Everyone Banned From WorldDefense Channel


Hi, I know this issue was mentioned in another thread (here: Banning over 1000 players from a chat channel) but I wanted to provide a little clarity.

Here’s the issue… A troll got moderator privileges over the default channel “WorldDefense” (Whitemane) on day one of Phase 2 and banned EVERYONE from it. Legit 1000’s of people. Even my alts are banned from it.

Let me just tell you… this sucks. Allies are outnumbered on this server and are getting face rolled, we can’t set up defenses, call for help, coordinate, NOTHING on a global scale.

Please, I know this is technically (according to Hoyle) a private channel but please, could someone just unban us all so we can participate in Phase 2 world PvP? I mean, from a player perspective this is a default channel as it’s right there, under chat/channel settings, along with LFG.

Judging by the fact that the Horde multiply the moment they meet resistance in a zone, I can only imagine that they are not having the same issue.

Classic is fun, but this is some serious hard mode level stuff. Please. Pretty please. Help. :slight_smile:


(Ekon) #2

You can always create another channel, if I’m not mistaken.

Blizzard will not get involved with social politics unless they breach the ToS.


I get that, but it’s so much easier to get everyone into a pre-existing default channel. Making a new one and spreading the word requires a level of organization that… well… come on… just getting a mini raid of pvp to leave a zone and fly to the next is like herding cats. Getting the entire pop to log into a new channel simply because the old one has been trolled seems excessive.

Here’s an honest question though… Can you make a new channel give world broadcasts from zones when cities are under attack like WorldDefense does?


And I would also argue that they are breaching the ToS by impeding our ability to progress. Earning honor and ranks is the late game. We are hampered by our inability to coordinate all because of a troll and on a population wide scale.

(Darthwraith) #5

Its not impeding progress its a jerk move yes but its just as easy to creat a new channel and not against the rules.

(Thundertotem) #6

I though that Blizzard created channels couldn’t have player moderators…


Not to split hairs but I disagree (in part). I get what you’re saying. Yes we could create a new channel. And then broadcast constantly that this new channel exists… sure.

But that’s a truck load harder, and infinitely more uncertain, than just using the pre-existing default channel that is just a check box option under the chat settings.

Let’s take LFG, the “other” default global channel. People can’t mod that channel and for good reason, because it would impede play if this type of thing happened. Just like it is for us, right now.

And look, this only matters right now, in Phase 2, when the wPvP is real. When BG’s come out it in Phase 3, this will be less important.

Let me paint you a picture… Whitemane is full pop. Currently, if you want to go to say BRD to help your tank get a HoJ for pvp (like we did last night). We had to corpse drag our way there thanks to the river of horde guarding the entire length. Legit 8-9 deaths before entry. And I accept that, I signed up for a pvp server. And questing? Fuhgettaboutit. Rally to help camped questers? Can’t, no global easy access channel.

My contention is that if we want to try to rally against it, using the “make your own channel” logic, we have to… Make the channel, gather a good dozen volunteers, and then spread out across the world to all the major high level zones and cities and beg people to join the channel. Then once that is done we can start to try to rally a group to defend BRM. That’s hours in the making right there. As opposed to just jumping in WorldDefense and trying to rally. So… we corpse drag and accept our lot that the Ally can’t do sh-- about this. The opportunity has been stolen and its had an obvious effect on many people’s moral. (shrug)

And again, the horde don’t have this issue. We managed to scrape up 3+ raids worth of people one day (much by just happenstance… great minds and all that). Within 30 minutes horde numbers grew into the hundreds. (Mind you there were like 350+ in South Shore, so many left there to come flying/summoning in.) And more power to them! It was awesome, laggy but awesome. But they have a GlobalDefense channel that is in operation.

I’m just asking for the same opportunity. I don’t want the troll banned… I could care less about him. Trolls be trolls. But it would be great if we could make the most out of phase 2 and use the channel that comes pre-installed with the game.


It’s legit been 15 years since any of this has been relevant. So maybe I’m entirely wrong about… EVERYTHING! lol. But my research has revealed that LFG can’t have mods, but WorldDefense does.

I suppose I could be entirely off base on all of this. Someone go to their worlddefense channel and try to talk! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Let me know how it goes. :wink:

(Darthwraith) #9

By blizzards rules he did nothing wrong he had moderation think of it as guild leadership GM goes AFK for what ever reasone for 90 player B can dethrone get leadership its in his hands he can either kick everyone and keep guild for him self or b turn the guild around while option A is a jerk move but not breaking rules.


Again, not asking for a player ban. Just asking for a mod to undo the 1000’s of chat bans as they are GLOBAL and on a default channel intended to be used for gameplay. That seems to me to be not in the spirit of the game, nor rules. Also it is impeding honor progress, and the lack of ally response is effecting ally players and dare I even say providing less pvp for Horde, so if we need to check a ToS box in order to have a reasonable action, there it is.

If it were a guild, I understand. You can just remake the guild. And guilds might effect 100 people. This is THE ENTIRE ALLY POPULATION. lol. All of us (or so it appears). That can’t be “as designed”.

(Thundertotem) #11

Is the channel called /WorldDefense or /World?



But y’all are inspiring me to just make a new channel. Maybe we can get it up and functional before this happens again. lol.

(Ekon) #13

To clarify the confusion that I presume is the culprit here, the channel can be named WorldDefense and still be player-created (after first-hand testing experience). There is no system in place to prevent the term’s use.

And I do not believe that there is a system WorldDefense channel in place yet-- the two default channels I have in Classic are General and LocalDefense. WorldDefense was removed as a Blizzard channel around the time Legion launched, I believe.

(Thundertotem) #14

I think wires are being crossed, default Blizzard channels cannot be moderated by players. I just checked on my server and players cannot own the default WorldDefense channel. If you can type /owner (channel number) and if a player shows up, it’s player created.

If you are getting the error “You don’t have permission to speak” It’s because I believe you have to be rank 10(?) to use it.

(Thundertotem) #15

I joined mine via the chat settings, under global channels (in classic). It showed me WorldDefense and GuildRecruitment.


So… just turned up another bit of lore as I research this topic and people who’ve had issues…

“Some people say” that you have to be Rank 10 to talk in WorldDefense chat? I could have sworn people were using the channel on day 1 of phase 2.

But… I was also in a 400 v 400 lag fest in South Shore for most of that day. (Super fun despite the lag). It was pretty chaotic, so I can’t say with absolute certainty that it was getting used.

So maybe the campfire stories of a troll ban are grossly overstated? It would explain why my alt was unable to use it. Which honestly surprised the heck out of me.

Classic. :wink:

(Ekon) #17

Heck, that one isn’t even showing up for me. :c

I haven’t logged out since testing the WorldDefense creation, so I don’t know if that was there by default or stuck around after I left.


OK, thanks guys. I super appreciate the help here. I’m guessing that you guys are 100% right and wires have been crossed.

Someone (probably) made a private globaldefense channel that people were joining and that’s where the troll bans happened.

The default GlobalDefense channel requires a certain rank to use, which does ring a 15 year old bell in my mind.

Along the way people (myself included) have conflated the two.

Unless customer support comes in and says otherwise…

There’s nothing to see here! Move along. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks again y’all for the community brain and letting me vent.

(Tachya) #19

I don’t remember exactly what rank it was, but Thundertotem is right, you had to be a fairly high PvP rank to talk in the World Defense channel. Only generals or thereabouts talked in there. Here is a question: are you getting the “such and such is under attack” messages there, like in Local Defense, just for the whole world? If not, it’s not the real World Defense channel.


It’s the whole world, I get those messages. Which was the frustrating assumption on my part when trying to respond, figure out where we could mount our best defense and all that. The horde abound, after all.

And apologies Thundertotem, I was reading and writing when I wrote my post and missed that you had brought up the rank thing. Pretty sure you have it right, Rank 10 or so.