***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***


My concern is the game content advancement being ran on zerg guild schedules. Rushed instead of savored. Worried phase 1 to 2 will be 6 months to prevent the people who spam out levels, from being bored after havin ony and Rag on farm.

Who knows, maybe they will make those reputations still as difficult to obtain.

Still, this is for the money and I know we will be pulled along the current that flows best for Blizzard

Regardless of the speed of progression, still excited to play :slight_smile:


I actually have a question regarding the PVP aspect of the game, what information we have available to us as I have not been able to quite figure it out myself. The battleground brackets, are they going to be the 21-30 ect as they were originally or the later changed 20-29 when they changed things up to help combat people obtaining the level 40+ weapons and being severely overpowered.

Also when queuing for battlegrounds will it be back to how it was originally where you had to go to the battleground instance location in order to queue or will they be utilizing the current system that allows you to queue from anywhere in the world, I myself am hoping to have to travel to the instance locations, it would mean that the people who get in the battlegrounds are at least serious about trying to accomplish objectives and not just a honor kill farm.


1.12 had the later brackets.


Classic Spec Requirements seem to be the exact same as current retail. I installed Classic WoW today since the option was available.

I proceeded to try to launch it and was immediately met by a dialogue box which said:

“Your 3D accelerator card is not supported by World of Warcraft. Please install a 3D accelerator card with dual-TMU support.”

I own a mid-2011 iMac, so I’m PRETTY SURE that I can’t do that. So I guess I don’t get to play Classic, after all, as I’m not buying a new computer that I can’t afford to play ONE game.

I have constant bills and upkeep to stay ahead on and every time I scrimp and save to think about buying a new rig, either my car needs fixing for over a 1k bill or other equally important emergencies completely drain me.

Living from pay period to pay period is sucky but it’s all I can do for the time being. Glad to know Blizzard couldn’t just run the game on the original specs. /end sarcasm


In your Battle Net launcher:

  • Go into the Game Settings tab
  • Tick “Additional command line arguments”
  • Enter “-fullscreen” in the box below.
  • Hit Done.
  • Try restarting the game.

There seems to be an issue with windowed mode, which also occurs to Retail.

If that doesn’t work…sorry.

We’re not using the original bug and exploit riddled client.


Yeah, it didn’t work. Oh well, thanks anyway. I’m just easily tilted, I guess. I was looking forward to Classic since the announcement it was coming and I was so ecstatic for it. It’s a colossal disappointment to know that I’m just plumb out of luck for the ONE thing I wanted. I don’t own any consoles for gaming on that particular front so I was hoping for desktop that this was going to be my ONE out.


Dude, wow classic, the most even playing field there ever was. I have a regular cheap laptop, and imma paly the $#!% out of wow classic. I mean its actually something they can get pretty close to what i liked. I have my origional 5 discs, but i do t expect to load em up and play. That would be like asking to bring the series Firefly back, not doable!

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I’m a :leaves: on the :wind_face:.



I’m a Wash on the Spike.


Lol, Shiny!


We are all in for a rude, rude awakening with WOW Classic - especially for those who started WOW post-BC expansion XD


Yeah, money is tight, bags are small, sometimes cant even train all spells, most will still be walkin at lvl 50. Its rough, but its challenging, i like challenges myself

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I have a crappy laptop that barely plays current WOW, but interestingly enough, in the Classic beta stress test the game ran beautifully, no problems, other than too many people around. The thing is, the Classic game should run like a charm even on older computers. (no guarantee there, just saying mine does it fine)


While it uses less resources than BfA, its still using the modern client that has higher minimum requirements.

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Does anyone know if there will be an rp add on for CLassic, like MRP or TRP?


MRP: https://willitclassic.com/view/8LtnUQnbODxfn46UQ4sV

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YAY!!! My favorite add on!


Is there any word on Dual Spec?

I know it came out way after Classic, but it was a great change to the game. I doubt it’ll be added, but a man can hope.

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Was it in patch 1.12? There’s your answer.



Word: We won’t be having it.