Druid and paladin raid tanks

It’s not. However without it you will be tied with the warrior tanks when you are dpsing, and wont be able to generate as much threat as a warrior when you are tanking. I wouldn’t suggest farming them, or even playing a druid if you want to tank for that matter, but that item turns a terrible dps class into a viable one. Without bags full of MCP, a feral druid is being carried.

except Warrior shouts ain’t producing threat in Beta = rip war aoe threat

That is why we have a beta.

tell that to every troll who has said that mashing X to gain RECK charges is a bannable offence and will be removed by Blizzard lol

Who has said it’s bannable?

like this entire thread lol

or here


or here in my thread

I’ve never said it is bannable, it is however an exploit. Whether or not Blizzard decides to fix it is up to them.

Is this another situation where you think that exploits are always bannable?

i wasn’t singling any particular person out - simply making a general statement

GoT time, timeout.

Palaab, (and anybody else that doesn’t know) here’s your answer:

At 440 Defense, a raid boss cannot melee crit you. We call this the Defense cap. Warriors achieve this via raid tier gear, Pallies and Bears don’t.

Now, there’s this thing called Crushing blows, bosses got ~15% chance to do it in their melee tables. Warriors are the only tank able to push Crushing blows off the boss table through a talent called Improved Shield Block (75% Block Chance) and it’s pre-rec talent Shield Specialization (5% Block Chance).

Warriors easily prevent themselves from being one-shotted or two-shotted by a boss’s crit and crushing table output. So as you see, it’s not really so much about taunting.

They can, but it is sub-optimal and a burden to the other members of the raid… think of it like a relay team, as long as everyone is on the same page it doesn’t matter, have a few drinks the night before and rock up running it for fun, no problem… however if 3 of the team are taking the competition [semi-]serious and only one guy is out drinking the night before. Its not really fair to the other members of the group.

I think this is the really the only correct answer. It’s the one issue you cannot get around until BC and beyond.

It doesn’t mean you can’t offtank of tank lower content. But main tanking raid bosses it’s a gamble.


Tanking bosses as a paladin is on my Classic WoW bucket list.

Yes i know, it won’t happen in your raid yadda yadda yadda…

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Imp Shield Block only gave shield block 1 extra block, you didn’t need it on slow hitters. On very fast hitters you could potentially still be crushed if it got in a 3rd hit before you could refresh shield block.
Even then, Crushing blows are only 150% normal damage. It’s not that devastating to eat 1 and at a 15% chance it’s not that common to eat multiples of them, especially for druids who have very high dodge ratings and high armor/stam.

Itemization, raid design, and skills and abilities simply make it better that a warrior tanks in the majority of cases.

How does an OOM Paladin generate threat?

crushing blows are nothing in the grand scheme o things just ask Feral Druids who eat both Crushing blows and crits

and a Paladin can achieve crit cap with pre-raid gear

never mind the fact that dual wield Fury tanks are literally saying to you, “Hold my beer…”

Druids didn’t have huge amounts of dodge until BC, in vanilla warrior dodge+parry gave them more avoidance.

I don’t think that’s correct. Druid damage was incredibly spiky due to this and nightmare for healers because of it if I remember right.

The whole thread was TLDR; I got to the bogus statements in the first several posts.

I’m kind of sick of seeing the inherently false crushing blow/crit argument against Druids. Druids usually have higher dodge, and will get missed by some of these blows. Druids also have a higher HP/Armor pool that allows them to absorb blows that would kill a warrior, without hitting critical points of HP.

Druids are just as good if not better tanks than warriors in 80% of raid encounters. Yes, warriors are better at some bosses due to block/parry, and a few of their defensive tools. In most cases none of that really matters though. Druids will never be rage starved, which can happen to a warrior. Druids do decent damage in bear form and don’t have to shift/stance dance. Druids build threat on a multiplier while warriors just stack threat in an additive sense.

Oh and yes, Druids do have an effective taunt OP.

Are warriors better overall tanks? Yes, but just BARELY. Can Druids tank every boss in game? Yes, but there are 5-6 encounters where even as a Druid I would question your choice to have a Druid MT…

Keep in mind, I don’t play pservers so that’s not where I get my info. My guild in Vanilla had a Druid tank as a second tank/off tank. He tanked all the way into Naxx, and even main tanked on several bosses at all raid levels.