Evoker nurf when?

In pvp this class in just plain bull why does blizzard keep doing this “big damage” no skill meta it’s just pathetic this ain’t a COD game

if its so broken, why don’t you just reroll like you did with rat paladin to hit 2100 for the first time ever


lol i played paladin long before they even said anything about a rework but good try bud… also i got 2100 before the rework was even out soooo ya your just full of it dude

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don’t know why you would make claims that are are easily proven to be incorrect.


prove it then XD

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first time duelist on rat 4 days after the rat rework.


that’s when it updated that don’t prove that is exactly when I got it haha my buddy even knows because he was in discord with me :wink: but good try also that’s even after they nurfed paladins because of the screaming crying children sooo keep crying i guess

it updated when you logged out

yes it does

you don’t have friends

the first round of nerfs didn’t do near enough, which is why they slammed it two more times afterwards


lol you are just full of excuses ain’t ya anyway I talked to my bud and yes I get 2100 “after” the rework but I was already 2000 before the rework and i didn’t even play till after nurf sooo again good try and you are playing a warrior the easiest mode op class in wow history why are you even talking?

Actually I main dragon. I’m the one who one shot you, git gud nerd.


lol well there are your true colors at least meta chasing man child that cries whenever people want a balanced game because you’re not good enough to win with any actual skill and nowhere did I say I got one shot XD you just have to make stuff up to feel good about yourself.

you’re projecting

so you simultaneously defend ret paladin by calling people screaming crying children and then turn around and call people crying man children for defending a different spec thats nowhere near as egregious as ret was.


I mean, its pretty obvious you’re just trolling since you got called out immediately.


you can’t claim I got called out when you are the only one saying anything hahahaha and nowhere did I defend paladin but also yes people screamed and cried on the forums it was funny AF I 100% said paladin where overturned that is why I didn’t play mine till after the nurf XD but go on with your excuses and bull bud

That’s the last I’m going to say on the matter, I’d rather get trolled by Biebz. at least they are occasionally funny.


again, that was after multiple nurfs XD you really can’t prove anything without trying to take it out of context HAHAHA you are the only one trolling dude you clearly hate when someone addresses an obvious problem because you very obviously like to abuse said problems at least be honest with yourself and everyone else bud.


ya you are wrong, so you are running away hahaha so typical.

Cringe language: Check

Use of emojis: Check

Evidence that WoW is far and away the biggest thing you have going on in your life: Check

Disproven easily: Check

Telltale signs of a terrible troll.


so people can’t use emojis and stuff uh oh internet police are here haha I guess you have no real way to defend so you just attack :wink: also where was i disproven?