***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***

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That is true, but there were a few of them that were very sparsely populated from my very brief and casual observation.

That said, I have no idea what the population cap on each realm was, so it’s hard to draw definitive conclusions. Add to that the fact that the demo was behind a “paywall” of Blizzcon attendance or Virtual Ticket, and I’d suggest player numbers there might not be representative of the final launched version.


Oh I agree 100% - but, if anything, they’ll be HIGHER - OP was saying he saw 50 servers maximum, and I just don’t think that’ll be accurate.

We shall see in 91 days!

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That we will! :slight_smile:
Look forward to seeing and playing with the entire community here :slight_smile:


Hey Banjaa

just wanted to let you know that Blizzard has addressed cross faction communication on PvP realms, which will be possible if a horde and alliance character are on each other’s bnet friends lists. But they did say that you will not be able to right click a player of the opposing faction that you see in game and add them to your friends list. They also suggested using the appear offline mode if you don’t want your friends on the opposite faction to know where you are in game.

All this information came from an interview TipsOut did with Classic devs which was posted on YouTube on May 14th. Around the 13:30 timestamp of the interview, this issue is addressed by the developers. So I think you can add this to your list of questions that have been answered.



Can you shoot the link? If you can find the link I’ll review and get it updated.


Here you go: https://youtu.be/O3b423uqrdo

That should work


Thanks, I got it added - if I missed it anywhere else in the post let me know, I have a horrid migraine today so I’m trying to read as little as possible.


This probably has not been answered yet question 16 for devs kind of sums it up, and I didn’t see that it was updated as of the time I’m writing this post.
Basically I was under the impression that we will be able to make three toons starting Aug 12-13ish to preserve character name prior to the release. Also assuming since I haven’t heard otherwise that at that time we will be able to pick a server considering you have to pick a server before you make a toon. My guess is that we wont get a server list untill exactly that time. Is that a safe assumption? Can we confirm that? Assume it at least at this point? Any thoughts?


They need to not allow CE pets or sell a digital CE for the pets when Classic goes live.


I got something pretty big, Could you find out answers to these key points about layering and how they affect the authentic Vanilla experience? * I did repeat one point in here but won’t go through the trouble of fixing as it is a strong point.

  1. What happens when the majority of the server hops to one layer. The ones that did not are forced to play on dead layers until people re log and or new people log in? Seems like a legit experience.


You have listed known problems with layering. These were seen with the old game Firefall. Mark Kern was the old dev lead of Firefall and Vanilla. As he has talked to some people at Bliz to deliver the Nostalrius petition and argue for Classic, and he has very recently talked about potential problems with Layering, I am confident Bliz knows about the problems and intends to assassinate that tech as soon as humanly possible.


" Q: What version of the game will be used?
A: The game will be based on patch 1.12, which launched on August 22, 2006 – shortly before The Burning Crusade."

Wasnt cross realm bgs one of the reasons that started helping to kill off servers?


I think cross realm BGs should only be applied if it has to be applied lets say after 10 minutes in queue on your server there isnt a BG then go to queue for cross BG.

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FYI, I have created a catalog of exploits and problems with layering here:


they need to release classic before summer is over instead of august 27th thats basically when the school year starts


Classic I have a feeling is not really aimed at school age folks. It is a throwback asked for by the people that played it. That means people that were probably at least 10yrs (probably 15+) old in 2004 and thus are now 24yr old at a bare minimum. Bit past school age for the launch date to matter in that regard

Not that there may not be new/young players, but I think the vast majority of people interested in Classic are old timers like myself that remember playing the original.


still why not release it earlier to get more new young players (i’m 16 and didn’t play classic but i want to play it)

also i just want to be able to play it before school starts so i can put more time in lmao


Very true. Glad you are interested in it. It is WOW, but a very different WOW than current retail version. Blizz has never shown much interest in release versus school dates, only pre holidays (thanksgiving/xmas) for holiday release boost usually.

Hope to see you when it launches!


I need to know what this means. 1.12 says nothing about AV. Was 1.12 before or after they removed a bunch of NPCs and nerfed the rest? Did the lieutenants need to be tanked or at least kited off before or after this patch? Was this patch before or after the summoning of NPCs became impractical? Did BG Marks debut before or after this patch?

These details are what people want when they ask “which version of AV will we get?”


Then Google what 1.12AV was. I’m here to provide basic facts and give people answers - not extrapolate all of the data out for them.