<Exploit> [Area-52] 7/11M T/W 10PM-1AM PST

Exploit (Area-52) is a late night raiding guild looking for competitive and dedicated raiders. Our goal is CE every tier. We are looking to maintain a fun, stable and competitive atmosphere for all of our raiders.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays, with Thursday being an optional Heroic night that does get added for prog occasionally if all raiders are able.
  • 1AM - 4AM EST (10PM - 1AM PST)


  • Selpulcher of the First Ones- 7/11M
  • Sanctum of Domination- 9/10M P3 Sylv
  • Castle Nathria- 9/10M, P2 Sire
  • Nyalotha- 11/12M

Recruitment Needs:

  • Melee- Open to all but DH
  • Ranged- Open to all
  • Healers- High Prio on any DPS with Heal OS
  • Tanks- Closed

We are looking for any exceptional DPS who can also swing into heals / tank. If your spec isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out still.

NOTE: All exceptional players will be considered regardless of role, so even if your class isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to apply.


  • Staying up to date on your main toon
  • Attendance - 95%, and on time.
  • Open mindset - constructive crit / feedback
  • Positive attitudes - bad nights and bad weeks happen

Recruitment Contacts:

  • Zigs [Discord: Zigzag#3732] [Battle.net: Austin0nfire#1376]

New bump who dis

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Hope you are having a wonderful end to Spooktober

bump for a couple dps and maybe offheals/tanks?

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2 bosses in 1 night hype! Come get CE with us friends

high prio for some locks and a boomy!

still need a lock and boomy!

I need another boomy friend

wtb warlocks that soulstone healers

the village warlock needs friends

still bumpin

Final stretch now boys, girls, and everyone else

KT prog starting this week!

Getting close to the end now!

bump for kt prog. need dps and heals!

Sylvanas prog starting this week!

we gon get CE in January (hopefully)

up for new friends! come help us save Sylv!!!