Fact: They know AV is unbalanced

Actually no, the winners have abandoned AV and are busy beating horde in WSG/AB on balanced maps :slight_smile:

Sometimes the best way to win is to not play the game.



What do you mean? I can change my avatar to any one of my max classic toons. That makes no difference. I can show off that I’m in a guild that keeps world bosses on lockdown for all of classic, and 95+ parses on all fights. Heck, I can link vods of me in pvp against ziko, xaryu, snutzy, sodapoppin, etc.

But that doesn’t change anything.

I just didn’t understand the post, so I asked for clarification. That’s all. :heart:

Ok i think i get it now.

So retail gets an original version of AV (even tho most don’t bother playing it) during the anny event.

And classic players wished they got that version, but didn’t.

K. ty. Took me a few mins lol

Keep telling yourself that

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Keep wondering why it’s only AV alliance seem to have problems on.

Pretty much. When AV was discussed ad nauseum prior to the AV announcement (and long afterward), there was a large movement to have them NOT use 1.12 AV, but rather an earlier version that best represents what AV was originally intended (version up for debate of course, I personally thought 1.7 AV was the high water mark) One of the excuses being bandied about to NOT do an earlier version was that they no longer had the code, and it would have been too much trouble recreating it. Blizzard even acknowledged that players had been clammoring for an earlier AV:

Fast forward to the 15th anniversary of the game, which nearly coincided with the release of AV in classic, and suddenly there it is: a recreated representation of an early version of AV. And what was it used in? Retail.

But hey, blizzard got the “clarity” they desired, and we in classic got to enjoy this large :poop: sandwich they dumped into classic.

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They don’t, that’s just your personal bias. I’ve never lost to an alliance pug in a horde pug in any bg. Not once. They suck universally when they get in large groups.

Alliance does premades well, they suck at this pug thing very hard.

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Don’t you know collecting your enemies body parts is gross?

Well, after running leveling quests that literally send you out decapitating humans, murder hoboing the folks that built the city, and having you carry heads and body parts back to hand in for rewards… maybe not?

It is funny, but if you consider who actually threatens life in Azeroth the most, it is the player characters.

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Maybe if they weren’t worth xp I wouldn’t have done that.

But really, stop and consider the % of entities that exist in game that are NOT on someones kill list. Then consider how many of those entities are a genuine threat to those giving the orders.

Hell, even “invasions” are barely threats.

The game is literally World of Murder Hobos.

I mean it took inspiration from dnd what do you expect.

Kind of. In a proper D&D game, you are earning XP from figuring things out. And a good DM running a decent campaign would allow the world at large to be affected by character actions. D&D is not so much a static theme park as WoW is.

If nobody killed Onyxia, Rag, etc, etc, would it make any difference in game?

Have you seen players? You could literally make a campaign without a single enemy in it and they will find a way to make one. I’ve had a party kill a tree they were supposed to protect because it talked they are savages.

I mean nothing would happen if we didn’t kill any of these things right now, but wotlk going to be pretty bad seeing kel thuzad still alive with the lich king.

Part of that is a DM’s fault.

No, alliance pvp’ers bailed on AV as soon as they broke premades, myself included. There’s a reason I joined premades in the first place. The alliance pug scene is pretty terrible.


Do you want us to call someone? Would you like a tissue?

There is something very wrong intellectually and emotionally with people who think that AV is so imbalanced that it is virtually unwinnable for the Alliance. Premades were able to do it, AV weekenders are able to do it and Alliance dominated AV back in Vanilla (at least in my Battle group which contained Garithos server) .
As someone who regularly does AV on three separate toons I can testify that it’s the people who are playing. They spout the same nonsense you dum-dums do all while doing everything in their power to lose the game as quickly as possible. Yep it’s the MAP, not all the geared up guys on their epic mounts doing nothing but leeching, NOT the fishermen or the Harpy cave farmers and of course not the people in BG chat demanding that we all lie down so they can get their one token faster. Thats whats sad, people who don’t want to play the game BUT really, really want a new outfit for their dress up dolly.

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And yet alliance pugs do just fine in WSG/AB.

Weird seems like the issue actually isn’t alliance pugs.

I have hard time believing you are really a pvper then. I actually chose not to play av after about 3 days and ranked in wsg against horde premades because cheesing av with a premade was brainless. How much honor do you get every week? My main has been r12+ since March.

It’s fun seeing you play both sides of this.
You agree that competetive players are not playing AV but rather WSG/AB, and then you use “pugs do just fine in WSG/AB” as some kind of gotcha.

It is bizarre, but par for the course with your posting.