***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***

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Can we accept quests above our level? When I started playing I could accept such quests and they were marked with an orange or red ! to let me know the difficulty compared to my toons level. Then they changed it and those quests are gray and you can’t take them. So how is it in classic? I wanted the challenge and they took it away, I started losing interest at that point and it’s been a downhill slide ever since.


It depends.
You can usually take quests that are meant for a few levels higher characters.
Let’s say you’re level 26, you may be able to get quest that is best to be completed on level 30. That quest will be orange/red for you because of the difficulty.
You won’t however be able to accept quests for much higher level - 35,40,50,60. They won’t be shown for you as available.


It will be the same. Some quests will be marked with a white ! but each quest is tagged with (and freely known on websites) a level you can pick it up at. That level is not fixed at 3 or whatever.


Plus, here again… the new kiddies have no concept of gold value in classic.

No one is selling anything like that for 1k gold.

(Continues to fill worlds largest bucket of popcorn)

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Great post, and thank you for curating this information.

As for servers, I would guess at least 8. Normal, RP, PvP and RPPvP, with the option of both factions, since you can’t have toons of the same faction on one PvP realm, though it’d be odd to only have 6.


Thanks for this, I’ve been wondering about a lot of these things.

I started playing late BC so I never got to experience Classic and I’m looking forward to the change from today’s WoW.

No LFR/LFD is going to be refreshing with players again being held accountable for their actions.


Maybe this has already been stated in other words that I don’t understand because Im a dummy lol, but will I be able to play classic if I don’t have the most current version of wow? I haven’t bought BFA and I don’t really want to if I can help it. Problem is I really want to play vanilla again.


Yes, you have to have an active subscription - but not the latest expansion (or any of them)


I highly doubt this will be a thing. One, 1k gold is a heck of a lot and hardly worth it considering there’s absolutely no guarantee your tier gear will even drop. Two, What guild is gonna waste the time to clear these raids for a random, or handful of random, people?


As of 2 weeks ago they still said no RP-PVP.

I’d be estimating more like 30 servers.

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Missed that point, but 30 sounds like overkill for how many people are really going to play.


What’s your estimate of the residual at 3 months?

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I have zero data to go on, but if 50k people are playing classic at 3 months, actively, I’d be shocked. My guess would be more like 10k, give or take. That’s just pure feel though, because I know most currently subbed players aren’t necessarily as nostalgic as I am.

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Currently subbed players aren’t the important playerbase here.

(Except apparently, from the beta requirements, Blizzard thinks they should be; Classic may indeed be unpopular if Blizzard messes it up.)


Many of us are projecting far higher. 500k not 50k.


what about weapon normalization? is that going to be in classic?


Never been so hyped for my Birthday. Aug 27 here we come.


Dude, no joke, August 27th is my birthday too and I’m equally hyped. Virgo love!

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50k people at 3 months? are you nuts? classic will hit wrath’s numbers over 10 million. WATCH.


I mean they had 20 servers for just the demo at Blizzcon if I remember correctly.

My guess is you’ll see 100K or so as an average once everything settles down - which would make it a commercial success in its’ own right if it were a standalone MMO - let alone the fact that the development and marketing costs of this have been fairly negligible compared to a brand new product.