Faster Cloak Ranking and More Echoes of Ny'Alotha are now Live

All players in this region (Americas and Oceania) should now be seeing Echoes of Ny’alotha dropping at 5x the previous rate, for all characters who have the Legendary cloak, as well as faster steps to Rank up the cloak.

As previously stated, we’re working on bringing the Contaminants items to their vendor (MOTHER), and while we don’t yet have an exact time when that’s going to happen, it could be in the next day or two.


Cloak ranking is a welcome move and should motivate people to level their cloaks on alts

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I think this should have been delayed by a week to be honest.


seriously blizz comeon

“In the coming week” isn’t at all indicative of “with the next reset” and 17 hours wasn’t enough notice at all for this change. I had a couple of characters that could have purchased essences for 500 had I known the real timeline. This is really not okay.


The week resets every tuesday, with “upcoming week” most ppl assumes its tuesday, so when we get on after maintenance thinking we’re going to buy a fat corruption, u see its not there, how’d u feel? Most are already frustrated for the weekly trash loot, nd plus this…

Like wtf?

You raise a valid point.

Not sure what they are thinking at this point but I think they wanted to push this out this week because of Memorial Day weekend which is next week.

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Thanks for the less than 1 day notice. It’s really appreciated. /sarcasm

Takes months and years to get changes from you guys sometimes…but this you give us less than a day?

I cannot wrap my head around the complete lack of communication within your company.

Very frustrated here. I welcome the change…but less than 24 hours notice? Come on.


THanks Blizz, my alts have been sitting on a bunch of coalescing essence since this change was expected. I can finally just run a few Visions and get my rank 12 on alts.

Much appreciated.

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Your last post before today was 3 days ago

Not anyone’s fault but yours if you didn’t bother to keep updated


Still no word on any sort of equitable reward for those of us who already had all rank 3 essences and could never collect echoes in the first place? Regardless of a 5x multiplier, I am still behind someone who banked tens of thousands of echoes if we complete the same content.

Players who came into 8.3 with all of their essences are essentially being punished for playing the game as it was current. We completed the same content as everyone else, yet got no echoes for it. This is a massive oversight on your part and a clear demonstration that you don’t understand the premise of Equity Theory.


I’m on 14 hour shifts at work. And I still logged into manage a few things. Just because I’m not posting doesn’t mean I’m not in game on occasion.

It was the notice of less than 1 day that is frustrating.


Sorry to hear that and I am sure you are working hard.

What would be great is if Blizz set up a group of employees who had as their main job the task of managing communications with the player community, so that Blizz could effectively and timely share important information with the players. And maybe those folks could even pass our feedback back to the rest of Blizz.

Oh, what am I saying, that would never work, and I’m just be a silly cow. Gotta go get some tea to wake up fully.

/moo :cow:



I have been saying this for years. Something is wrong or broken when you have a system of communication at Blizz’s finger tips and they refuse to use such tools.


There was also this

4 days ago

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Yeah…visiting Wowhead shouldn’t be mandatory. I only use that for quests. Why should we have to visit an outside website to get information?


Disappointed there’s no new currency so we can all start on a clean slate. Glad the last nine weeks of me doing the stuff I’m going to do today, counts for absolutely nothing because you now have valued a currency that before was worthless to me, and as such your system deemed it unnecessary to give it to me.


Thanks for nothing. Could have bought 5 essences yesterday but for whatever reason you chose NOT to send e-mail notification out for those signed up for it. I get your SPAM for everything else. Hours of grinding lost due to your lousy communication from 2 days ago. Why wasn’t the balance multiplied by 5?


It was mentioned yesterday

Not anyone’s fault but yours for not keeping up to date

Even wowhead spread the news