Feedback: Colossus Warrior in The War Within

Mountain of Muscle and Scars is a FURY ability. Like I’m already a Colossus that wields 2 handed weapons in each hand. It doesn’t make sense as an Arms only ability. Make it Fury or swap Mountain Thane with Colossus Trees.

And Arms wields a 2hander, having a second 2hander is irrelevant for the ability or Heroic path thematics.

Mountain Thane, based off Mountain King, have always been duel wielders.

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Even though our example Colossus units… use primarily a single two-hander, while the tribes the Mountain Thane is based on primarily duel-wielded except during aerial combat?

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I love the Hero Tree.

I wish there was some more stuff visually that made it stand out more, i love the increased character size!

Do wish there was an ability that let Warrior use a 2-hander + Shield for the Arms / Prot Hero talents tho. “Spartans grip” kind of thing. Hopefully the Shockwave effect gets a visual upgrade, especially with the knockup effect thats going to be amazing in Mythics.

With Mountain Thane being very much based around T-clap and lightning effects, Would like to see Colossus have more of a “giant goliath Warrior” effects!


I really want to see Slayer build. Specially combined with Fury! Hope that be the alpha male of the melees!

Colossus is EXTREMELY boring to read. When you’re looking through, about half of those talents are just flat damage increases to core gameplay without any mechanics tied to them. It feels like someone was like, “Shoot, the warrior specs actually don’t have enough buttons in common with one another, better give them all passive damage bonuses to their big buttons!”

Meanwhile the other specs are getting cool interactions between their core kit and the Hero Path’s core mechanic.

Like, one easy choice: the Capstone makes it so you can’t be stunned, snared, or rooted while using Demolish, yeah? Make it a choice node where both of them have the same damage ability, but one gives you those immunities and the other lets you move while casting it. Do one where whenever you charge an enemy, you generate a charge of Colossus Might. The core framework of Colossus Might into Demolish isn’t a bad gameplay loop, but right now this tree elects to give boring flat bonuses over simple AND interesting gameplay.

That’s the core thing a lot of these Hero Paths are missing. They need to be simple, integrated into the core kit, and interesting.

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War hero trees are looking like a first draft by the most uninspired unimaginative part of the staff, who also doesnt play warrior

looking at other trees, and our base talent trees, we got hose so hard

if they make shockwave and stormbolt unobtainable together, then we are truly screwed

Agreed. First thing they can do is remove the requirement of overpower before pressing mortal strike or cleave.

The small and slim deserve less.

+5% size made my entire year. Now add that to druid of the claw too.

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Looks uninspiring and par for the course for warrior class development.

What good does a knock up do, the mobs are already stunned. I would rather have shield slam/slam knock down targets and silence them. Then you can build on that theme where colossus is all about knocking opponents around. You could add it to say shockwave for AOE silence/knockdown, like ancient aftershock. Add knockback/silence to heroic/titanic throw ability. Add knockdown/knockback to heroic leap, then those affected by the knockback/knockdown take more damage or do less damage. Add knockback/silence to charge/shield charge. Maybe when you charge/shield charge, you could bounce targets into each other for a cone damage ability. The colossus theme could be the master of crowd controlling and silencing, with a entree dish of tankiness.

Just adding bonuses to damage ain’t it. We need some utility that helps us be competitive with the other tanks and melee dps.

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Whether grounded roots the caster is quite a significant detail when considering feedback for this talent.

I really like the central feedback loop and the idea of a channel, assuming it’s not absurdly long.

I think many won’t like though, particularly when you can’t interrupt or stun things without breaking the channel and losing damage. I think if you allowed interrupts to function without breaking the channel that would be a big quality of life.

I’m a big fan of the idea of Demolish as I read it now, but we need to see it in action and have more details before we can really give feedback.

Interrupts mobs that are immune to stuns by forcing movement?

Typically mobs that are immune to stuns would be immune to other forms of cc…perhaps? I see what you are saying tho.

Knock ups and stuns do not DR with each other. So even if your group has made mobs stun immune, the knock up should prevent mobs from casting spells.

Edit: Also assuming no additional changes the other choice node for shockwave (+2 seconds to Shockwave) makes it one of the longest AoE stuns in the game. Thats a very powerful tool.

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Arms really already lacks damage now we will have a short window of doing a little more. Seems gimmicky to me. The taking less damage is a good thing since every class gets blown up with cds. Make us hit harder and make bleeds less effective

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I might play Arms just coz it makes me bigger! Honestly 5% increase in size isn’t much. Make it at least 25%


We’ve noticed a few common questions about Colossus, and we’d like to clarify some points.

First, on the flavor, Colossus Warriors are big and mighty, but they are also veterans of countless battles and have the expertise to use that brawn most effectively. They are the fearsome combination of raw physical ability and mastery of warfare that no one wants to face on the battlefield. Mechanically, Colossus will aim to deliver some of the biggest melee hits around, and sometimes those big hits come from knowing precisely when and where to hit their target for maximum effectiveness.

Regarding Demolish:

  • Demolish is a 2 second channel, and the Warrior is unable to move or use other abilities while channeling, similar to Eye Beam. A Colossus player will have to think tactically about when and where is optimal to use it. This is an intentional part of the flavor of the ability.
  • Every hit of Demolish will hit hard, so you’ll want to use it as soon as you can.
  • The “you are grounded” terminology in Unstoppable Force was intended to reflect granting an immunity to stuns and knockbacks. The tooltip has been updated with more clear language.
  • The visuals for Demolish are still being iterated on, but to give an idea of where we’re going for currently:
    • The channel starts with a quick two-strike combo leading into a big windup into a massive overhead slam that cracks the ground in the affected area.
    • The two initial strikes should feel like you’re ramping yourself up and putting the target off-balance so you can land the massive final hit.
    • We’re explicitly trying to avoid feeling like Rampage or the flurry attack from Fyr’alath.

The Warrior class tree will receive a significant re-arrangement in The War Within, and we are pleased to confirm that it is possible and easy to take Storm Bolt and Shockwave at once. We’d also like to add that we are positioning Shockwave primarily as a utility ability, so the bonus damage passive talent will be be removed.

For those Warriors interested in more interactions with Execute, keep your eye out for Slayer :wink: Thanks to all for the feedback!


Being rooted as a melee is not an enjoyable experience. It wasn’t with the trinket from Vaults, it hasn’t been with the legendary and it won’t be when the entire hero spec centers around an ability with roughly 30~ sec cooldown with cool down reduction.

This cannot be an ability that hits hard for as frequently we will be casting it unless it makes up a majority of our dmg. I think it is worth clarifying how hard hitting hard is.

We also need to address the issue that is the use of it on pull. Right now the warrior will begin the encounter with 0 stacks and so our first cast of demolish with lust, trinkets, procs and all available cooldowns will be the softest hitting cast of the fight.

We need a node that grants the warrior 10 stacks when X cooldown is used. Tuning does not matter here, the goal is to avoid the feelbad feeling of using our hero spec defining ability with 0 stacks.

We will math out and figure out which is best and do that, but can we nip this in the bud now and make things feel great by making that first cast on pull feel good?