*eyes turn black*

(Balghur) #1

now…the horde will know…

my vengeance…

linkin park music

(Chonga) #2

teleparts behind u

Nothing personnel kid

eyes turn black


Nothing personal, kid.

(Sarestha) #4

PSA, actually.

Night Elven Death Knights can lose the Lichfire, and go full-black-eyed!!!

I’m considering doing that with my Nelf DK, who’s ICly a Highborne Battlemage :open_mouth:

(Ariiah) #5

Suddenly I almost wish I kept my Night Elf DK a Night Elf DK. But then I like having a Human DK so.

…also don’t really want to make another DK. COUGH.

(Eledriss) #6

… I don’t even know what I would do with this option, but you’ve gone and made me want to use it for something.

(Ariiah) #7

I’m in that boat. The problem is. I’m not -overly- fond of DK play atm. Rune recharge rates make me want to sneeze. Meanwhile I enjoy DHs, Warriors, even -Paladins- and I dont like their Crusader Strike/Hammer of the Righteous being on charge cd thingers either.

I just want to smash things with a low damage, spammable attack guys D:

(Sarestha) #8

In truth, it was quite some time ago that I came up with this idea:

“Hmm, I love mages in lore. But I suck at playing mage. And I have 2 mage alts. But… I want another mage.”

Then, I got the idea “Frost DK… I guess it could KINDA be a frost battlemage instead?”

And so my level 92 Night Elf Deathknight became a Highborne Mage XD

The blue eyes kinda worked for a Highborne. But… I’m thinking of maybe going Black. He lost the home he’d finally achieved after so many years, after all.

(Grimmox) #9

Is this just the thread where we do edgy song lyrics cause night elves have black eyes now?

(Ariiah) #10



I find the new black eyes look… atrocious. Am I the only one?

(Grimmox) #12

I cannot erupt, I must control
I cannot erupt, I must explode

You cannot kill me
I am omega
You cannot kill me

(Ellivara) #13


complete sentence

(Ariiah) #14

Thank you! It’s been a long time since I listened to that song and I can’t really remember the lyrics that well.

…you know how atrocious my memory is after all xD

(Ellivara) #15

That’s the only part of it I know. I haven’t listened to them in a while - these days, it’s more Shinedown or Rise Against - at least, Rise Againsts less… screamy, albums.

They have an acoustic one with no screaming in it and it’s amongst my favorite things.

(Raynell) #16

The Violence was one of my pump up songs leading up into BfA. I’m a little -less- pumped about BfA, but I’m always pumped for a little Rise Against.

(Ellivara) #17

That was one of their remade songs, along-side a bunch of others. I wouldn’t call this a pump-up song though, just a general sad song

(Raynell) #18

Man, I love a good acoustic cover/remake. It just gives a song a different feel, and I love me some reinterpretations.

(Azhaar) #19

I question whether some of us should be throwing stones at Blizzard for being edgy.

(Baenura) #20

would you say this is Epic Cringe