Evoker Tank - Fortification

Again, that’s fine. Encouraged, even! I’m just put off when people twist these obviously negative statements into positives.

That isn’t the fantasy I’m asking for.
I’m asking for a class that uses the powers of the dragonflights thanks to being empowered by them in some capacity. That is what an Evoker is.
In particular, I’m asking for a tank spec that fills that niche.

There is no existing class that uses the powers of the dragonflights other than Evoker.

And that would functionally be literally any class that is playable by Drakonids, as they derive their power from being empowered by the dragonflights.

This makes sense to me. If the race can only be one class, and the class can only be one race that class should be as versatile as a druid and have 4 specs one for each role ranged dps mele dps healing tanking. That’s my personal opinion and seeing as the aspects certainly could cover all the roles in some form or another they should have it.

Also give shamans an earth element based tanking spec pls and ty.


Not correct, as that would just be a proxy to Dracthyr having other classes.
Their actual play style and abilities would never actually utilize that inherent power which is one of the reasons I don’t even support them getting other classes in the first place.

Evoker is the only class Dracthyr would have where they actually use their dragonflight abilities.

Ion Hazzikostas is the game director and he has said this is a caster class when directly asked about a tank spec.


Dracthyr Evokers do all the things that are uniquely draconic. But the argument you are making is that they do not represent the sheer physicality of dragons, which is completely true. However, that physicality is not uniquely a draconic trait. Lots of things are big and strong. What is important is that there is a dragon behind that strength. Which Drakonids provide.

Dracthyr Evokers are still closer to what a Dragonsworn represents, and I prefer their aesthetic and ability to swap between a draconic and mortal form. Drakonids don’t have that capability.
And again, a new race would not solve what is missing.
Evoker is a class that utilizes the powers of the various dragoflights, and I want a tank spec that does that. There is no existing class that would fit in other than Evoker and that is where I’d like it to be.

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Technically, Druids are closest to what Dragonsworn represent. Dragonsworn are not dragons. Empowered by dragons, yes, but they are not a class unto themselves. What you want to play as is a dragon raid boss - which would be cool! But it’s just not feasible. We aren’t playing as full-fledged dragons.

Dracthyr are missing the physicality of the draconic fantasy, not by oversight, but by design. Ham-fisting a physical spec into their fantasy, without accounting for it from day one, would just compromise and dilute the fantasy that they were designed to achieve. No, it isn’t a holistic dragon fantasy, but that wasn’t the goal.

Let’s give this guy a sword and shield:

How would playing as a Drakonid Warrior not be the best feasible way to condense the physicality of dragons into playable form? You are actively using your physical nature, as empowered by the dragonflights, in your every action. If you want to fly around breathing fire and casting draconic spells… that fantasy is already covered by the Dracthyr Evoker.

I would rather Evoker play like red mage in ffxiv …. Mostly magic, but has a nasty melee combo.

Called it the reverse enhancement shaman.

Evoker has some teeth and claws for a reason.

It’s halfway there anyways with its shorter range in abilities, tailswipe, wing buffet…

Give me a big ol slash and bite to use after the rush attack

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And the Evoker is focused on channel abilities instead and is not your red mage from FF14

And call it what it actually was in WoW already, Meta demo lock.

Saying ‘well it has this so it must do that’ is like arguing that humans don’t eat meat because our teeth profile is better for starches, fruits and vegetables

Lol for one, we have teeth for peeling flesh off bones and crushing objects.

Reason why we are omnivores….

Secondly it’s adding to a spec that is pretty unique to wow and I think it will resonate with a lot of people that were hoping to play a dragon and you know, do dragon things which include tearing into its victims.

By the way , Evoker does play similar to red mage as it channels all the different aspects power similar to balancing white and black magic in ffxiv

Regardless, this topic was about adding a tank spec to the ranged/healing hero class. Rather not do that.

Our tooth profile is actually bad for eating flesh off of an animal in general. Were omnivores because of a mutation that allowed our bodies to digest meat and have been a tool using species for a long enough time for our tooth profile to not actually matter. Still doesn’t change that our teeth are optimized for starches, fruits, and vegetables.

Evoker isn’t red mage. Red mages combat rotation involves casting spells to then utilize melee. Evoker rotation is about staying at range while dumping a resource intelligently. Evoker is a ‘medium ranged’ caster (Edit because the forums ate the next part) and gains what appears to be some awesome AoE ready in it’s base rotation along side a couple spells that help balance that relatively minor difference.

You also cant meaningfully compare the magical systems of WoW to FF14 to justify Evokers playing like RMs. Black/white magics are not akin to one of the 6 magical sources wow uses which sort of breaks the logic. Druids literally channel life and arcane sources to fuel their nature and arcane spells and nobody is saying that Druids need to be more like red mages because they use two different sources of magic…

Lol it’s like talking to a wall.

One we are scavengers by design and we have slowly adapted to cooked food.

I didn’t say Evoker and red mage are equal as we are talking two genres but the idea that Evoker pulls/balances the magic of the flights is similar to how red mage utilizes all of the magic at its disposal and doesn’t just use black magic.

Also, don’t try to Internet bully back to the op topic because you are talking nonsense.

There is nothing wrong for wanting the dragon class to use some melee abilities, just like there is nothing wrong with wanting a tank spec.

The class is already designed for melee to fit right in as it requires a closer range to make use of the charge abilities, has several melee esk cooldowns/utilities and adding a few melee attacks (even if they are talents in the tree on the multi option talents) would add to the unique flavor that is Evoker already.

Don’t bully people who have been wanting a dragon class in wow since wow inception and have resonated with a dragon that uses its natural attributes just as much as it’s magic.

Ok “smart” one. Give me a link.

Also what you put down is blizz speak for no pretty much.

As I’ve said, the primary thing for me is the class fantasy.
Giving a Drakonid or Drakthyr Warrior would not fulfill the fantasy of being a Dragonkin utilizing the powers of the dragonflights as a tank. It would be them ignoring the powers of the dragonflights within them to be a barbarian.
I want to use Black Dragonflight abilities to reinforce my scales to mitigate damage, retaliate back what I’ve been dealt into damage or sustain using Red Dragonflight abilities, etc.
Evoker is the only class this will work with, and it should thus have a tank spec.

We don’t need more tanks we need a range dps class that isn’t a bore to play.

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Didn’t bully. Said it was bad to incorporate a tank spec into the ranged magical focused class because they would have to revamp and share spells which would cause the base to suffer. A bunch of combat mechanics would also have to ignore combat mechanics as well to get a channeling themed class to work.

All the other ‘three role’ filling classes have inherent problems with them where they have the unfilled roles gimped because of balance purposes. Druids, even when you push as hard as possible for having some flexibility in forms suffers a lot because of that.

The class is designed to get caught and endure being caught by all the melee classes that are designed around catching the current ranged ones so it has CDs that reflect that baseline. Evokers are designed to sit optimally around 25 yards from the opponent and sit out of random cleave/melee mechanic range in instanced combat.

Evokers have tools that enhance their desire to sit mid range and promoting them diving into melee outside of AoE means that they must instead be balanced around ‘being’ melee instead of being balanced like Arcane mages are because of how damage rotations are designed vs instanced content design. Being balanced favorably would inherently make them stronger than any conventional melee and would therefore inevitably suffer from ‘trash damage’ syndrome until those mechanics are changed to be in line with everyone else after DF to be considered ‘balanced.’

‘Adding a few melee attacks’ would either make those abilities mandatory or useless for this same reason.

Me not wanting Evokers to be tanks or melee DPS at all is sensible considering how Blizz does it’s designs like I have said before. Instead requesting for Dracthyr to be other classes is the optimal path for playing a dragon more attuned to using it’s ‘natural’ non-magical attributes… BTW Dracthyr aren’t actually dragons lore wise. They are more akin to magically created part-dragons (they used dragon flights and mortal races to make them) and were given a spell caster focus/design in general.

I’m not asking for the tank spec to utilize the Dracthyr Evokers non-magical attributes.
I’m asking for it to use its innate dragonflight based magical abilities to be a tank.