*eyes turn black*

(Balghur) #67

dear hippy elf drug addict tree huggers

how about you put down the MOON WEED and El*ne and instead try getting a job and winning a war once in a while


meme made by Orcish dads bottom text

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… Did the Night Elves ever actually kick their addiction?

AFAIR, they still tapped into the new Well of Eternity, it’s just that Hyjal was planted ontop of it to mask the flow of arcane energy and make the Night Elves immortal.

And in Legion, the Well of Eternity was nearly destroyed during the Resto-Druid relic campaign.

And now Teldrassil, which was likewise blessed by two Aspects to help the Night Elves, has burned down to a charred stump and as far as we’re aware, the Well of Eternity is still mostly gone.

Are we gonna see Wretched Night Elves? Because on the one hand, that’s metal as all heck, in a tragic kind of way, on the other, how that will play out with the Night Warrior infesting Night Elves left and right could be utterly horrifying for Horde players.

And the NElves are also far away from their Moonwells, which were also fonts of arcane power tempered with ‘Elune’s’ grace.

Oh god, why.

(Baihuai) #69

Addiction, overall, isn’t an issue for Kaldorei. They’re not some “derivative elf” pandering for and feeding from some flavor or another of “Well of Power”. They’re the disciplined, holistic, religious hippies of the world.

(Gentarn) #70

… Who were completely dependant upon the Well of Eternity and whose source of immortality and supernatural powers has burned up twice now. I think that’s something a lot of people gloss over. Because Illidan decided (Correctly, mind you, but still in his ever-infuriatingly self-obsessed way that made everyone completely mistrust him once again and treat the new Well of Eternity as potential cancer as a result!) to rekindle the damn thing on Mount Hyjal and then having the Aspects of Nature, Life and Time bind the Night Elves collectively to a World Tree, we’ve never actually seen if the Shal’dorei actually kicked their addiction or a connection was rekindled fast enough that no side-effects of withdrawal were witnessed in the short window of time between the Sundering and the planting of the Hyjal World Tree.

We’ve seen that Highborne needed to feed from new sources of arcane energy to sustain themselves or they suffered terribly, and withdrawl from the World Tree, courtesy of exile and the ‘curse’ of Malfurion and Tyrande upon their people as well as a change to a more day-orientated activity schedule altered the Highborne who went east rather than south into what would eventually become High Elves and Blood Elves.

There’s also no Moonwells in Stormwind, maybe one or two in Duskwood IIRC around the Gate to the Emerald Dream, and we’ve never seen if the Night Elves ever really kicked the habit or if they are as dependant upon an external source of power as every other sub-species of Elf.

I hope I’m wrong, I really am, because otherwise after the Burning and the loss of their mystical bond with the Teldrassil World Tree, willingly embracing a blood-thirsty spirit into their already hawkish spiritual leader who nobody ever questions despite her oft pants-on-head tactics and political decision and potentially Elune turning her face from them and not doing anything during said Burning, having the Shal’dorei then realize that without a spiritual or magical connection to the Well of Eternity or a World-Tree, they’re just as addicted as their much-despised kin and worst still, there’s no new external power-source to latch onto and the entire surviving population starts to turn Wretched, that’s a gut-punch the player-base of the race doesn’t need.

(Baihuai) #71

I recently played though the Suramar questline. I had the distinct impression that the overuse and then withdrawal of the arcane-based well-magics is what starts the road towards withering, and that the conservative and respectful attitude towards magics is what separated and preserved them from the fate of most of the Suramar elves.

The fruit of Arcan’dor - that glorious tree grown with the help of a Kaldorei Druid - is the only thing offered that halts and reverses the process.

(Gentarn) #72

AFAIK, the Withering we see in the rebels comes from being exiled from Suramar and being mystically cut off from the Nightwell as punishment by the leadership of the city, and once said leader signed on with the Legion, things got far worse for the average civilian.

It’s why you need to feed the rebels and citizens mana to save them periodically until you finally unlock all of the Arcandor quests and the Shal’dorei can be fed with the fruit and, presumably since the Arcandor is a blend of Druidic magic and tapping into the Ley-lines of Azeroth itself, connects the Shal’dorei to Azeroth’s natural arcane energies, not solving their arcane addiction but giving them a theoretically limitless well to draw from to sate their hunger.

And of course, the more a Shal’dorei who was cut off from the Nightwell and unable to drink Arcwine or consume magic from other sources would eventually decay into a Withered, and would start the process even faster the more of their remaining magic they used in spellcasting. Even existing seemed to exhibit a small, constant drain on the Shal’dorei’s internal magical reserves until they eat the Arcandor’s fruit, as we saw from civilians starting to Wither and go mad from existing without Arcwine, either from being denied a fair ration or from trying to give their rations to their spouses and children to avoid them Withering.

Certainly, controlled use of magic seemed to help diminish the odds of an Exiled Shal’dorei or civilian who was cut off from the Arcwine or the Night Well itself, but prior to the bulk of the civilian population being able to eat the Arcandor fruit, Shal’dorei were a prime example of the Elven species as a whole having a need for external energy sources given their original strain, the Night Elves, evolved/mutated/were uplifted around the Well of Eternity, an area overflowing with arcane magic/Titan Blood to the point it was visible to the naked eye as a liquid-like substance massive enough you couldn’t see the opposite shore of the Well itself.

And this evolution around a source of overwhelming, radiant arcane energy appeared to cause a dependency upon this energy that has been passed down through the various permutations and subspecies of Elf-kind that can cause widespread mutation, adaptation and evolution depending upon what forms of energy an individual elf is exposed to, in what quantities and how regularly the exposure happens.

Felbloods, Wretched, Withered, Sin’dorei, Ren’dorei, Shal’dorei, Kaldorei, Demon Hunters, the Spider-Kin of Suramar and the endless array of abominations that arise from the Naga that keep crawling up from the blackest pits of the ocean depths, the list is as endless as the combinations of energy Elves can be exposed to, either by accident or design.

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This thread is a damn rollercoaster.

It starts off making fun of cringey, too-edgy idiots that think flaming skulls and numetal music is just the coolest damn thing in the world.

Then those very people enter the thread thinking they’re in good company.

Then the first bunch sat there pointing and laughing that the cringey dipweeds didn’t realize they were being made fun of.

Then the people who can’t lighten up for a single second showed up and started seriously debating lore and implications while trying to decide if a race was or was not cringey.

I hope these forums never change.

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So what you’re saying is that Elves are the Eevees of Warcraft. They mutate based on whatever magic they last rolled in?

(Ty for that idea, Freckles.)

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My only running start is called “Charge” and now it’s off the GCD.

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Que Zunde trying to catch elves like pokemon now.

Actually, the nelves rolled in fire last…shouldn’t they be “fire elves” instead of just “on fire elves”

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i really like this post

(Zandrae) #78

That joke. I shouldn’t laugh but I laughed a little. I’m going to hell.

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Congratulations. About time they gave warriors some love, however small.

You’ll need it.

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(Borgg) #81

I have been only a warrior for about a decade now. Blizzard’s love comes and goes. Yet the piles of corpses at my feet just keeps on growing.

Perhaps I will see you at the top.

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This post was actually pretty good, it is an example of the kind of content I want to see on my forums.

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I don’t really care tbh I just think edgy music and a race who’s eyes turn black is funny as hell and they go together. Because you know what people are gonna do with it.

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It is pretty funny, really. Plus it was a good excuse to share some music I like, so oh well. I figured most people wouldn’t really care, since… y’know, most normal people don’t.

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For some reason this whole thing just strikes me as…
Insert no fun allowed meme picture here.

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