Evoker nurf when?

Lmao no shot are you actually this dense. Battlecruiser destroyed literally every single thing you said. And all you can come up with is “hurr durr my buddy said im right”


This hurt to read, just reroll at this point. Battlecruisr legit demolished you and all we could read is “aahhahaha u wrong im skill pro max u lie”


where? he did nothing but attack and point a finger like a child XD just because yall can’t admit the truth doesn’t make the truth wrong lol and just claiming people are “dense” because you have no real leg to stand on it just sad and childish also nowhere did i say u wrong im skill pro max u lie XD why make stuff up?

Is this just a vent post or do you actually want some constructive criticism? Because if so we need more than what you are presenting to provide some help there friend. Like what actually happened? Where did the bad dragon touch you?


this isn’t a vent post I don’t understand why they can one shot two people so damn fast with insta cast abilities while being immune to cc

Because they have zero sustained damage, and theyre the squishiest class in the game. They either one shot people due to the mastery, or theyre undertuned and completely worthless. Theyre not possible to balance in pvp due to how the mastery works. Also, battlecruiser absolutely eviscerated you


you are kidding right?

The only time I will ever one shot a person is if they are severely under geared when compared to me. This is true for every class though. Evokers will begin to glow when they have Tip the Scales chambered, which is an indication that big instant burst is on the way.

Also, Evokers’ biggest burst comes in the form of Empowered spells which can all be LoS. No way an Evoker took you from 100-0 with one rotation unless you just stood there doing nothing. If you pop one defensive there is no way you are getting one shot unless there are other sources of damage coming in as well.

Hope that helps!

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your experience is not everyone’s experience and no he did not kill us be he almost did in one ability I wish Ie had recorded it but there is no reason a class should be hitting you to below 10% health in one ability this isn’t run and gun COD

As you said, your experience is not everyone’s experience. I don’t believe the majority of evenly geared players are getting “one shot” to below 10% with one ability. If so, we would be seeing way more Devastation Evoker mains I imagine. It seems in this instance there are variables you might not be considering to help boost your own survivability in the moment, but like you said, it’s hard to provide any more insight without a recording of what happened. Either way, best of luck to you in figuring out how to counter us with your tool kit. I hope I provided some helpful tips to get you started.

well me and my bud are as geared as we can be for pvp and no just because not everyone is flocking to them doesn’t mean they don’t need some work that’s just silly most people flock to easy mode op classes like warrior

This thread is an experience.


If only you took your own sage-like wisdom before making this mind-numbingly stupid post.


like all these guys said it’s not the class problem it’s you our emporwer not work when you los us we are squishy but yes we do mostly great against melee every class have they strenght and weakness

An S tier pvp class complaining about a low B tier class. My lord this is fantastic.


This is the part we’re we throw back our heads and laugh! Ready guys?


And sorry my fellow druid ran in to cry cause pvp happened.

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I’ll admit that Devoker can really roast some heads in pvp if we are lucky enough to have ALL our CDs ready and can launch our attacks without interruption, but it’s honestly pretty rare that we are left alone long enough to do more than spam hover and disintegrate and /pray.

Devoker is one of the weakest classes in the game…and the top class is crying about them…devokers are incredibly squishy. Just kill them. After they use their hovers its game over. And also our one shot potential has been nerfed to the ground. If you have any sort of defensive we become useless


yeah looks like you just need to learn how to survive better.

I’ve never 2 shot anyone geared before - would love to learn how this is done!