Feedback: Colossus Warrior in The War Within

How long will the “being rooted” trade-off stay until your death log analysis concludes that too many deaths are caused by it?


Every time i use the Fyralath active ability and i have to just stand there and finish the cast is an unenjoyable experience.
Players that picked melee classes to play instead of casters did it so they don’t have to cast. With Fists of Fury at least you can move, with Eye Beam you can aim, if the warrior ability puts you into a standby like Fyralath does, then it’ll suck big time.

And now you’re making another class mechanic in the form of an uncontrolled cast.
I hope you never give ret that kind of mechanic, it’s NOT fun.

Using Fyralath on the treants/boss and then a pool is created below you, or an orb comes at you cause someone didn’t get theirs in time… we’ll let’s just say that i had a handful of such misfortunes. Glad i don’t play warr to keep experiencing that “fun” mechanic.


Don’t make this another hill to die on. So far few post their grievances online but I have yet to see statements praising this trade-off and if none of those show up this aspect of the ability should be removed.

It is a new spell and players should want to use it because it is fun.

This is not fun.


You’ve been able to move while casting Fist of Fury since like what, Legion pre-patch? Goes to show how little devs care about monk and WW in particular when they don’t even know how iconic abilities work.


Hell yes, I love everything about it.

The feeling and theme of Colossus is coming through, for me. As for the rooted part I know some don’t like it, but really its not an issue at all (fyralaxe isnt that bad to use at all) - if the channel can be hasted; awesome, if not, its just a timing thing and thats not much to ask for.


I would ask the team to highly reconsider the “unable to move” aspect of Demolish. Not being able to control you character has historically been a pain point for players and leads to frustration. It’s been tolerable on items like Fyr’alath or Draught of Souls but that’s largely because they had longer CDs.


Grant us max stacks of Colossal Might when we use Avatar, maybe on the node that increases mortal strike damage. Giving them on colossus smash would be far too powerful as every cast would be max stacks.

Avatar is perfect place to put such a mechanic as the 20 second duration means we can use it before the cooldown is up, get max stacks and force the cooldown to be usable with the end nodes cooldown reduction while at max stacks.

There’s room for the player to express themselves in creative ways, but we really need a way to stimpak the hero-spec with maximum resources.


Another “problem” with this or rather Arms in general: Test of Might and Anger Management are the best choice(s) for builds quite often and this 2 second ability does not consume any rage while Arms will tend towards being rage-capped quite often later in the xpac gearing process.
Any plans to address this or rather the over-arching problems of strong talents and rage management?

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No thank you sir. I do not want to ever have a 2 second channel that keeps me rooted in melee. It’s just not fun.


Whoever designed this doesn’t play Arms/Prot or warrior (PvP standpoint) in general; nobody wants this.


I enjoy the sound of it, you don’t speak for me or a lot of people.


Nobody who knows how to PvP as a warrior wants to be ‘grounded’ for 2 seconds; it’s bad design.

I’m sure some m+/raiders feel the same, but I can’t comment on that I havent’ PvEd since BfA.


nobody wants to root themselves every 20-30 (after cooldown reduction) seconds for 2 seconds as a melee. Fryalath does that every 2 minutes and people hate that. So its just a weaker version of Fryalath.

Yeah “its going to hit hard” sounds great till you have to nerf it due to pvp.

Its just a weaker version of bladestorm still. Boring.


Nah, they’d just add PvP modifiers on it if it was to hit too hard.

Yeah, cause there isn’t a single DH who uses eye beam in arenas… Quit trying to act like you know anything about pvp playing prot.


? I’ve gotten prot r1 twice & probably will again this season?

Post on main or shove off bud.

I’ve also gotten gladiator & hota as Arms, while you have probably 1750 tops.

Come back when you realize how dumb that statement is.

I’m stating that because I play prot at a decent rating, aka I know how it functions in PvP.

I’ve also been 2800+ as Arms in PvP, what about you? Oh wait.

Shove off, troll post on your warrior or be quiet.

My pet peeve with this is that none of our cooldowns line up, anger management + the CDR on this ability etc. just blah

I don’t mind the root bit though. It will suck for pvp.

Yeah…I was worried this was the case. I don’t want to dismiss this since I haven’t played with it yet, but I hope this is effected by haste and that we can at least use defensive abilities like we can with Bladestorm while it’s being channeled so Arms doesn’t get blasted by swirlies.

The rest sounds excellent to me, I’d like it to hit like a freight train and feel powerful to use akin to the idea brewed for the visuals.

Thank god, I can finally bring more utility to both dungeon and open-world content with the rearrangement.

Zug Zug brain happy