Someone please look at my silencing appeal

Again, I have no alternative. Maybe one blue can talk to another blue. Maybe they can’t. I don’t care. I will use every single avenue to get a message to anything Blizzard that I possibly can. If it were in the middle of an expansion or whatever, I might be patient. I can not be patient here, patience is not an option. I want to enjoy this event. I can’t. Over nothing. They can ban from the forum and unsilence me from the game then, I don’t care. I want to enjoy the event, and this silencing is absurd.

This is a time sensitive issue. I can’t wait seven days, I can’t wait four days, I can’t wait three days. If I wait three days, does the event that I want to enjoy get extended by three days? No. I simply do not get to have fun with it, again, over a silencing that absolutely should never have occurred, and it never comes back.

That’s not how things work.

If you do this, you risk further sanctions. Especially if they reply and uphold the account action. Continuing to appeal after they told you no more appeals will be heard is GM Harassment and will result in further account actions. Please do not go this route. Right now it is only a silence. If you do what you’re saying you’re going to do, you risk a full suspension from the game.

So are all the other appeals in queue. Yours will be reviewed when it’s your turn and not sooner. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait however long it takes for your ticket and appeal to receive a reply.

At this point, the thread did turn into a debate about an account action, and will probably be locked once an SFA comes across it.

You’ve been given the only option available to you (tickets), and I highly suggest you wait on that reply. Also note, if this thread is locked, creating a new one definitely violates the Forum Code of Conduct.

Just to prevent this thread from being derailed into a discussion about disciplinary actions and the Code of Conduct, I think it should end here.


Sorry, there is no way for you to jump the queue.

If you were reported, and an actual silence penalty was applied, then Blizzard agrees with your realm mates.

That would be harassment on your part, and Blizzard will have every right to penalise you further.


Blizzard is harassing me by silencing my account over nothing. I’m attempting to contact Customer Support through Customer Support. If Customer Support is unable to interact with Customer Support, that is a fault in their own system. Not my concern. I will continue to attempt to get to them to look at my appeal however I can so that this ridiculous can be removed.

All future friendly advice posts will be ignored. Whether or not you’re genuinely trying to help or not, none of you are relevant to this issue nor can you do anything about it, and I’m not here to have a conversation with you about forum etiquette. Blue eyes are the only thing of relevance to me.

Customer Support, where you are posting, is a forum for players to assist other players. It is not Customer Service. Nor is it a place that any other staff outside of our SFAs come to. Nor is it a place to try and bypass the ticketing and appeals systems. So those blue eyes you’re looking for, they ain’t gonna see none of this.


Last post here. Since you wanted a blue response, here are a few blue responses:


First off - this is a player help player forum - not an avenue to the customer service team (who won’t be able to reverse anything for you anyway).

Secondly, there is no magic person you can reach or talk to to reverse account action except via an appeal ticket. That is it, regardless if you accept that or not.

You posted in a public forum.

Information you’ve been provided with is incredibly relevant. You not wanting to accept it doesn’t invalidate anything.


Also keep in mind that while the blues on this forum don’t apply penalties, don’t work on overturning penalties, and don’t have the ability to push your request forward in the queue, one of them may chime in to help you remember what might have happened and why the action was applied according to internal notes on your case.

That seldom goes as well as people think it will.


If you are bringing the plague to an AV battle, you are there to disrupt and tank the battle. If you are not gonna participate in the battle, don’t join. You got off light with just a silence, non-participation usually earns a 7 day suspension.


Or a third, increasingly more likely option - they silence you on the forums as well as in-game.


At least I didn’t get a suspension for running my mouth. There is that.


Much less likely to lose the ability to use the forums than your friend here, too.

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Keep digging buddy…

At this rate, I’ll be out of flags before sunrise.


Considering that it’s real people reporting your posts, the only automation is your posts being hidden. It doesn’t prove that a forum silence is automated. Go ahead and make your silences public. You will have more people laughing at you than believing you.

It doesn’t prove anything except in your own mind. Although anyone who reads your posts is made aware of your lack of intelligence. Telling someone to read a book doesn’t make you look smart. It just shows you have nothing to offer.


Just take a step back folks and ignore him. He will be dealt with I’m sure once the SFA’s get in


If youve been given an actual silence, a GM looked into the reports and applied the sanction, and it would be for more than the 2 lines you quoted. The email just takes a snapshot of a section of chat you were reported for, mostly to give you a memory prompt of what you may have been doing or saying at that time.

Unfortunately only way to get it looked at is via appeal.


You will have to do an appeal. The problem is tickets are so backed up because of a really terrible AV ban wave, the zombie event, and everyone just mass reporting people because you can just get people logged off automatically and get people silenced that it is probable your silence will just be lifted before the ticket even gets answered.

Sadly now just putting text into the game can get you punished. If you are innocent it can be over turned but its all on the time of the ticket answering folks. In the current environment, sadly, its probably just best not to post in public channels because ANYTHING can get reported and the robot will take action.

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Lucky you. I got suspended for banter/a mom joke in AV chat.

That isn’t how it works. Mass reporting does not get you kicked off nor automatically silenced. Reports for language can only lead to a squelch which a GM would need to look at to see if a silence is appropriate or if the squelch should be removed.

I’d recommend against spreading misinformation here in the CS forums.

If you got suspended for it, then it wasn’t a good joke.