Just nerf wake of ashes down to the ground

I think people tend to freak out if they take more than a quarter of their health in a single global. So at MAX a global should do around that much.

So you you want time to kill to be 6-8 globals?

Because If templars hits for 100k max that’s only when you crit. So other than templars the only button that does real damage is wake, and it only really does a lot of damage when used on an isolated target.
Also follow up templars will be doing 40% less damage than the initial templars because of how blessing of dawn works.
So if big templars does 100k crits that means small templars will hit for 60k crits and 30k non crits. Do you see the problem yet?

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no it’s not lmao

the issue is divine storm / divine arbiter which is the exact same issue ret had in shadowlands

no class needs 3 MAIN SPENDER level damage interactions happening in a single global

does anyone remember SL destro tier set? the free chaos bolt?
nobody liked that and it was reasonably nerfed

idk why they just make the same mistakes on repeat
both of those need competitive alternatives that reallocate damage in a healthy way while being nerfed by 50% each

this needs to be reduced by 50% in PvP combat

this also needs to be reduced by 50% in PvP combat

JV can hit for 100-140k that’s fine it’s not unpredictable and it’s consistent/reliable (stuns)
nobody would feel cheated of “1banged” by that

it’s the other interactions happening passively and the fact that rets are literal tanks because of those other 2 passives ^

I definitely agree that dusk should be nerfed but I don’t think divine protection and shield of vengeance should be nerfed on top of that.
If they also nerf jv and dusk, ret would be losing pretty much all of it’s passive healing, which is the biggest problem with it’s tankiness.
If they then nerf divine protection and SoV rets gonna end up in the same state it was before the rework.

Damage wise tho, they definitely need to nerf jv. I’ve hit 220k with it. And also probably arbiter. Final verdict generally maxes out at like 150k with crits.
Generally you aren’t 1 shotting without arbiter, divine storm and a big jv. But ret might need divine storm proc to actually kill for the most part. I might be capping super hard, but jv/tv and the procs related to it is kinda all of our damage. Wake does damage if the target is isolated, but it’s kinda hard pulling that off against most teams consistently especially with how popular demo is. Toll does barely anything now for some reason so all it is, is a hp generator. Even final reck is only hitting for like 60k crits. And also follow up fv/jv is hitting for significantly less damage since you won’t have dawn up for it generally.

Unholy DK whining about magic damage, what’s the CD on AMS exactly? “OUT OF NOWHERE,” yes just ignore the glowing Ret Paladin, JUST TOTALLY APPEARED FROM NOWHERE!!!


Feel free to click through ratings, “Rare” he says, what a load of junk.

It’s funny, none of you come in here saying asking for them to buff Ret when it’s unplayable garbage, but oh no it’s good and suddenly the world is falling apart.

Video from a biased clown who does nothing but complain about any class that beats him, especially Ret.

You do know you can track Divine Arbiter too.

Yes lets just get rid of the defensives we gave Ret, that way we can just train them into bubble and kill them every game like always, great plan.

Crybabies in here, instead of doing more PVP to practice you come to the forums to whine, maybe give your typing fingers a rest and hit some defensive buttons.


my problem with ret is that it is 1-dimensional to play. when a spec like that is broken, it’s obnoxious to play against. this time however, not only is it obnoxious but the spec is tanky af and does unhealable damage every 1 min which is super disjointed with everyone’s defensive cds.

people simply just don’t know how to play against the ret rework that is all we didn’t even get half of what blizzard said so no ret isn’t that op other classes are doing just as much damage and for half the work so stop

I think you’re either in denial, or heavily biased. Saying ret “isnt that op” is just a false statement. There is reliable data that supports otherwise. The reasoning behind the rework in the first place was to put an end to damage modifier stacking and crazy high burst, which ret has historically had every time they’ve been on top. Not only are they now dealing crazy high burst damage, but they are unbelievably tanky on top of that.

neither I’m just realistic and not jumping on the paladin hate train XD if you look at “reliable date” paladin really isn’t that strong XD but ya an evoker saying something is OP is just plain funny

now I KNOW you’re capping

nope XD but keep using whatever excuse you want haha

So the only way a class is good is if it can kill players faster than they can press a defensive. That’s not making the class good or you good. It’s gimmicky and stupid just like Sub is and was.

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but yet people only scream and cry when it’s paladin?

bro we get it, you play ret lmao

lol bro we get it you don’t want competition XD

No? Go around the forums from before yesterday and you’ll see the common denominator being screamed about (warriors, dh’s, assassin rogues, ele shamans) and now we have ret to complain about that had their changes in for quite a while I believe, but they didn’t want to do any tuning and wanted it to go live in this bizarre busted state.

Sure, they’ve been doing some tunings, but theyre blindly changing things and not listening to any player feedback except 1 random voice at random times it feels like.

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Was doing a BG today and wake of ashes hit me for over 400K. And yes, I was in pvp gear. That needs to be fixed.

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theres like 4 different things or more op with the spec. which is why its so atrocious I literally feel like nobody tested this at all.

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do you have evidence of this because that’s hard to believe

Its funny cause you could remove wings and ret would be fine. They are killing ppl out of wings anwyay