7/10 M exp H Pally looking for guild

Like the title says, I’m 7/10 Mythic looking for a new place to call home. Guild decided to call it quits today. Prefer Horde, but willing to swap if it’s the right fit. Looking for Tues/Wed anytime after 8 EST. Will take any days after those times,however.

hey man, my guild is 7/10M we raid tue/wed 9-12 est h a52 and would love an hpal feel free to reach out to me on discord @Fen#8048

Hello Màurio,

-and the boys- on Bleeding Hollow is currently 7/10 M and looking to round out the roster to finish the tier strong. We are a light-hearted 2 night raiding guild with the goal being fun and CE if possible.

Raid times:
Tuesday/Thursday 6pm-9pm PST

Add me @ Wrektar#7750 (discord) and/or Wrektar#11854 (bnet) if this interests you.

Never Lucky is a Mythic progression raiding guild on US-Magtheridon. Our raiders share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule and relaxed atmosphere. We take raiding and progression seriously, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance.
Raid Info:
Raiding Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Raid Times: 8-11pm EST
Current Prog: 7/10M 10/10H SOD.
Discord-Shiena#6451 :smiley:

Hey if you’re still looking see my guild spam below! Looking for a Holy Pally for a core spot!

< Do it Live > is a 2 night 6 hours a week mythic raiding guild. We are currently 8/10 M, and finished late last tier 8/10M in CN. We also have quite a few people that run M+ together or group up for some casual pvp or achievement runs. We have also built a community with active members playing other games. See below for recruitment needs and raid times.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday/Thursday 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. EST

Interested? Great please contact the following officers below.



hey there Maurio! Check us out!