Evoker Tank - Fortification

They will once they can play as more classes.

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So we should request what we would like to see then in the effort to change Blizzards mind? Ok.

Dracthyr tank spec please, blizz!

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It is inevitable to quoth the jailer :stuck_out_tongue:

At that point… why not just play Drakonid?

Lemme hawk this thread:

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Ion expressed in a Korean interview that there is room for a 3rd spec in the context of a question regarding a tank spec.

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If they make dracthyr pallies i wouldn’t mind playing one… when they make transmog available in drac form.

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Source please.

The new race and class, Dracthyr Evokers, were announced. Just like how Death Knight was inspired by the Lich King, Monk for Pandaren Brewmaster, and Illidan for Demon Hunter, and so on. Where do the inspiration of Evokers come from? Considering their background, I think Dracthyr Evokers should also take the role of a tank. Can you explain the reasoning behind their specializations as DPS and healer?

This is the perfect creation that blends the best of humanity and the best of dragon kind that can channel all the powers of the aspects. the Dracthyr were created by Neltharion, the original black aspect long ago, and I think pursuit of that perfect experiment is what we’ve seen guide Nefarian and other black dragons in their experiments in creating chromatic draconids and others all trying to replicate this original superior type of dragon. In terms of the roles that made sense for them, part of it is when we think about wings, we think about the physical attributes of a dragon, that almost speaks to movements, attacking from a distance, breath weapons, things like that, and by definition tanking in World of Warcraft means being up in front of your enemy, having them strike you in the face, and that the fantasy just didn’t feel quite as on point there. This class is initially only going to have two specializations, there’s certainly room in the future to add a third, but for now range dps and healer is where we’re focused.

That’s an incredibly generous interpretation you have.

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Will the Dracthyhr have a tank spec?

Patrick Dawson : “No, we focus on the Devastation and Preservation specializations. It’s rare but we added specializations to a class, for example with the Druid when we added Guardian and Feral to clearly denote the differences between the two specializations. We can consider it but for now we really want to focus on the two current Dracthyr specializations . There is a lot to do with a new race, a new class, new talents and adjusting all that will be complicated but later we are open to new ideas.

Another interview regarding it, showing it’s not a “never going to happen”
Those that want this will make the request to have our desire known.

And an interview between Ion and Towelliee also gave a response of “it might but not right now”

Did you ever get ice cream later when your parents said, “We’ll see”?

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I have!

Yes. My parents didn’t generally lie to their kids in that way.

They had a lot of faults, as many parents do, but that wasn’t on the list.

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It’s this part of Ion’s argument against Tank or Melee DPS specs that I find unbelievably ridiculous. Dragons have strong jaws full of sharp teeth, sharp claws on each hand and foot, tails that end in spiked clubs, and strong bodies, and somehow the devs looked at ALL of that and said “this looks like a ranged class only”!? I just don’t understand how ANYONE could come to that conclusion, it makes absolutely no sense at all.

It would be the equivalent to making a gun-based class that could only hit their enemies with the buttstock of their rifle instead of shoot them!


One of the most iconic Dragon vs Dragon battles involved them fighting in melee.
And in that very novel it talks about how strong their scales are, and how their Titan granted powers fortified and enhanced their melee capabilities.

Let’s also not forget about one of the most iconic Dragon bosses which is a melee fight 95% of the time (Onyxia)
And similar bosses like Sartharion.
Most dragon bosses really are melee fights, in raids where it takes several people to defeat them. They are a tank-y species.


Not a lie. Kids are exhausting. Saying “no” often prompts a conversation that the caregivers may not have the energy for. Hence, “we’ll see.” Leaving it open allows the conversation to end without the backlash with committing, regardless of ultimate intent.

This is precisely what Ion does when he’s asked about Allied Races or housing or additional specs or whatever else - the intent is to say “no,” but because he’s also trying to avoid the backlash of a definitive negative statement, he dresses it up like this.

Ultimately, that’s fine. I don’t mind. He can’t see a decade into the future, either. I take issue with it, however, when people take his hesitation to give a resounding “No” as confirmation of a positive response instead.

There is no active intent to add a third spec to Evokers.

Express your desire for a third spec, sure! But don’t try to twist these statements into an implicit confirmation of that third spec being in development.

Dracthyr aren’t full dragons, though. Draconic, yes, but not dragons.

But, like you allude to, there is still a huge part of the dragon fantasy going unfulfilled. I maintain that playable Drakonids would be the best way to fill the physicality side of the draconic niche. It would also give us that beefy look people were anticipating. They also have some of that sexual dimorphism that certain people seem to be missing. Wins all around.

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Providing a new race isn’t what I’m asking for. I have a particular class fantasy I want to play as, which is fulfilled by giving Evoker a tank spec.

I have a kid. I’m aware.

Aye, but what Ion says/blizzard want to do is not always something I agree with. I’ll let them know and request a change when I feel like I should/would like to.

That said I don’t mind ya’ll having opposing views and it’s good that you express those as well.

Oh I, personally, do not think they intended to add a tank spec. I do however think it’s a bad decision for the class/race fantasy they’re trying to deliver on. Plus there is so much potential in it that I cannot help but to request and let my thoughts be known.

You alluded to the Dragonsworn concept. Which is what Drakonids are, at their core. Dragonsworn, as a concept in WoW, are not a class. They’re mortals of various other classes - be they Rogues, Warriors, Druids, or whatever else - who swore their life to a specific dragonflight. That’s not what Dracthyr are, at all - in fact, they seem intent on distancing themselves from their origins as tools.

Drakonids would allow you to play as most classes, sworn to a dragonflight, taking the draconic fantasy to whatever role you desire.

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It wasn’t, actually. People ask the devs or higher-ups these sorts of things all the time and all they ever get back are cagey answers. I wouldn’t get your hopes up. They had the opportunity to do a LOT of things with these new class trees and they just didn’t. I don’t expect them to change that in the future now.

Also: For people saying “Evokers should be tanks”, keep in mind that Evokers are the “anti-DH” in that they are filling the two roles that DH doesn’t, which is healing and ranged.

I feel they did that on purpose, and I wouldn’t expect them to walk that back or change it.