Feedback: Colossus Warrior in The War Within

Yeah that’s a rotation, not bloat =/=

The other classes get a lot talents that “make the numbers on your screen bigger”.

As for the aesthetic comparison… that’s kinda the point. Warlocks summon demons, Paladins Wade in holy might, and Warriors blenderize stuff with their weapons.

This Heroic Path turns Warriors into Hoarah Lux from Elden Ring, which is cool in my opinion.

I hadn’t seen this when I made the ER comparison to Hoarah Lux in my other post XD

We EXPLICITLY do get this though, one of the talents make shockwave knock people into the air.

Fair point, that is true. However, that’s it. That’s all you get in terms of fun abilities or flashy animations. And yes, some of the other classes did get some damage increase talents, but far, FAR less. For Warriors, it’s literally 7 out of 11 talents that are just a flat damage increase. Not even an ability accompanying the damage increase.

They said all the heroic paths will be getting new animations for their abilities and what they modify, so we don’t know the full extent of what they’ll look like.

We need the one that makes us Tol to make us noticeably Tol, not just 5%.

Is there any other spell in the game that uses the word grounded?

This is feedback, of course, not knowing any further new/changed talents for warrior coming in WW.

Warriors biggest problem is neither their damage nor their tankiness. It is the fact that they have to stand beside DH’s and Paladins who are nearly one man groups in terms of the utility they provide. In this case, I do not believe the answer is to take away from these more utility heavy classes…but provide warriors with something unique on their own.

  • “Demolisher” should not be some silly channeled thing. Demolisher should cause your shockwave turn into “Demolish”: Slam the ground with both fists, causing a shockwave in a 360 degree radius. stunning all enemies hit and reducing their armor by 2% per Colossal Might stacks.
  • “Earthquaker” choice should knock up AFTER the 3 second stun of shockwave.
  • “Boneshaker” renamed to “Rumbling Earth”: Demolish radius increased by 1 yard per 2 colossal might stacks and pulls enemies in toward the warrior.
  • “Tide of Battle” follows the same problem that anything that scales with stacks of a buff you are going to expend…you’re going to lose that damage. “Tide of Battle” should increase the damage of OP and revenge based on Colossal Might stacks generated up to 5 (or with the final capstone) and should just be able to be maintained by continuously generating stacks of Colossal Might.
  • “Martial Expert” is inconsequential and should honestly be replaced. Prot warrior mastery needs to be more than just “block more.”
  • “One against many” is okay.
  • “Arterial Bleed” is the same problem as “Tide of Battle.” No one likes having less damage because they’re going to HAVE to use Demolish at some point.
  • “Practiced Strikes” is okay.
  • “True Might” solidifies my belief that the intended way to play prot warrior is with high crit. The problem with that is, of course, crit only offers parry and damage…it does NOT offer magic mitigation…which warriors struggle with per usual.
  • “No Stranger to Pain” should generate absorb on your currently active ignore pain based on damage you block. Total damage prevented by 15% is effectively nothing.
  • “Rally” is okay but needs to be 1-2 secs longer.
  • “Mountain of Muscle and Scars” should increase the size of shockwave and revenge, not just the character. It might already do that cause of the character size increase but idk.
  • “Unstoppable Force” renamed to “Unstoppable Titan”: Keep the CD effect, but Demolish now strikes the ground an additional time per stack of Colossal Might OR Causes your Shield Slam to send out a damaging shockwave (i.e. Tier 30 prot warr) when at max stacks.

In general, warriors are typically very selfish tanks by design and that’s okay. This Hero Talent spec could really make you a colossal titan crushing the earth beneath the feet of the enemies.

Thank you for the thread. I know this is a very early look at the Hero Talents but I’m rly pulling for warriors to get much needed utility help in WW. I hope this helps.


No other spell uses the word grounded in their tooltips that classes have access to, so people assuming and flipping their lids is just outright hilarious. Looking at it historically, it’s only been used as an antithesis to a lightning mechanic on wowhead.

Also all these additional ‘concepts’ coming up feel lacking quite a bit of thought from players in this thread. They only focus it from one aspect of the game and not each area, one spec and not both, wanting to augment abilities only one spec has access to and the other does not. So reading some of them is quite painful.


Things I like:

Demolisher - I’m guessing it’s like Klaxxi enemy NPC’s that channel a frontal AoE cone that, ‘Demolishes’ anyone caught in it for 4-5 sec. Sweet.

Mountain of Muscle & Scars - The damage increase and damage taken decrease, sweet, maybe buff it. Also why not give us a 10% size increase (I think no one will even notice a 5% increase), but still at least we get one class fantasy fan service.

The 2% second wind passive choice looks helpful, here’s hoping it isn’t useless and the constant trolling of hunters and warlocks that truck us in pvp now that we lose 35% armor.

Grounding - Sick, will definitely come in handy for knock backs in all facets of the game.

Things I don’t like:

Shockwave - Really? How is this any different to Mountain Thane going ham with the focus on Thunderclap shaman fantasy? To me personally, Thunderclap and shockwave are almost the same ability.

No new additions to cleave, heroic leap, charge or Colossus smash? Like, when are we going to get vanilla Saurfangs meme cleave? Or maybe reintroduce slam as it’s original cast, make it useable while moving, bake Colossus smash into it and make it hit like a truck.

Also, no class fantasy introducing new stuff like a Blademaster’s mirror image or wind walk teleport?

It seems to be 2/3 new hero talent trees have a hard on for ground slamming abilities? What about our cutting, whirling and smashing stuff.

God I hope Slayer has something breaking the similarities of Thane and Col.


If you can’t run shockwave and single target stun… they messed up BADLY.

IDK, I don’t trust Blizzard to do anything right. They’ll probably give us shockwave (easier) and total ruin part of the tree.

for the love of god blizzard play a god damn warrior, play the class you have been neglecting

our hero trees blow compared to everyone else, heck, our NORMAL TALENT TREES blow compared to everyone else

How come NONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO CAN USE A LEGGY ARE A TOP 5 RAID DAMAGE? that is just sad as hell and shows horrible balancing

Back to the tree, colossus tree isnt nearly as good as the trickster tree for rogues, for a comparison.

Trickster is going to do insane damage and defensive abilities and insane burst windows for rogue, warrior just gets annoying passive stuff and a new attack? Why do we need another button, how many offensive abilities and cds do we need? It is just so lazy and bloated

Yall need to reread the talent trees. 20% increased damage on overpower when you finally have 10 stacks… yahooo (yawn). Rogue gets 40% increased damage on their finishers with a quickly stacking buff from all their attacks, and feint, and distract is now an offensive ability instead of bloating and adding one. I mean read between the lines here yall. I know warrior takes a low IQ to play and understand (am warrior main) but go back and compare colossus to trister or the warlock trees.

They don’t have to balance a new ability that is a channel? and just get straight up pvp and pve buffs. WE get boring flat dmg % and a new ability we need to work around?

Open your eyes warriors, youve been crap tier for too long you’ve accepted it. You’re good for more than just pvp as arms.


turning shockwave into a damage cooldown is a pretty terrible idea.


If Demolish is channeled… enable movement while performing the ability. If that doesn’t work, allow us to move and cancel the channel early.

I really hope shockwave gets a bit of a damage boost/make it’s supplemental talents worth taking.

It’s one of my favorite warrior abilities but it’s only ever saved for its stun component.

I’d love for it to be an ability that’s part of the rotation.

In the Diablo games I love the abilities where you slam the ground and send a shockwave/debris at the enemies. Warriors shockwave fits that bill.

The effect of Armor against your attacks, or against everyone’s (actual Armor reduction)? The latter (as you’ve written) would require raid-syncing your new big CD with every other physical damage dealer’s windows…

You’d also be turning your best AoE CC… into a damage cooldown, which will effectively mean not only that your group has lost that agency but may even have better stuns diminished by its DR contribution.

This would add no responsive CC for mobs who can’t be stunned (but can be knocked up).

That’s not a problem; you’re still getting more net damage out of it. Not everything needs to be concentrated into the burst window. See Test of Might.

That would be worthless in anti-magic outside of Spell Block’s coverage and worthless in general for Arms, who cannot block…

Size increases do not inherently increase range. By all means, though, just have it increase the range of all skills by 1 or 2 yards, yeah.

  • Not sure why you again left Arms out of seeing any real buff given your suggested change.

It’s a chance, rather than guaranteed like Pain and Gain, but don’t know how high that chance is or its ICD (if any) while we do know that 2 seconds of Second Wind is 12% HP, vs. Pain and Gain’s 3.5%.

I think I’d personally rather still prefer the CDR and becoming unable to be gripped off of its victims.

Overall, I quite like this hero tree. I do think that it has a few too many passive damage increases between One Against Many, Tide of Battle, Practiced Strikes, and Mountain of Muscle and Scars. On the other hand, I like the idea behind Arterial Bleed giving more damage per stack of Colossal Might, but I worry that if this were applied more broadly that you might just never use Demolish because the stacks are too valuable.

Also, I just wanted to toss out an idea to based on many of the posts above. It seems like there is really mixed reception about Demolish as a channeled ability, especially regarding how it might effect the speed of gameplay and the ability to move.
I think this could be a really great use-case for an Empowered “spell”.
Empowering Demolish could help bridge the two preferences where a quick cast Demolish allows the player to avoid being stuck in place for too long, where as a fully Empowered Demolish would root the player in place for the whole duration (just like a channel) but would provide more damage as a benefit. This could make the grounded effect feel more skillful to play around and would probably help fulfill the fantasy of one-big-hit that many Arms players want.

Demolish as a concept sounds interesting but this tree has far too many passive,“x button does more damage” increases for me to get excited about it at all. Praying they’re just place holders because 4 different nodes that essentially just amount to aura buffs/ability tuning is quite depressing when hero talents like herald of the sun, templar, and diabolist are released in the same batch.

Thematically I guess it’s okay. Execution-wise this talent tree is terrible. Slayer must obviously be full of AoE effects unless we are backtracking on the whole “Not supposed to be forced into playing specific specs”. There is zero world in which you don’t take this in a M+ scenario. Your utility for shockwave is now here, your buffs for AoE are here, an additional AoE cooldown is here, and the mitigation Arms has been lacking is found here. Meanwhile, your single target is going to be laughable at best with only two major st buffs throughout the entire tree. Also, size increase should be bigger than 5% as it is arguably the most thematic thing to be found here, but I’m guessing this has something to do engine-wise. These talents are probably going to leave us hopping between two specs just for raid and M+ performance.

edit: By swapping between two specs I mean two sets of hero talents. It’s kind of obvious we’ll have AoE and ST specs as we do now.

Overall I think it would have been better waiting to show what the rework of the warrior talent trees as a whole is going to look like before ever posting hero talents like this.

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This feels like a missed opportunity to finally get a talent that Prot Warriors could access to have a 2H weapon + shield and live out that Spartan fantasy.
[Colossal Grip]
Protection: Allows you to wield two-handed weapons in your main hand. Two-handed weapons deal more damage and grant more primary and secondary stats.
Arms: Prevents disarm effects and increases the benefit your Mortal Strike receives from Mastery by x%

Just as an idea.


Colossus makes far more sense for Fury than it does for Arms, and vice versa for Mountain Thane. You need to switch those 2 trees around.