Exploits or Clever Use

I can’t find an official stance by blizzard other then saying if it feels like an exploit it is. Knowing we’re going back to 1.12 is Blizzard going to allow these said mechanics in the game?


  1. The infamous /sit function that was abused to generate crits.
  2. Shaman totems would become neutral for a short period of time after they logged out, with proper timing on a Fire Nova you could hit friendly targets as it blew up once it became neutral.
  3. Mind controlling mobs for buffs in raids, i.e. fire resist.
  4. Buffing people past the buff limit (16) to avoid unintentional buffs from Vael.

I’m sure there are many other examples of clever mechanics but whats considered an exploit and whats not?

Mind controlling mobs for buffs still existed in BC (H Botanica comes to mind). I doubt that is considered an exploit since it was still there and useable in the pre-Wrath patch.


Can’t say how this stuff will function in Classic, but nothing you describe strikes me as an exploit at all. The best players find ways to squeeze that last bit of goodness out of their classes quirks. Adds flavor to the game.

A sitting pally or warrior gets sheeped first, then killed.


The most obvious exploits in the past were wall jumping which they’ve already said they’ll fix since its unintended. Thats about the only definition blizzard has given. The shaman totems was fixed later on in TBC I believe as well as the buff limits and /sit.

If you are talking about the use of this to proc talents, this was never used in vanilla and was a p server bug

Lol I remember this… idk if they will replicate it but I also don’t know what they can really do about it as it’s kinda hard to prove that they meant to exploit it.

That’s not exploiting at all, mindcontrol is suppose to be used for things like this. That’s why you try to MC healers


This isn’t infamous on anything except private servers that got it wrong.

Until 2.3, talents that required being crit COULD NOT trigger from a /sit crit.


The shaman totem is the only one I can think of that is considered an exploit (no proper use), but then again will it be present in Classic.

And I know I don’t have a comprehensive list, just wondering what Blizz deems exploits that they may not be going forward with, and whats not.

From what I’ve noticed, they don’t really ban you for exploits unless it’s something that gets you ahead (like glitching out a boss fight) or something that’s really really obnoxious, like exploiting xp rates for leveling or something. It doesn’t seem that blizzard really calls out certain exploits until they ban you for it. Maybe it’s because they either A don’t know about them, or B do know about them but don’t what more people to know? I’m not sure.

exploits or clever use… it depends on a point of view

sometimes they dont ban ppl who soloed a raidboss or even abusively take a server first;
sometimes they ban ppl for some strange reasons like doing a daily quest more times than it was really intended;

things you mention could be a problem … but how about raid boss stops doing anything after being hit by 50 lvl blue mace with some consumable debuff combo?

nochangers say that it is all okay and it should be recreated as it was;

i know how to kill many (4 or 5) bosses in BWL with just a little group of 6-7 ppl, sometimes you dont need a tank and healer at all (and i did it on “retail”, not on pserver);

old NAXX was bugged to hell, bugs, texture glitches and abuses on nearly every boss;

yes, they had fixed some things AFTER WotLK NAXX;
but many abuses were never fixed;
oh ok, and sometimes the old spell or the entire mechanic were redesigned making old abuses not possible
… kinda unintentional bugfix :upside_down_face: ;

Exactly! Tons of bugs existed in vanilla even during the later expansions until they were “remastered” during cataclysm and wrath. I wonder what “bugs” will be deemed intended gameplay/clever mechanics, and what type of things Blizz won’t be bringing over.

Clever use they are except except 2.

They could in PvP, and that’s really where it matters.

Well, no. It’s pretty huge for Paladins and Warriors, so if that’s not going to be in Classic then it’ll hurt both their leveling.

Really does nothing for me in PvE as a Shaman so that’s where I’m coming from.

No, they couldn’t. The code was not in the game until 2.3 for that to happen. Fact check yourself.


Eye of the Storm doesn’t really help you level that much faster, whereas it’s major for Warriors and Paladins.

2 and 4 are definitely exploits in my opinion.

2 is harassment… but it’s a funny one xD

4 is just straight up an exploit. Your’e taking advantage of server limits to dodge a mechanic. No different than lan lag glitching… your taking advantage of server limits

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Yes, they would. This was confirmed in a Reckoning guide written in 1.10. Doesn’t proc off of npc auto attacks, but it does proc off of abilities in PvP. Couldn’t care less when they officially codified it as it already existed in the game well beforehand.

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No, it didn’t.

Why would they put the buff on their cast bar if it wasn’t meant to be used?