Exploits or Clever Use

I don’t believe a link that doesn’t work. Also, you never tricked the server. That’s how the game is coded and still is coded to THIS DAY. There are videos of people doing it from Vanilla to BFA, don’t be surprised to see this in Classic.

There are countless videos of paladins doing it in Vanilla and I rather believe the hard evidence over a broken link. Sorry.

Well the link isn’t broken much unlike your logic, you see there youngster we have these things called archived links. These links require you to load it and wait until it loads. Also, you did trick the server. Hence, everyone defending their poor evidence with “well the server thinks you’re standing when you aren’t.”

You can believe whatever you want. However, it won’t work, it never worked in that way. I’ll just wait until classic this summer when the forums are absolutely flooded with cries from the bench raiding Ret’s who are to much in denial to face their reality.

Also there are no videos proving it. Actually quite the opposite. Even from that lame “Gankadin” video people keep posting. You can clearly see the player attempting to sit at the correct time to make the server think he is still standing when he is actually sitting granting a critical. Which is why it was changed to only being critical hits from player abilities. All of this is documented, except you would know that if you even took a minute to look for it.

Then again you don’t even know how archived links load.

Exactly. First Kazzak kill was a paly being dueled for ages while sitting to store reckoning charges.

iirc shaman back in the day did the same /sit thing to utilise eye of the storm talent in pvp to eliminate casting knockback.

I say they weren’t suppose to work because many of these issues were solved in later patches. Just because it existed in vanilla doesn’t mean it was intended to.

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The /sit thing certainly strikes me as something they wouldn’t want to be a major part of the game, and the neutral totem thing is definitely unintended.

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Wasn’t that a hunter pet? Exploits like that should never be “punished” in any way other than reverting the effects (taking the pet away). The only exploits that should be punished are things that give players an unfair advantage in raids or pvp or allow players to grief others.

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Naaah, not hunter pet. Just a normal regular pet that dropped from the bags high level oozes dropped sometimes. The Disgusting Oozeling though, would cast a debuff on you when summoned. Players soon found out, that with the way debuff limits worked, they could macro spam summon the oozeling, and the debuff it cast would push out harmful debuffs on you. It got exploited extensively in raids, in particular vs C’thun when in the stomach to push off the acid debuff.

I can’t recall however, if people got banned for it, or Blizzard just fixed it and went on their merry way as if nothing happened.

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Ah okay. Was it used before or after C’Thun was first downed? If it was after they might not have bothered since it wasn’t a super big deal anymore, and if it was before they might not have wanted to effect the world first race by banning multiple guilds. There’s reasoning on both sides. Typically what they don’t wanna do is let guilds make progress towards world firsts/top10s using exploits.

Uh, I really can’t recall, but my gut feeling says after. They fixed it pretty quickly though.

It was an early exploit used to get the first kills of C’thun. He was considered unbeatable for a long time until blizzard patched him.

Yea, but that was the result of Ion and his guild laying out the numbers.

The first kills of C’thun came very early after they hotfixed him. Which unfortunately was in the same patch cycle as they fixed Disgusting Oozeling. So I can’t find any solid evidence if that was the case.

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It’s almost like you can’t read. IT WAS NEVER “FIXED”.

Being able to proc talents from sitting was NEVER “fixed” and being able to be crit while sitting has been in the game from VANILLA to BFA.

Even after they nerfed reckoning from infinite stacks to 5 you could still proc it while sitting. Even now in BFA, LITERALLY THE CURRENT EXPANSION, if a fury warrior is sitting he will get crit and enrage from it. It has ALWAYS worked like that.

Also, stop saying “fixed.” We have no idea if Blizzard wants the mechanic to work this way, all we know is that it has worked this way for 14 years. So I’m ASSUMING it’s working as intended.

So the /sit hasn’t been fixed. I’ve had probably 50% of this thread say it was a pserver only issue, then others tell me it still exist, others say it was fixed. I don’t really care.

And since YOU CAN’T SEEM TO READ EITHER I said this thread was to look at everything as a whole, not go case by case. Make a different thread if you want go on some rant about a certain one.

So the /sit hasn’t been fixed. I’ve had probably 50% of this thread say it was a pserver only issue, then others tell me it still exist, others say it was fixed. I don’t really care.

Again, never fixed, working as intended for 14 years and the only thing you need to do to test it is get on retail and do it. Also, of course you don’t care I just shot down on of your points and it’s the only thing you can say back knowing you were wrong.

Also, that’s not how discussion works. You brought up four points and I answered one of them. If I had knowledge of the other three I could speak on them but I don’t. So, you’re welcome.

At this point it’s safe to say that if it worked in Vanilla it will most likley work in Classic. If you don’t know if something worked in Classic then look for evidence, if you can’t find any then wait for the game to be released, end of discussion.

Alright so the /sit isn’t an exploit. Great job. The MC one wasn’t either which I already stated.

Did you know shamans could use Sentry Totems to enable a slow fall for them? Care to explain that one? What about the Fire Nova? The limits on vael were fixed too by 1.8. Why did Blizzard fix these but say that the /sit is an intended mechanic? Do you think spamming /sit in combat is intended?


And didn’t hitting a /sit toon only crit for an attacker?
I don’t see the advantage.

It generates enrage for warriors, which is a huge dps increase. Most bugs/exploits don’t seem like it unless you understand the class to a higher level then most.

#1 and #2 look tome like exploits of bugs
#3 and #4 do not look like bugs. it’s just a consequence of the mechanics of the game as designed.

Since #1 and #2 are bugs, I think they should be fixed. I much prefer solving these issues by fixing the bugs in the game rather than punishing people for abusing them.

I think #3 should remain

I think #4 should remain, but only in the spirit of #NoChanges. If wow was a contemporary game, #4 should definitely get fixed.

That being said, what I think Blizzard will actually do, is to punish you for all 4.

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I have no clue if it’s intended. Also, I don’t care if it’s intended or not. All I KNOW is that it’s been this way for 14 years. If I was a programmer at Blizzard I could tell you with 100% confidence if it’s intended or not.

I don’t know if it will be in Classic. I don’t know why it works. I don’t know why it’s in the game or even why Blizzard hasn’t removed it. All I know is that it works. WIll it work in Classi? Again, we will see.