Feedback: Colossus Warrior in The War Within

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All these talents that increase damage passively introduce absolutely nothing and will be compensated for by the final tuning, so it’s as if they weren’t there. A monkey could have done better!


I like the theme here, and I like Demolish as an idea, but please, if you’re going to add an active ability into the mix, something has to be done about the fact that you have to line up overpower (x2 with certain talents) + colossus smash + avatar + whatever else before you can even press Mortal Strike, and now, this ability is gated behind that.

Too much cognitive load of lining up these abilities and keeping track of stacks before pressing Demolish. What is wrong with just making it an extra active ability? No procs, no buffs, nothing, just a strong ability. Make it simple. It feels really bad to have to execute abilities in such specific orders again and again to gain max value out of certain spells.

There’s also going to be a lot of work needing to be done on the main tree so that you don’t have to balance your normal rotation + things like Skullbash and other talents on TOP of this new ability.

Controversial maybe but what I DO like about Demolish is that it roots you and does an animation; I feel like this gives you a second to breathe like eye beam does for DH, and it’ll feel more powerful and impactful that way. I hope you’re not expected to smash your other buttons WHILE you’re demolishing.


I really enjoy the overall theme of what Colossus is trying to accomplish.

However, I personally am only really excited for and connecting to two talents.

Rally and Mountain of Muscle and Scars.

I only PvP in Wow, mainly rated arenas, so my perspective is coming from there.

I love the flavor of the 5% increase to size from Mountain of Muscle and Scars. Cool idea here!

Rally just helps to improve the self sustain of Arms in PvP. Sort of gives me some nostalgia of the Arms Warrior Artifact Weapon trait that gave us a chance to heal based on rage spent. Bringing Second Wing into the mix is a really neat evolution of that idea.

Everything else however, is leaning to the dull side for me.


Overall, I do like the theme what they were aiming for the tree (note the developers notes that the warrior tree is getting a little bit of a rework so shockwave can be taken without losing output choices for the utility).

The passives to me are fine for both specs, it shores up both specs without needing another CD to press for survivability.

The demolish ability is key here when it comes the Colossus Hero Tree and would like to make a few key notes. one it gives both specs a offensive CD in their toolkits that isn’t Avatar (something both specs some what lack compared to fury as of the current trees). The downside to the ability is it’s final capstone when we are grounded when using the channel which I think should be completely restructured to be allowing us to either pull in targets while channeling (if it is to keep the grounded effect) or that we can move around while it’s channeling (by removing the grounded effect, it might sound OP to some but we already have abilities that are in the game that act just like that).


Read over it a few times and here’s my initial perspective from Arms PvE.

The Good:

  • New ability to push and build up to sounds great! Its playing around a lot with the things we like about Anger Management (Reduced CD on big abilities) without having weird scaling like we did S2 of Dragonflight with Ignore Pain.

  • Shockwave being more accessible, and more importantly a more impactful ability for Warrior utility. Very excited to see the knock up in group play!

The Not-So-Good:

  • Too many passives effects. A lot of hero talents don’t sound super “Heroic” when we’re just getting more damage to our spells (Practiced Strikes & Tide of Battle). I feel like both of these could be something more interesting and more impactful. These feel more like talents I would find in a normal class tree.

  • Channeled ability holding us in place could be disaster. I’ve played with Draught of Souls back in Legion. Standing still and channeling (especially if its not impacted by haste) sounds like a quick way to die in PvE.

  • Attempts to shore up our effective HP vesus Fury’s feels medicore. I’m glad our defensiveness is being looked at, but it doesn’t compare to Fury with War Paint + Titan’s Grip. I feel like the defensive component doesn’t go far enough for Arms.

  • Mountain of Muscles and Scars sounds like a really really cool concept on paper. Deal more damage, take less damage. Your character is bigger. That last part worries me tremendously especially for the bigger races (Tauren, Kul Tirans, Pandaren, etc.) If we’re going to have encounters like Tindral (often Razor Thin spaces to dodge) this talent will end up being detrimental to players due to increased hitbox size and thats before Avatar. I’m also unsure if 5% is even a noticeable amount for players.

Overall Colossus sounds like it has some good baseline concepts, but they need to do a bit more, and especially visually need to be impressive compared to a lot of the other hero classes.

I’m unsure about Demolish and how it will interact with timings with Colossus Smash and Test of Might which are large concerns as well.


Seems like its fist of fury but for warriors and you empower it by just doing your normal rotation?

The fact that shockwave is going to be more accessible is quite big. That is if you can run both shockwave and single target stun. Would be interesting to see the class trees that you suggest in the article are going to be rearranged.

Surprised to not see any talent that changes leap. If a colossus jumps into the air and slams into the ground it would be cool if the tree had some kind of interaction with leap.

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“Mountain of Muscle and Scars”.

giggles coquettishly and twirls hair


Rename it from Colossus to Champion and we are good.

It fits the description better.

Colossus Warriors are the peak of pure physical might and resilience. They are veterans of countless battles and have the scars to show for it. Colossus’ know not only how to take a hit and keep going, but how and where to put their strikes to use to ensure their enemies don’t.

The name Champion fits a battle hardened veteran much better than Colossus and is a much better name.

Pluss it fits smaller/slimmer races better.

Looks boring I’m sorry to say this but it does. Beefy hits are cool but it’s just more of the same. All that extra mortal strike damage that is passive(not procs) could be baked in. The talents could be more interesting.

Colossus is way better, no.

Disagree, we get an entire new ability… that’s more than what most classes can say…

I just hope shockwave doesn’t share a node with storm hammer, and they put bladestorm in the class tree.


Developer’s Note: The Warrior tree will be updated in the War Within to make the Shockwave talent more easily accessible via class talents.
We wanted to call this out as the Colossus tree interacts with Shockwave in a few places.

I mean, you could’ve done this change and NOT shafted DPS warriors extra hard in keys for most of the expansion. Annihilator is the only build that doesn’t have to give up huge damage to take it, and Fury will be screwed if we end up with one of the other tier sets.

Why wasn’t this just fixed in Vault when they sort-of “fixed” the Arms warrior talent tree? Really putting unnecessary and undue suffering on a class that already struggles with invites in the PUG scene.

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Hi! I gave some first thoughts about mountain thane as well. Good to see that Colossus is getting a good amount of utility.
I play mostly arms, and care most about M+, so that’s where my perspective will be coming from.
But first, I’d like to ask for clarification: is demolish going to root you in place for its duration? Kind of hard to determine how I’d like it when I don’t know that, but in general, I dislike things like spear of bastion and the fyraleth on-use that encourage you to stick in one spot, or restrict your movement.

Things I like in the tree:
The entire right side of the tree. Increasing arms’ utility and defensiveness for M+ has been top of mind for the entire expansion, so I’m glad to see this getting addressed here. Together with shockwave being more accessible in the class tree, these all make for great changes.
The building of stacks that are then consumed on ability use works well with established arms theming.
Things I’m not as hot on:
The whole series of strikes thing in demolish feels more like a fury theme than an arms one? When I think about how arms functions and what I like about it, it’s setting up those big, single hits. using two overpowers and two executes plus my damage cooldowns and then seeing a mortal strike crit is always really satisfying in a way that hitting rampage is not. I guess this all comes down to tuning though. If I hit demolish and it feels like I just got 5 amped up mortal strikes in a row, maybe it’ll feel thematic and fun to press to me.
Stun/pushback immunity on demolish – Generally when I want to push a damage button, I want to push a damage button, and when I want to push a defensive button I’ll push that. Mixing the two, so that there are cases where I want to hold my damage ability to prevent a stun/pushback, doesn’t feel good. It’s sort of the problem that exists with shockwave damage amps currently: I only press the ability when I want to stun something, so extra damage on the ability encouraging me to press it on cooldown doesn’t do anything for me. But at the same time, I can recognize it would be super annoying to have a channel cancelled by a stun or pushback, so we’ll see how this one works out.
15% MS damage amp: Sorry but this just seems lazy. Not sure if this is meant to tune between what colossus and slayer are supposed to be doing damage-wise, but my initial impression is that it’s boring and I don’t get why that 15% damage wouldn’t just be rolled into the ability at a baseline, since it’s interacting with nothing else in the tree. Maybe replace this with crit chance on MS, since that amps our demolish stack generation?

But, for an overall impression: Whether I end up liking how demolish works or not, I consider this a W just for the utility and defensiveness in the right side. Assuming shockwave remains on it’s 45/30s cooldown, doubling the stun duration should do a lot towards encouraging a group leader to invite a warrior. Now, if you could give us a less annoying and more consitent way of dealing with incorporeal, we’d be golden!


So Arms is getting another ‘immunity’?

Can’t wait for that in PVP :roll_eyes:

Not sure I like the idea of demolish tbh.

On paper it’s neat idea but tunneling arms into playing around it kinda sucks.

I would much rather Demolish be something that is tacted onto colossus smash/warbreaker as passive than an active similar to fist of fury.

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So i dont use shockwave, cleave or whirlwind as arms. Lets hope slayer is good or this will be near useless for me. Also, can you move during demolish? How long does demolish last for?

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The talent tree looks pretty good, I like the theme, there are a lot of passives that we probably won’t notice at all, but that’s kind of what these trees are going for, so I’m not really gonna say much about that. My biggest concern here is the channel on Demolish. I’ve played a Blood DK before with Blood Drinker, I’ve played Windwalker Monk with FoF, and the one thing I can say for certain is that using those channeled abilities has never been fun to use due to them locking you out of other abilities while channeling them, especially Blood Drinker since it was on a tank. The wording is also a bit weird here on the capstone, does it mean that while channeling Demolish, you can’t be knocked backed or drawn in, or does the ability root you? Like what Fyr’alath’s channel is doing right now. The wording needs to be cleared up a bit. Either way, having a channeled ability like this is concerning, especially on a tank.

If I wanted to channel my attacks I would play a caster.


The size increase is on brand, 10/10.


Quite uninteresting as far as i’m concerned.

Mostly passive stuff, not the good kind of passive, and then we’ll have to see about this demolish thing.