*eyes turn black*

(Baihuai) #87

Talk, talk, talk. No action. Do you disappoint all women this way, or just me?

(Borgg) #88

That is assuming there has been none simply because you weren’t there. I spent most of the night turning snow crimson in Arathi, but never saw you once. And as far as disappointing Kaldorei females goes-
Me not that kind of orc.

(Baihuai) #89

I’m flattered you noticed, and am sorry to be the one to disappoint this time. I was otherwise indisposed.

We really do need to stop missing each other like this.

(Borgg) #90

I noticed only that every night elf I saw had a distinct lack of snarky comments as their dying hands fumbled to hold their newly freed intestines.

But I do agree that next time it should be me who indisposes of you.

(Baihuai) #91

Consider it a date. Where should I send your corpse after we’re done?

(Borgg) #92

I’ll find my own ride, thanks. Luckily I already know your people prefer cremation.

(Baihuai) #93

So you do intend to allow the Banshee [expletive censored for sensitive eyes] to reanimate your body.

No, no, no - we can’t allow that. I have something very special in mind for you. :grin:

(Azhaar) #94

Would you two like some privacy?

(Liotuse) #95

no don’t ask them that i want to watch

(Lyzettie) #96

No keep going I almost have enough material to write a self published Amazon smut book

(Enekie) #97

Take it Lok’tar slow’gar.

(Taldorr) #98

You trying to compete with Marcus’ Steamy Romance Novels?

(Gentarn) #99

I’m fairly certain this is how we get Me’dan.

(Borgg) #100

No, I intend on surviving.

I am also confused as to how threatening to disembowel you is apparently romantic to some.

(Laurensa) #101



I look fabulous.

(Windcharger) #103

I’m gonna look fudgin’ great is what I’m gonna do with it

(Liotuse) #104

let me tell you about my guro commissions

(Taldorr) #105

I thought that’s how orcs flirt?

(Borgg) #106

Borgg doesn’t flirt.