Evoker Tank - Fortification

Evokers would need to be worked to be melee as well, not that it cant happen but not in DF timeframe.

Already enough tanks, adding another wont make more players play tank. Also seems blizzard design steals from other specs so like DH did for their class. So i feel will just water down tanks in general and make them less playable instead of more

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I’ll bite. We have 6 tank specs. How have monks and demon hunters harmed tank design?

I’m a fan of the 2-specs simply from a balance perspective. Classes that have 3 dps specs for example, always feels like one of them could be considered “optional” based on what the current meta is…and the meta is dictated by balancing.

DH IMO is a great example of a class having 1 dps 1 (alternate) spec being perfect. Vengance has never been bad, Havoc has never been bad. They’ve had their “non-meta” moments, but never been notably bad. It’s much easier for blizz to manage a short spec list and keep people who like the CLASS happy.

P.S. - I thought we were getting a tank spec for sure with dragon. It just made sense thematically. Tank or a bruiser-style DPS like DH/DK/Ret.
Getting a ranged and heal spec felt very off…but hey whatever works. Give them more than 25 range tho for real.

I just want dracthyr to have a tank class, I could care less if it’s evoker or not, like i only tank so any race that doesnt have a tank spec is a race i wont play

dracthyr warriors and all the rest of the base classes sounds perfectly ok to me. shoving them into the second half of df would let ‘lore’ happen and let them not backpedal.

Only problem is the racials. Just sticking wing buffet and tail sweep on a shared cd and nerfing the mastery racial if it is out of line with the other races (or buff said races so this isn’t necessary)

Channeling to empower spells, forced movement, cast times. Ask any M+ tank if they want a class that has some combination of all 3 of these on almost all their abilities.

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Other than the obvious answer of “they can just make the tank spec NOT have that stuff because it’s really that simple”, I wouldn’t mind a tank spec that does have that stuff to make it unique. There are already some abilities tanks have that are channeled/casted.

Using the empowered ability system with tank abilities wouldn’t be that difficult

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Ion said there are no plans to do this. Full stop. Ignore the “never say never” talk that he always tacks onto the end of any statements he makes to soften the blow of whatever bad news he’s delivering.

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No. We have enough tank classes without sheilds.


Both can happen.
And who said Evoker tank couldn’t use a shield, because it certainly wasn’t me
It’s not a novel concept that different specs within the same class use different weapon types.

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No, it wasn’t. What they said was that they may add other CLASSES to Dracthyr in the future. A traditional third spec for Evoker is something they would’ve needed to start development on back when they first started designing the class, LONG before they revealed the class to us and started getting our feedback on it.

At this point the only real hope for being able to Tank or Melee DPS as a dragon would be the potential addition of Druid as a Dracthyr class some day, assuming the Druid forms are Dragons rather than the normal bear or cat. It’s possible they could do new specs for each class as an expansion feature one day (people have been asking for this for years), but that would be a LOT of work so idk how likely that actually is.

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They already announced what gear they use. Sheilds isn’t one of them cheif.

Also let the casters get something for once. It don’t need a tank as long as they give them warriors/paladins for that dragon knight fantasy.

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I think a better solution would be playable Drakonids. Dracthyr would continue to be uncompromised in their core concept, but we could still have a dragon-flavour of almost any class.

Yes, it was. He discussed both.

That’s not what I’m asking for though. I am requesting for a new tank fantasy, not a druid tank fantasy with a different appearance.

I’m not asking them to rush anything, I’m just making my request known ahead of time

They did, they got the Devastation for DPS and Preservation spec for healing.

I am not asking for a Barbarian or Light Tank fantasy, I’m asking for a Dragonflight tank fantasy.

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Please provide a link and timestamp.

I didn’t say it was ideal, but it’s the best compromise we could hope for right now due to the devs’ lack of creativity.

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I mean, you can’t use that while actively tanking anything. And spell pushback is still a thing, so with a 3 sec cast while tanking a dungeon will often turn into a 4-5 sec cast.

Cool, lets keep it that way so those 2 specs don’t get nerfed for baseline tank CD’s.

Dragon knight is cheif. Look up draconids.

He did not say they will get a 3rd spec. He said classes might be available for them in the future.


Not only that, but casting also don’t allow you to dodge/parry.

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They should let Dracthyr be tanks, they should have to cut their wintgs off tho

Ion Hazzikostas, in an interview, stated directly “this is a spellcaster class at its core.”