Expectations for Shadowlands Launch

The new Shadowlands content will become available on all realms on Monday, November 23 at 3:00 p.m. PST (6:00 p.m. EST). At that time, players who have purchased Shadowlands will receive the quest “Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons” to start them on their way through the shattered sky. We’ve collected a few other things to consider before that time, as well thereafter.

WoW’s 16th Anniversary will end at 10:00 a.m. PST on Sunday, November 22.

The Death Rising event will end one hour before Shadowlands launches. All prologue quests and world bosses will vanish at that time.

30 minutes before launch time, Battle for Azeroth Mythic Keystone dungeons will become unavailable.

At launch time, any Titan Residuum and Honor (a new currency introduced with the Pre-patch) will be converted to Silver and provided to your character(s). This is also the moment that the Uncorrupted Voidwing mount will become unavailable and the Mythic difficulty mounts from Jaina Proudmoore and N’Zoth the Corruptor will change over to a small chance on kill.

On the days after launch, we plan to do realm restarts at the usual weekly maintenance time in each region. We’ll provide in-game notices for that, as always.

After Shadowlands launches, there will not be a new set of Battle for Azeroth weekly chests that correspond with the current week of activities (Nov. 17-23). Loot your final BFA weekly chests now!

There will be no Weekend Bonus Event or PvP Brawl for two weeks after the start of Shadowlands. The next Bonus Event and PvP Brawl will each kick off on December 8. Check your in-game calendar for details.

Some players have asked whether all world portals are staying in place, considering the portal adjustments made in (Legion) Dalaran with the launch of Battle for Azeroth, and the answer is yes. At this time, the various mage portal authorities are only adding a new portal: to Oribos.

We’ve got global release times here and patch notes for you here. The patch notes will be updated again next week with new Shadowlands content. See you in the afterlife!



alright. Hope everyone has a fun launch. I’ll see you all when I get home from work and Happy Yanksgiving in advance


This is it boys. Take off work, give the kids to the babysitter, have your main ready.
It’s time…To go into the Shadowlands


Any confirmation that weekly stuff will, or won’t reset as usual on Tuesday?

If I complete torghast before the server restart for weekly maintenance, do I get to do it again?

Can’t wait to see what number the login screen boss gives me this time!


It’s the final countdown!

Do do dooo do!


They stated previously that you won’t be able to. There is zero reason to rush to max level before the first reset.


Good luck everyone if the authentication servers hold. Be prepared for long login queues.

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Already stocking up my supplies of Monster and Redbull.


There’s still plenty of reason. My experience was that a fresh 60 won’t even be able to queue for most normal dungeons due to low ilvl. I’m going to make an absolute killing, selling people 151 crafted gear.

And one more daily reset of the maw, means one day faster to bring able to make 168 crafted gear, to make huge profits on.

Let’s not forget, leave food buckets for your SO’s.

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I had been wondering about the boralus portals, considering it’s only ironforge portal in the game now. Glad it’s not going away. Still a shame that the most efficient way to get to ironforge is to actually go to stormwind – > boralus – > Ironforge instead of actually just putting IF portal in stormwind, but at least there is a path.


See you in 9.2 or whatever patch they reintroduce flying…Maybe.

My honest hope though is that the launch falls on its face and someone finally is forced to pull a Yochi Wada and then perhaps this game can get back on track and we can simply ignore the expansions from WoD until now.

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Will all this lag be coming as well ? I mean it horrible right now and we havent got to massive amounts of players all playing at once, this is just normal stuff right now and its so bad ?



My wife already knows that she won’t be seeing me in person for about a week…


Thank you for mapping all the details out! Very helpful to not have to speculate!