels the cast. You can that way move at the expense of losing some dps if a mechanic demands immediate movement. The same applies with the monk’s fist of fury. The way this warrior ability in war within works is similar to the fyrakk axe in that you can literally do nothing else once you start the cast, which is suicide in a game where spontaneous mechanics can wreck you if you don’t move right away, especially so at higher levels of play like mythic raiding or +20 keys. It’s awful design.

Oh, and guess what? The Fyrakk axe is unanimously agreed to be one of the worst legendaries to be ever introduced in this game, and take three guesses as to why?


I have 0 issues with the on use of the legendary axe on my DK. I know not everyone likes it but no, not everyone hates it.

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Fists of Fury can be canceled and you can move while the channel is going… Do you not know your own game?


And there are several more posts like that. This legendary is just not good, the best i heard from people is that they like how it looks or that it can be a good legendary in timewalking (a mode that’s a joke due to the low tuning, making this statement pretty backhanded if anything).

You are simply the extreme minority of people to actually like this legendary, because almost everyone else hates it because of the on-use effect having the aforementioned issues and being just boring. To add salt to the wound, the legendary’s tuning was so bad that it needed to be buffed about as many times as Mythic Tindral had to be nerfed to not give headache to mythic raiding guilds that don’t aim for world first or hall of fame.

Demolish is a 2 second channel, and the Warrior is unable to move or use other abilities while channeling, similar to Eye Beam or Fists of Fury. Just like those abilities, a Colossus player will have to think tactically about when and where is optimal to use it. This is an intentional part of the flavor of the ability.

Hey this is kinda not great, can we rethink this a little please? Also you can move and cancel Fists of Fury early if you wanted, you just don’t ever have a reason to. It’s not a good comparison in this case, unless you actually wanted us to be able to move and act during the channel. Which… personally, I’d like that too over this.

But truth be told, anything is better than this right now.

You can do the same by fel rushing or Veng Retreat with Eye beam too. You have to wonder if they play their own game when they bring up examples that do not make any sense at all.

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I know it is still very early, but because of the emphasis on demolish and the colossus warrior hitting hard, can we get a rough estimate for how much % AP demolish should expect to deal?

For example, bladestorm strikes 7 times for X% of AP per hit over the duration.

Could we get a rough idea of how much dmg the team thinks each hit of demolish should be dealing?

Again, completely understand this is very early and no numbers are in the tooltip for a reason, but is it intended to hit harder than bladestorm for example.

warrior tree getting rearrenged should be good, but certain things like berserker rage / thunderclap should be baseline.

Berserker rage is because its such niche utility that even when useful in a dungeon, warriors don’t take it.

Thunderclap because you have an entire hero talent tree designed around it now.

Umm, You can move while channeling Fists of Fury. So this is nothing like Fists of Fury, I actually wish it was like FoF, making this ability rooted is not going to end well. People hate the Fyr’alath channel, so why are you putting it on this?


Assuming slayer provides a more traditional playstyle and we aren’t forced into colossus, I think demolish actually sounds kind of neat.
I can see a lot of interesting potential for big set up comps. Like if demolish actually does the “biggest melee hits around” that Kaivax is claiming, you could run with an aug evoker and do something like ebon might > oppressive roar > swoop up a second target in front of the warrior > shock wave > demolish with all that extra main stat.


you stop that.

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lol listen I know everyone has PTSD but I dream of a world where aug is solid

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Regarding Arterial Cut and One Against Many: one of these is just an AoE damage increase while the other is an AoE damage increase and a single target damage increase.

Bleeds have historically been a pretty decent source of an Arms Warrior’s AoE, making this a very odd choice nod.

Could we instead see a hard single target choice, such as adding an additional strike to the Demolish ability that only strikes the primary target with the other choice being either Arterial Cut or One Against Many, both being the AoE option across from the new single target increase.


Look nothing about being rooted in place screams to me “WoW devs play arms warrior”. No warrior in their right mind would want to be rooted, especially in pvp.

the entire tree just seems lazy and uninspired as a whole, demolish shouldnt root you in place, the advantages eye beam and fists of fury have are an extended range. Eye beam is literally a beam. You guys seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what and how arms plays, especially from pvp from what I can see.

Just go play the class, give it an honest try in pvp and pve, and then tell me you want to be rooted in place for a shorter range eye beam? whaat?


Well I guess I won’t be playing Colossus in The War Within.