Falsely squelched/muted for playing as a zombie

hey i was mass “report-bombed” by players while running around as a zombie and trying to infect others. i haven’t typed anything in chat besides guild/whispering my friends all day (none of which would report me) so could someone please look into this. it’s ridiculous that players have so much power and can enforce silences and possibly bans on players who are having fun doing the zombie event
ticket #

If you’ve been squelched for language or spam, and you’ve only been speaking in those channels… then I daresay your claim of “none of which would report me” is patently false.

Chat lines can only be reported by those that can see it.

You’ll have to keep your ticket open, however. But understand that you cannot preempt a silence and will have to submit an appeal if you’re later found to be in violation.


players can right click report my portrait and select communication, which is what they did. as of the time i got silenced i hadn’t said anything at all in-game. and then only typed in guild chat and whispers after the fact (which the chat suspension notice said i could still so). they right click reported me while i was running around as a zombie. in fact you cannot even speak as a zombie because it comes out as zombie speak.

Interestingly enough, I don’t believe the reports were just for running around and infecting others, Cryoblasts, but for doing so in AV.

In either case, this is not the appropriate channel to have the matter reviewed, you’ll want to submit an appeal so a Game Master can review it.