Evoker Tank - Fortification

sorry dragon flight tank spec had to be removed so we could make women fruit and add body types

They’ve added a tank specialization with every new class they’ve introduced since TBC and it has done nothing about helping the tank population at all, and if anything its actually hurt the tank population since we’ve blurred the niches of tank specs.

So no, should not happen at all.


Where did Blizzard ever imply that? Source?

Never said it would help the tank population, this is purely a request for a fun spec. New specs should be created to fill missing class fantasy slots. It shouldn’t be exclusively intended for fixing population issues.

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In what way could you create another tank fantasy that does not infringe on the already bland and blurred nature of the existing 6 tank specializations?

Dracthyr are casters as per the lore. Ion has said they are not tanks.

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And we’re asking him to reconsider that.

I’d very much enjoy a tank spec for Evoker and find it silly they don’t have one when they’re supposed to fill the dragon niche for players.

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Honestly I was just trolling the thread because this guy was using the same sort of “MUH LORE” crap against the worgen tails thread, and people were using the exact same reasons against him there he is now using here. I’ve advocated for a tank spec since the start I just wanted some payback.

Here was my thoughts on this over a month back.

The tanking spec makes more lore sense to be a representation of Black and Red flights.
Black is fairly obvious with their connection to the earth, but Red is more obscure.
In the novels, the Red Dragonflight is regularly described in a tank-y tone. Their scales are stronger, and these dragons have an innate ability of taking in more damage to then dish it back out onto their foe. This is one of the reasons Alexstrasza was able to hold her own in a 1v1 fight against Deathwing.

Green and Bronze make the most sense as exclusively healing/support flights, and could be sprinkled into the tank spec as part of self sustain and group support.
Blue would likely not play a role, but could perhaps provide group support as well.

One particular example would be the Evoker Tank conjuring Arcane gemstones that could allow themselves and their party members to regen their resource energy (mana, rage, energy, etc) as a compliment to the Warlocks stones which only regen health.

If Evoker wasn’t a thing and we got actual Dragonsworn, what you mentioned is effectively what I was going to be making a proposal for. Red would be the melee DPS and Blue the ranged DPS.

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Eye for an eye makes the world blind.

Won’t help #giveworgentails.

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Probably because they’d actually like to play the biggest new feature in an expansion that’s bringing mostly under the hood changes, but it’s locked out of melee entirely.

They can absolutely play the biggest new feature. It’s not like “awe, i only play melee, i am physically unable to touch this class”

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Good thing I had no intention of just leaving that opinion. :wink:

I just wanted to Poe my way through an argument from authority to demonstrate why that is not a valid reason at all.

Trouble understanding that the role not being fun is the issue and not literal ability? Be a little more disingenuous next time.

Edgar Allen or Dameron?

Oh, that Poe. Never heard this term before interesting.

It’s not disingenuous to suggest people just play it for what it is.

Ranged players have been waiting very patiently for a new class for 18 years. They’ve even had to deal with a spec being removed from them (survival). Evoker can stay ranged, and people can either try it out and enjoy it for what it is, or accept that it isn’t for them.

Because not everything is for everyone.


Adding a tank spec won’t remove the ranged spec.

Heck I want them to make ranged tank specs.

You know they aren’t going to add another spec. if they do it’ll likely still be ranged, and not within this decade.

That is a contradictory statement, you cannot tank at range. The only kinda-sorta deal we have are tanks that can kite, and that cannot function as a tank’s entire mitigation style. It would be OP where things can be kited and useless where they can’t.

What i really want is this infatuation the forums have with tank specs being added to the game to reflect in the in-game tank population. You all make it sound like we’ve got people tripping over themselves to tank in this game, and this is the only thing holding them back.