False report lead to a Ban

Got ban by mistaken using a bot. I was using isboxer which is approved by Blizzard. You also can check my record by checking pulsating sac on twitch.

We do know that it is allowed to multi-box Warcraft, with ISBoxer, even on multiple PCs. Many people are doing that right this very moment. Multiboxing in World of Warcraft is allowed.
I am pretty sure the reason I got ban is due to false report because my wow 3 got reported and wow 1 get a ban, not all my account. And you can tell by looking at the botter at the isle of thunder farming soh(Spirit of Harmony) for 24 non-stop, once they got ban they all got the ever the same toon. all isboxer do is make the screen window small, you still press 1 key per action. What if someone just keeps report people over and over again, then they get a ban for no reason? s

You can appeal via a ticket, as per the email you would have received outlining how to appeal.

Nothing can be done via the forum.


It is permitted, not necessarily approved. Slight difference, especially with any changes that could lead to this software becoming automated instead of mirroring.

Bans and suspensions are not automatic. They are manually applied by a game master after reviewing logs and verifying that they match the report. But they are human, and to err is human. You should have received an email to go with the account action, and in that email is a link that you can use to appeal the decision. Check your spam folder just to be sure.

It will not be an opportunity for you to plead your case, but it will put the evidence in front of a new pair of eyes to be reviewed. If it’s upheld, you can appeal again for yet another fresh pair of eyes, up until they tell you that no more appeals will be looked at.


If you think you were incorrectly banned, you should have recieved an email on how to appeal it.

Blizzard does not approve of any third party multiboxing software. Multiboxing is completely unsupported (though not against the ToS providing you do 1 keypress per action, etc) and always carries the risk of getting banned. That is what the appeal process is for.


first there is no appeal email, I have checked. 2nd Isboxer is being use by most of the gold farmer, 3rd auto ban is a thing.

Then you’ll want to go here and choose the appropriate option.

And also still a good chunk of multiboxers. Still isn’t approved, but permitted.

Please feel free to share your sources.


Thanks for the link
Auto ban is base on the number on report, for example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yqmKxTSsAM
and many more if you just google it

Ban? No, it’s not. Sometimes in certain circumstances, like being mass reported, there is an automatic suspension bending GM investigation.

Suspension =/= ban. Verbiage is important.

Auto ban doesn’t exist.


Anyone can say anything, even paid to say such. We kind of need proof of some sort rather than heresay.

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None of what you linked are bans.

The first one, squelch, is automatic to prevent further spam.

The second, name change, isn’t automated unless it runs against the filter, and even then I’m not wholly convinced.

The third, silences, also not automated. GMs review logs and apply an appropriate consequence. Those double each time.

The only thing an increasing number of reports do is jumps it higher in the review queue. That’s it.

We all know Asmon’s disdain for the game and are always happy to correct when he’s dead wrong.


Regardless if the erroneous verbiage, good luck with your appeal.

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Yes, after a GM investigated it.

You’re not going to win this argument.


And once again. It was a suspension. NOT a ban.

A ban is permanent. A suspension is temporary.


Those were not “bans” specifically. A ban actually is permanent. There is no such thing as an automatic ban, all reports are reviewed, and any penalties are handed down by actual GM staff.

There is a squelch system, primarily to help quell gold spam, but all reports that actually lead to a silence, are also handed down by actual GM staff, after reviewing the reports in the system.

Even bot bans, which can be programmed and tracked into the anti cheat programming with in Blizzard’s game, are all reviewed by actual people to ensure proper handling.

That does not mean that mistakes do not happen, and that is what the review process is for.


I made it part way through that link. They replies are not automated. They’re reviewed. 3 times he appealed and it was upheld.

Funfact: People can lie on the internet. “I genuinely don’t know why I was banned”.

Anyhoo, good luck with your appeal. You have the link you needed. Discussing account actions on the forums is frowned upon.